Subnautica: All about reapers and how to deal with them

In this guide, I will introduce a dangerous creature from planet 4546B. – Reaper-leviathan. How to deal with it and how to avoid it you can find out from below.. Enjoy reading, divers!
Who is this your leviathan reaper?
To be honest, strange question, because all people, familiar with Subnautica, know about this dangerous creature. It floats, screams loudly and makes a sick bite not only to the character, but also a moth and even a cyclops!
Let's take a look at the PDA report from the game:

“Leviathan-class species are huge organisms, at the top of their food webs. This species is a streamlined hunter with highly developed senses.”
“1. Powerful claws:
Leviathan is able to hold the victim motionless with four powerful claws and pull it within the reach of its jaws. The generated pressure exceeds the pressure compensation level of the Moth.”
“2. Echolocation:
Deep roar, emitted by the reaper at regular intervals, is an, in fact, sonarom: if you hear it, it means, the reaper sees you.”
“3. Features of the:
The studied individual reaches 55 meters in length. According to observations, swims around its victim and attacks from behind. This creature is almost entirely composed of muscles.. Very small brain. No pity. Only muscles, nerves and teeth.”
“Motivational note: congratulations, you managed to get close enough, to study it, and stay alive after that, to see the results!”
thanks ache.

What is dangerous?
This creature is very dangerous. Fortunately, it is impossible to ignore him. If the character is VERY close to him, the predator will emit a heartbreaking roar and try to attack the character.
The Reaper's roar can be heard in neighboring biomes from him. The Reaper himself does not swim into biomes adjacent to him.
Swim up to him without transport – suicide. The reaper deals damage to the character in 80 units (80%). If you have less 80 health units, Reaper's bite means instant…

And Th there with transport?
We grab the reaper moth with our claws and begin to hammer it. So it inflicts off 65 units to 90 units of damage.
And here is the CRAB Suit for the Reaper poser, because he does everything 20-30 units of damage per capture.
What's with the Cyclops? Everything is complicated there, because we do not see the health of the submarine in units. So I don't know anything about it. But you should definitely write your versions in the comments.)

Where dwells?
The Reaper Leviathan dwells in three (3) biomach:
Crash zone “Aurora”
The mountains

More information about habitats can be found on this map. Red circles with a dot inside are Leviathan Reapers.

Fighting and defending against the Reapers
You can protect yourself from the Reaper in different ways:

-Use Stasis Rifle
-Wearing Reinforced Diving Suit (reduces damage to 40 units)
-Found in a CRAB suit
-use the Moth's Perimeter Defense while capturing the Reaper (then he will leave)
-to avoid.

As Alexander the Great once said:
“The best defense – this attack”

One of the worst tactics would be to shoot the Reaper with the Stasis Rifle and, while he “stopped” hit him with a knife / thermal blade. This is a risky tactic and a very long one..
If you have a Grabbing Hand and a Drill on the CRAB Suit, you can cling to the Reaper with your grasping hand and drill it. It's faster.
But the best tactic I dare to call this:
1. Take the stasis rifle.
2. We swim to Safe Shoals and completely fill our inventory with gas follicles of gas belly.
3. When meeting the Reaper, first freeze it with a stasis rifle.
4. We spread Follicles around the head of the Reaper and float away.
5. PROFIT. You won.

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