Blood and Bacon: Obtaining the Mr Green achievement

In this guide, I'll show you how to get the Mr Green achievement..


Search for skulls and tusks.
First we need 2,7 and 18 days.Loading 2 day,we clean it and go into the dungeon. When entering the dungeon you need to take glasses and wandering around the dungeon you can find a green cross you need to shoot at it behind the wall there will be a blue skull it can be picked up only if you have glasses on. 7 day we can find a green skull it is behind a door with combination locks. The last red skull can be found at 18 at the bottom it is behind the wall. We must fall into the pit, we are reborn with the help of the pill and we will see the wall with a green eye. fall into the last hole there is a way out. We revive with the help of the pill and go to the end of the dungeon. 23 day you need to take the skulls to Mr Green and give them to him, he is behind the door with a combination lock. Skulls need to be taken to him one by one and with tusks. The beasts can be collected by killing monsters in the dungeon, they can only be assigned one at a time. After you have taken them all things Mr Green we have to press X on the skulls followed by you have to press X on Mr Green press until you get the achievement.

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