The Dream Machine: all achievements in the game

Here's how to get all the achievements in The Dream Machine. Must warn: there are tons of spoilers for the game in this guide, so read at your own risk!


Attainment, obtained during the course of the game
Move On Out (Moving On)

Save the loader from the nightmare
1. In the first chapter, talk to the loader, which is worth (or sitting) by the couch on the ground floor. Exhaust All Dialogue, during the dialogue you will receive his phone card. Examine her and find out his phone number.
2. In the fourth chapter, in Eddie's dream, call this very number (company “Dixon & A son”), thus giving the Machine access to his mind.
3. Finally, in chapter 5, put the loader to sleep with sleep gas, and enter it. A simple task awaits you there, deciding which, you will get an achievement.

Chapter first
Island Life (Robinson)

Leave the island
Story achievement.

The New House (Our New Home)

Inspect the estate
Story achievement.

Alicia’s Dream (Alicia's dream)

Hear your wife's dream
After that, as “have breakfast” with Alicia, go up to her and ask more about her dream. Ask until then, until you get the achievement.

Too late for that (Too late)

Try to escape your fate
On the first floor of the house, we just pick up a hanger from the sofa and use it on Alicia.

Electrical Engeneer (Electrical Engineer)

Solve the puzzle under the floorboard
Story achievement.

End Chapter 1 (End of Chapter 1)

Finish the first chapter.
Story achievement.

Chapter Two
`Naughty, naughty` (“Шалунишка”)

Solve the gramophone puzzle prematurely
At the very beginning of the chapter, go to the gramophone and turn its handle six times clockwise, once counterclockwise, and three times clockwise. Since in an amicable way you should have done it in the fourth chapter, the gramophone will call you “naughty”, and playing as a consolation prize will give you an achievement.

Mind Blown (Burst Into Mind)

Visit someone's dream for the first time
Story achievement.

One Down (Minus one)

Kill Mr. Morton's tentacle
Story achievement.

‘I Have A Feeling I’m Being Watched…’ (“I think, Or I'm being watched ..?”)

Access Mr. Morton's Secret Room
Story achievement.

End Chapter 2 (End of Chapter 2)

Complete the second chapter.
Story achievement.

Chapter Three
Menial Labour (Dirty work)

Complete tasks
Story achievement.

‘I May Have Committed Some Light Arson…’ ("Maybe, I committed a little arson …»)

Set fire
Story achievement.

‘Blackmail Is Such An Ugly Word…’ (“Blackmail, what a nasty word…”)

Decrypt the blackmail letter
Story achievement.

Tend The Tender (Bartender Replacement)

Save the Bartender from death
According to the plot of the chapter, we will need to make Bloody Mary for the Bartender and send her to the captain's bridge, to get a napkin with radio codes as a reward. But after that, the Barman himself will be called to the bridge, and its there as it should… all in all, Yes. To prevent this from happening, we do NOT need to cook Bloody Mary, means, and we will not receive napkins with codes. Therefore, we will have to pick up these codes by NAUGAD ourselves. (t. to. each time they are generated randomly), standing with the radio in the right places. Usually the frequency (code), which we need to put on the radio, located in the area 25-30. We find three pieces of paper and go through the chapter further, normally. In the end, when we are thrown into the room under the bridge, we must examine the corpse on the right. Instead of the Bartender, Victor will lie there. 9, and the Bartender himself will be alive, and we will get the achievement.

Among The Elite (In the Higher Rows)

Get a raise
Story achievement.

Two Down (Minus Two)

Kill Alicia's tentacle
Story achievement.

End Chapter 3 (End of Chapter 3)

Complete the third chapter.
Story achievement.

Chapter Four
Straight Flush (Incredible Flush)

Drain the water in every toilet
There are three toilets in total: in your apartment, in Eddie's apartment and in the bathroom next to the greenhouse behind a secret door in Mr. Morton's office. We drain the water in each and get the achievement (this achievement can also be obtained in the fifth chapter).

Doctor Sleep (Dr. Son)

Prepare a sleeping potion
Story achievement.

Party Pooper (Party Cracker)

Ruin the tea party
Story Achievement.

The Teddy Bear’s Lament (Teddy Bear Serenade)

Listen to the teddy bear song.
In Eddie's dream, there is a teddy bear in the bathroom by the tombstone. He will invite you to listen to his song. Agree, listen to it until the end (do not miss!) and get the achievement.

‘I Like To Watch’ (“Love to watch”)

Look for something interesting
In Eddie's dream, being in the living room, put pictures of a man and Eddie in the bedroom picture, and then hang it to the left of the living room picture. Then just look out the window on the left.

