Obtaining all The Mooseman achievements

Help with achievements



Osh's claws
Outsmart the Underworld Guard
lower world
Welcome to the world of ancient spirits and the dead
Obtain a Shard of the Shining Sun
Defeat the Great Nether Spider
Hide from the river god
Middle world
Welcome to the human world
Upper world
Welcome to the world of gods and ancestors
Flight on the carpet
Survive in pursuit of Voipel
Return to the gateway to the underworld


Cows Vakul
You need to get to a secret location

The location is at the very beginning of the game, at the moment with the bridge we jump down.
Riddles in the dark
Solve the crystal cave puzzle

It is necessary to repeat the melody of these crystals and your achievement.
Secrets of the forest of bones
Find all the artifacts among the horns of Mang Ont

You need to collect all the artifacts of the location “Bone forest” at once (from 26 by 31)
Shrine of Vorsa
Solve the Goblin Shrine Riddle

As in the case of crystals, we repeat the sequence of pillars.
Outsmart the witch

We need to bring the white weirdo to the guards of the village.
Collect all artifacts

We collect all the artifacts on these pages and your achievement.

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