Earning the achievement in Blood and Becan Heirlooms

In this guide, I'll show you how to get the Heirlooms achievement.


Finding paintings.

For ,to find pictures on 2,7,12,18 and 23 the day needs to go through all these days and on 23 You can find glasses. You go to the exit without forgetting to take the key with you ,to get out of the dungeon and go to 24 day. Restart immediately 2 day and after you cleaned the day go to the dungeon , put on glasses and walk in them through the dungeon looking for green signs, crosses shoot at these signs and press pictures behind them “X” the easter egg is activated and part of the achievement is the same with all days where dungeons are available. On 23 the last one 5 picture and after clicking on “X” you get achievement.

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