Three Down (Minus Three)

Kill Eddie's tentacle
Story achievement.

End Chapter 4 (End of Chapter 4)

Complete Chapter 4.
Story achievement.

Chapter five
Crank Caller (Meaningful conversation)

Get your neighbor
We call Martin on the phone from the observation room in the basement and ask “wait”. We ask him to do this three more times during one call and we get the achievement.

Angry Neighbour (Harmful Neighbor)

Get your neighbor
Ring the doorbell of Selma's apartment and insist on talking to her. Then go to Martin's apartment and turn up the music volume to the max.. Then return to Selma's apartment and try to go to the kitchen. When will you talk to Selma, behave as rude as possible.

The Pumpkin Prince (Pumpkin Prince)

Rebuild the Pumpkin Kingdom
In Selma's dream by the lake, lift a forked branch. Then go to the Witch's house and inspect some pumpkins, lying not far from the hut. During the conversation, it turns out, what are these pumpkins – the cabinet of ministers of the whole pumpkin country, and after that, how will you show them your double-edged sword, they will proclaim you king. Further, after completing each quest (item selection, use of the subject, important dialogue or visiting a new location, word, after each action, bringing results) go back to pumpkins, listen to their reports and issue decrees. Do it until then, until they inform, that everything is excellent. Then just talk to them again and at the end of the conversation you will receive the achievement.

Big Boy (Big boy)

Brew a witch's potion
Story achievement.

Grave Robber (Tomb Raider)

Steal from the dead
Stick the staff into the grave of the Fallen Knight, and when you take the earth from the grave, take the staff the other way around. You will receive the achievement later., towards the end of the chapter.

The Secret Glades (Secret Meadow)

Find a secret meadow
When you brew a growth potion in the Witch's house, drink it up and get huge. Then stand in a place like this, which you cannot get into being of normal size (eg, stand between the Witch's house and the squirrel hole) and decrease, drinking potions again. You will find yourself in the same meadow.

Five Down (Minus five)

Kill Martin and Selma's tentacles
Story achievement.

‘You’ve Always Been The Caretaker’ (“I knew, What You Won't Let Me Down”)

Continue his work
At the end of the chapter, during the dialogue with the Machine (save before dialogue) she will offer you cooperation. Tell, what is it “sounds intriguing” and then agree. The ending is so so, but you have achievement.

End Chapter 5 (End of Chapter 5)

Complete the fifth chapter.
Story achievement.

Chapter Six
Through The Looking Glass (Through the Mirror)

Wake up again
Story achievement.

The Ultimate Promotion (That's So Rise!)

Find a new job
Story achievement.

Old Friends (Old Friends)

Meet an old friend
After that, how to talk to Victor's mom, leave the pantry, call Eddie's apartment, go and talk to her.

Thy Kingdom Come (The Hour of Thy Rule Has Come)

Proclaim a new king
Pick up a futuristic pistol in Martin's dream and return to the ship. Shrink and penetrate each of their rat holes. Talk to the rats there until then, until they mention their father. Then go to Selma's sleep and use the same pistol to infiltrate Jerome's ramshackle house.. Enter the burrow there and talk to the rat king, during the conversation, he will give you his “crown”. Show it to the rats on the ship and get the achievement.

Heart Of Gold (Heart Of Gold)

Return the locket to its owner
In Selma's dream, use a fishing rod (or a wrapped stick from Martin's dream, combined with a hanger) on the lake and get the heart-shaped medallion. Give it to a strange girl, sitting near the first fork.

Six Easy Pieces (Six Simple Pieces)

Find all the pieces of the map
Collect all six pieces of the map in your inventory and look at one of them. Reaching your.

End Of The Line (End of Line)

Get out of the maze
Story achievement.

Retroactive Aboration (Reverse Abortion)

Close your own circle
(Save before completing the achievement) In the womb of Victor's mother, go to the embryo Victor and pierce his head with a hanger. Can, so even better, on business this rude.

Deliver Unto Me (Connecting Yourself)

Close your own circle
In Selma's dream, pick up a ball of yarn (do it before, how to use a wrapped stick on a bed) and tie it around the embryo of Victor. Then take it out outside, same, how did you do it with a golden acorn at the head 5. Do not forget to give it to your parents afterwards..

End Chapter 6 (End of Chapter 6)

Complete the sixth chapter.
Story achievement.

Chapter Seven
‘I Woke Up And One of Us Was…’ (“I woke up, and one of us…”)

Finish the game
Story achievement.

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