THE NORMAL THING: Achievement guide

I had some difficulty getting achievements, because I don't know Korean, and the only guide to achievements.
So I got the idea to write my first guide.. Do not judge strictly.
If you have questions or found errors – write comments.


Not related to the plot

Hurry up: This is the night of the raid
Complete the game in an hour.
It's much easier, what it seems!

Puppy Runner
Never be caught by the Unknown.

Get caught by the Unknown 10 time.
The fastest way to complete this achievement is in the Forest's Corner.. Ruby will ask you to save, climb the tree, take a second piece of paper, fall, poke a space and wait, when you get caught. So 10 time.

Sunny Forest

Well, now according to the plot.

Hip hop
Talk to every flower.

Corner of the Forest
Achievement can be completed here Irresistible, as I wrote above.

Empty Camping

Do not peck your nose
Come to the tent, in which spiders have settled and put the correct answer, respectively symmetry x = y.

Old village

Break in the village
Talk to a lizard dweller and enter her house, located to the left of the vegetable garden. Once there, do not rush to leave. Get out of the box, to the right of that, which is without a handle, matches and light a candle. A number will appear 5. Now you can safely open the door.

After receiving a page from an open chest, do not rush to go to another location.
Technical master
Go upstairs and remove the ropes from both gates..

Then, walk left and, being at the beginning of the forest, enter the house again. Further, at the direction of the turtle, go to the table with a puzzle. There are two achievements to complete here..
Hidden picture
Complete the Henry the Turtle puzzle.

Collect the puzzle with Ruby the dog.

Misty lake

Pacific dog
This is where tin begins. Skip one phrase – the achievement does not count.
1) At the very beginning, swim to the right. The fish will say, what's nervous.
2) Stay on course. “I heard something. What is it? A car? This is not the way, let's sail to another place”. Disobey, until you hit a dead end.
3) Turn around and swim back, go around the first ledge on your side and continue up. “Here is a fork”.
4) Move on the right side, until you get stuck. On the left side there will be a notch with broken branches. Swim there. Fish asks you to cross your fingers.
5) Come back to the very bottom, where did they come from (just like a firefighter, I tried to return to the village). Swim up and around the first ledge on the left. Then up. Fish and Dog will say a few words to each other.
6) Break the dead end and swim up to the gate. Ruby and Fish exchange a couple of phrases (I tried again to talk to the door, what would be for sure)
7) Move to the right of the gate. “Sounds get louder and louder. Most likely, we are on the right track”.
8) Swim all the way, then down. Turn the knob (I was reinsured again and at first refused, and then just turned).
9) Go through the already open gate and turn right. “And this is the end of the forest, which you are looking for?”
10) Swim until then, when you see, that you can swim up. Go around the reed ledge and enter a dead end. The fish will say, that you are almost there.
Come back to the middle and float up. Done. This achievement was the most difficult of all..

Rainy Northern Forest

Walk up the road and right at the sign., after meeting the stupid Parrot. You will see him in person, sitting away from the aisle.

Disappointment for the third time
Walk up to the parrot (alive) and talk to him. Don't choose to help him 3 times.

Good friend
Help the parrot.
To do this, go to the puddle next to the exit. Slightly to the right and below her, on the ground, characters will be written (three horizontal sticks, triangles, rectangle and three points) in a certain order – this is the first layer of the parrot matryoshka.
Then walk higher from the stone feathered. Another set of symbols scribbled on the tree, with a difference from the past – it has no horizontal sticks. The second layer of matryoshka.
After that, go to the very bottom, Then – to the right. Another sequence is visible on the stone – consisting only of triangles with horizontal rods – last, third layer of stone parrot.

Go back to the pointer. Go left. In the same location, notice a red apple hanging on a tree branch., rip it off. Walk left.

You will see a large hollow – go into it. Talk to the ball.
Fortune teller
Solve the problem without using the pen.
(The feather can be used in a dream catcher, so this achievement cannot be obtained the first time. Except that – at random)
Arrange the cards in this order: Death, Tower, Wheel of Fortune (where the cat has wings), Strength (where is infinity) and peace.
Screenshot for those, who didn't understand:

Thunderous Northern Forest

Go left, until you hit the fence. Study. You can now read in the same language.

There is an altar nearby. Come and put a red apple in there. Then head back to the shore, where Rybka is waiting for you.
Walk to the left, to the very corner. There's another altar. Put there “frozen in time” spider.
Then cross the Fish Lake and traverse the village. Between her and the campsite, you will find the last third altar.. Put the eye-rice there.

Return to Thunderous Northern Forest. The gate is open.
Escape for 4 turning.
Answer: ↓ ↓ ← ↑ ←

The swinging bridge on the cliff

We approach the Bridge.
If you have completed a puzzle with a dog in a turtle's house and received a part of the stamp, then you will find the second one and find out, who is Unknown. That's right, you will also get this achievement!
Actually, goodbye

And if you have not collected a stamp, then boldly cross the bridge. This achievement will be yours!
End of the Forest

So that is all. Until next time!

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