Alien Isolation: Small, but extremely helpful tips

Basically there will be advice for maximum difficulties, but possibly they come in handy for other challenges as well..


Why you can't hide in lockers?

At the maximum difficulty level, not all places are suitable for cover, as it might seem at first glance. First of all, you should forget about the lockers. (any, full-length or half-length). It would seem that, on other difficulty levels you go there, xenomorph listens, but leaves, because there is nobody inside. There is some chance of detection at lower-level complexities., however, the intelligence of a stranger soars to the skies on “Impossible”, because if he sees at least once, that you got into the locker – hiding there won't work anymore. I don’t know what it’s connected with, but at the maximum level of difficulty, a stranger remembers everything, what did you do even after, how did you die and load the save. Perhaps this is due to the complication of the gameplay on purpose, so that the player feels all the gaming experience and all the power of the AI ​​of the main antagonist of the game.

I want to clarify, that I personally checked the opening of many branches of intelligence from a stranger, even in that case, if he kills. I burned it with a flamethrower, threw Sound Generator and a bunch of everything, which can distract and damage the xenomorph. After these manipulations he knew, that I distract him with something and did not react at all, when I had a flamethrower in my hands – he didn't go down at all, and when I took out a shotgun – he hid right away.

Waste resources
Defense or offensive?

First of all, you should pay attention to the fact, that resources are extremely scarce for “Impossible”. Yes, they are, but in large excess and spending left and right will not work at all, especially about ammunition for weapons, which you will find once an hour. It would seem that, you can craft only in moderation, but that would be a big mistake, since there are few resources and since you cannot directly repel any living hostile creature tete-a-tete, then we have to “dribble” and act on the sly, like a real mouse. In reality “Impossible” difficulty level you should use resources for defensive items, such as the “Sound Generator”, “SSHG” and “Smoke bomb”. Unfortunately, they are not objects, which allows you to attack / attack someone, but are low-cost in resources and very useful for defense.

For your information, I want to say, that there is enough ammunition for defense or attack for the whole game, especially if you spend resources on defensive gear. Although it takes longer, but damn it, a stranger cannot oppose anything to the Sound generator even on “Impossible” difficulty level.

Run, Amanda, run!

And gobbled up, do not despair, reload the save and start playing quietly. There are three types of movement in the game, and two of them are situational, and one is prohibited under the word “at all”. Of course, we are talking about running., walking and sitting. If the first one immediately causes drive and adventure on the ass, then the second and third accompany a certain balance of calm and “my mother is a woman, what's the beautiful!”. I will not consider running, as he is a last resort to escape, and even then, if you are about to insert a soldering iron in your ass, an amateur to help and talk about safety in Sevastopol.

Moving on foot is a moderate method of getting around and is quite successful in showing itself to be safe in many locations.. This method of moving Amanda's hips is and will be the golden mean., since he is not so slow, and the stranger practically does not react to your movements (most likely from the ventilation he simply watches Amanda's luscious body shape and passionately drools). Walking usually allows you to quickly move from one room to another., while the xenomorph is walking around, wherein “pawn” it is not particularly triggered, the main thing is not to get into the field of vision or feelings.

Moving in single file is almost the basis of survival on “Impossible” difficulty level and is the most, whatever is – silent type of movement (and maybe the most noisy. God knows him, I personally feel uncomfortable and groan all the time, like a chicken, because it's inconvenient, which allows you to overcome most of the locations without the participation of our main and beloved, yes, how did you fuck * al, well, I didn’t make noise xenomorph. However, this species has one significant disadvantage. – you are very slow, which causes some boredom.

Personally, I want to notice, that a huge number of places are passed 50% on 50%, alternating walking and crawling on all fours. The game is completely on “cartons” can be for 20.8 hours. For the alternation of the second and third types it took me 10.2 o'clock.

…which will help you morally rape a xenomorph
  • Usually there is 1-2 fire, which means 12-24 seconds to move safely.
  • Resources come across in boxes 1 on 10.
  • In the corpses of people and androids resources come across 1 on 20.
  • Nothing is safer, than hiding right under the nose of a stranger (8-10 seconds of safe travel).
  • Running does not immediately grab someone else's attention, it usually takes 3-4 seconds.
  • Hitting the wall arouses interest in a stranger later 3 seconds.
  • Through the AI ​​NPC editing program, you can make a stranger aggressive / cowardly towards burning androids because of “potential danger of being damaged by fire”.
  • Alien is not evil, simply “the strongest survives”.
  • In Amanda “delicious” hips (Alien be like).
  • Motion detector triggers alien, if he is active 3 and more than a second, in this case, the distance from the stranger or to him is not taken into account at all.
  • Physics props on the floor – a great way to get the attention of any enemy.

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