Goat Simulator: All goat figurines on the first map

In this Goat Simulator guide, you will find the location of all the figurines on the first map, which you can find in the game. Obtaining figurines is more than just fun, but also allows you to open up new possibilities for your goat.


Statuette 1
Once you enter the game world, you will find a stone staircase, where another goat is waiting for you. Deal with him and take his figurine.

Statuette 2
There is a figurine in the big beige house. Go upstairs and enter the room to your right. She will lie next to the chair.

Statuette 3
To get to this figurine, jump to the school roof. There, by the bell, you will find a figurine.

Statuette 4
In the garage, at a gas station, it is hidden.

Statuette 5
The figurine can be found under the tree, at the edge of the field.

Statuette 6
You will find the statuette upstairs at the Coffee Stain headquarters..

Statuette 7
The pool has a huge bouncing ramp. Jump on it and pick up the statuette.

Statuette 8
You will find the figurine in a blue container, next to the construction site.

Statuette 9
A Statuette awaits you at the top of the Low Gravity Research Center.

Statuette 10
Inside the scaffold, at the low gravity research center.

Statuette 11
Statuette, awaits you at the top of the Coffee Stain office.

Statuette 12
To get this figurine, go to the construction crane.

Statuette 13
Inside the container, hanging on the crane, there is a figurine.

Statuette 14
The figurine is located at the top of this small building., which is close to a busy road.

Statuette 15
To get to this trophy, you need to climb a tree, right next to that place, where did you start the game.

Statuette 16
You will find this statuette in the throne room, next to wooden crates.

To get to her, you need to climb to the top of a small castle.

Statuette 17
You will find this trophy on high voltage lines.

Figurines 18
There is a huge hole in the farm. There is a figurine next to her. Don't be afraid to fall, you will just be knocked out by a wave of air, and you can continue playing.

Statuette 19
There is a harvester in the field, and behind him is a figurine.

Statuette 20
You will find this trophy on high voltage lines.

Statuette 21
There are huge slides in the pool. Under one of them you will find a statuette.

Statuette 22
You will find the statuette at the construction site. You have to get to the top, to collect the trophy.

Statuette 23
You will find this collectible right behind the stage., where is Navalny's rally.

Statuette 24
There is a figurine in one of the courtyards. She gets attention, because its color stands out from the background.

Statuette 25
There is a figurine in a small greenhouse.

Statuette 26
There is a small building next to the school. You will find the statuette right behind her.

Statuette 27
In the game you will find a building with fans. Inside you will find another figurine.

Statuette 28
There is a rock in the mountains, and behind it lies the Statuette. Remember, that you can throw this rock at the people around you, who have picnics on the slope.

Statuette 29
There is a metal tower next to the pentagram.. Underneath you will find a figurine.

Statuette 30
You will find the figurine in that place, where people watch the fighting arena.

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