Hot Brass: How to open all equipment?

In this guide, you will learn, how to open all equipment in the game
(Open achievements)


Not sure how to unlock your ammo bag (Teacher's pet)?
Tyser (The secret)?
And other equipment / achievements?
This guide is for you!

Special weapons and training (Ammo bag)
To open the bag of ammo, an achievement must be unlocked “Teacher's pet”. For this, in the very first mission (Training) necessary on the very last floor (stage) (“Practicing situations”) hold a marked target.

Test passed. Ammo bag is open Don't forget to complete the mission

Real time experience (SPAS-12)
To open the Shotgun, you must complete the test “Shock therapy I”. For this, in the mission “Real time experience” an armed criminal must be arrested.

It's quite easy to do this.. We'll need a Flash Grenade

Find the culprit ( Sitting in the bedroom) , we throw him a flash and noise in the room, and knit it.

The store is closed (TRR8)
To open the Revolver, you must complete the test “Through the wall”. For this, in the mission “The store is closed” it is necessary to Blow up the marked wall (Bring a Disruptive Charge on a Mission)

As soon as we appear, see the next wall:

We lay the charge, and we break it:

Remote surveillance (Medium body armor)
To open Medium Body Armor, you must complete the test “Shock therapy II”. For this, in the mission “Remote surveillance” it is necessary to detain 2 criminals.

I will not paint everything for a long time, because this is so clear. Take a flash drive, shocker and knit two. As easy as pie. And I'm also lazy

Homecoming (PNV / G17SD)
To open the Night Vision Goggle and Silenced Pistol, need to complete tests “Observer” and “Suppression”. For this, in the mission “Homecoming” necessary:
For PNV: Find Piper using efficiency.
For Pistol: Don't let Piper shoot.
They can be done separately., but i will do it in one game.

We take efficiency and flash drives

First, we see through the efficiency of all doors, until we find Piper. We do not get involved in fights and do not make noise.

Here he is

Now we open the door, throw in the flash drive, and knit Piper

Completing the mission, moving on.

Abduction of Hammond
To open the door ram, you must complete the test “Vivid performance”. For this, in the mission “Abduction of Hammond” you need to stun 3 characters with a flashbang grenade (Even civilians are counted, but it seems like linked characters don't count).
We take flash drives, the second slot is occupied by subversive (and for a reason). You can try NVG, he's pretty useful here.

Here's the easiest way to hit 3 people with a flash drive:

We need the marked room on the 3rd floor.
The door to her is barricaded. To open it you need a breakdown charge. (but we have it)
We blow up the door and throw the flash drive at the table
(Over here)

Mission Passed

Arrest warrant (BREAKING) ((Frag grenade))
To open the Grenade, you must complete the test “Detective Wendrell”. For this, in the mission “Arrest warrant” you need to find a cache of grenades.
Here he is, On the second floor:

We approach it, we receive a message:

Improvised explosive device (Infrared glasses)
To open the infrared glasses, you must complete the test “No pressure”. For this, in the mission “Improvised explosive device” the bomb must be defused in less than 1:30 (1i'm 30).
It is very easy to do it.. Before cleaning the floors step by step, first run to the bomb and defuse it. There will be no screenshots

Liu Crime Syndicate (Heavy armor, stun gun)
To open the Heavy Body Armor and Electrocutioner, need to complete tests “Start without me” and “The secret”. For this, in the mission “Liu Crime Syndicate” necessary:
1) Get to the meeting (go to the lower floor) less than 30 sec.
2) Find the hiding place.

It's clear with the meeting, just at the very beginning we run there.
Now about the hiding place (I him, probably, hour sought)

We take subversive charges with us.

It is located here, On the second floor.
We undermine the marked wall and go inside


Casino robbery “Lucky Chip” (Bait)
To open the Decoy, you must complete the test “Miscalculation is safe”. For this, in the mission “Casino robbery “Lucky Chip”” need to turn off the light in the vault.

We go down to the vault. There will be a switch right next to us. It's simple.

Skirmish (M4 / MODEL 700)
To open the Rifle and Sniper, you must complete the tests “Hooray!” and “Sure!”. For this, in the mission “Skirmish” two people need to be arrested (with rifle and / or sniper)

Flash drives and a new Shocker will help you with this.. There will be no screenshots for a reason: What for?

Dancing and revenge (Stinger)
To open Stinger, you must complete the test “Toreador”. For this, in the mission “Dancing and revenge” it is necessary to detain Marco Reyes'.

Everything is the same as last time. Flash drives and a shocker to help you. There will be no screenshot because. my work shift is over.

Shooters in captivity (Gas mask)
To open the gas mask, you must complete the test “Shock therapy III”. For this, in the mission “Shooters in captivity” it is necessary to detain three criminals.
think, You can do this even without a timer / flash drives, well, you better take.
Screenshots will not be unnecessary.

Tracking contraband (Smoke grenade)
To open the Smoke Grenade, you must complete the test “With filter”. For this, in the mission “Tracking contraband” need to go through the smoke, until it dissipates.

Recommend to take a gas mask, will give a slight advantage at the beginning (other equipment is useless on this mission, there are no doors and the ability to turn off the light.

At the very beginning, Mrs. we go here:

We are bombarded with grenades, but we are not afraid, it's just smoke

We pass through it, we receive a reward.

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