Parkan II: Little mountain of chips

Little mountain of chips, which you may not have known, or didn't notice, and have not tried. It will help a lot when passing, if you forgot the information, please correct it)) since I played for a long time, I remember almost everything from memory.


Firecracker 1
5. Send navigation data – For this mission, you need to use on the cruiser Parkan arsenal, to make rockets for the captain 6 level. And for all slots, sparing no fuel. Then you will understand why.

Firecracker 2
2. Be sure to buy or find weapons DG2-D Morgles – It does 400 damage, which at the beginning of the game gives a huge impact

Firecracker 3
13. New pirate raider class "Parkan" – On this task, I advise you to jump into the Orange sector of the clan “Matubo” to be stronger at the beginning of the game, and do not walk with rag equipment on the ship. We must fly where the Orbital Station is, we go in and take tasks along the way, buying weapons for the captain. Take DG5-M "Notung" – which deals 2k damage, and fully dress the captain. We carry out tasks (Better on boarding, so less resources are spent) and transform ourselves into a monster at the beginning of the game, about 30-40 minutes and we are fully dressed, profit. We do not suffer and easily pass all drones.

Firecracker 4
By the way, I strongly advise you to buy a lot or find weapons on the ship Annihilator SG6-A. What for? Damage, no reactor energy is wasted on other weapons, example Emitter SL6-A, eats with us 4000 kE. When this gun has 10 kE. It also breaks through the shield, if you shoot in the forehead of an enemy ship, it will take very little time to kill him =)

Firecracker 5
17. Find "Wanderer" – Basically, according to my testimony, it is very easy to find it in the Yellow system. Refueling, and getting ready for battle.

Firecracker 6
22. Find a docking block – Very easy mission, I advise you to go through stelsu. For it is very hot there. We went, taken away, gone. Do nothing more there. And this applies to all almost missions with the theft of not our property =)

Firecracker 7
31. Secret convoy – No need to board, simply smash to pieces with the SG6-A Annihilator weapon. It will fall out, and we calmly take it. The same goes for tasks like – 38. Experimental reactor. A very difficult task to steal it. I advise you to just destroy.

Firecracker 8
By the way, after you complete the task 49. Equipment for "Parkan", we somehow find the engine 7 level. how? I do not know.
From 洈 Ử₸o a ᶖ₳n 🏝

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