HighFleet: Hidden cities, or why do we need a ground-based radar mode

How to find an oasis in this unfriendly desert


Hidden cities
Hidden cities exist in HighFleet.
Unlike cities marked on the map, in the hidden, you are always welcomed. There is no guard, you can sit in them as long as you like, no one will snitch on you and Strike Groups do not go through them. And also on the first visit, locals, can give you weapons

How to find
Hidden cities can be found away from the main routes.
If there is a city near you, when scanning in terrestrial mode, on the radar screen you will see the road network and individual large objects

As soon as you fly within line of sight, a circle with a mark will appear on the map “THE HIDDEN PEOPLE”
Even during the game, you can meet nomads, who can be asked one question of their choice, and if you ask them about hidden cities, they will give you an approximate direction
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