Europa Universalis IV: Obtaining Made in Japan Achievements, Hessian Mercenaries и Kow-Tow

Description of features, conditions, difficulties and mechanisms for obtaining achievements Made in Japan (1.4%), Hessian mercenaries (1%) and Worship (1.3%)


Made in Japan (Made in Japan)
Adopted by Japan Institute of Manufacture (does not appear earlier 1650) to 1655 year is only possible if, if this institution originated in Japan. The easiest way to achieve, to make it appear in Kyoto. In the conditions of the appearance of the institute in the desired province, in addition to the date, includes the following:

  • – located in Japan
  • – level of development not less 20
  • – connected with the capital (or is it)
  • – there are two neighboring provinces with a development level of at least 15
  • – not on an island
  • – is an indigenous province (state)
  • – there is a printing press
  • – there is global trade
  • – there is (any) manufacture

Main problem – it is to have time to accept the institutes of Global Trade and the Printing Press by the right time. GT appears in Japan's coastal trade centers. The higher the level of the shopping center, the faster the GT will appear. (I have Musashi – second level of the shopping center – got GT to 1620 year) Especially if you help with development – increase in the level of development (development) increases the rate of acceptance of the institution. After that, it is best to increase the level of development of the shopping center to ten percent of the overall imperial level and spend money (I had less than one and a half thousand) for the adoption of the institute by the whole country.

NB: you don't have to unite ALL of Japan – the more provinces you have, the more difficult and expensive is the adoption of institutions. (In my case, the north was controlled by my ally Ando, and the south – my vassal of Hosokawa).

To take the Print Press on time, will have to colonize – through the Kuriles and Aleuts to reach Mexico and colonize several provinces there (less than five – so as not to form a colonial administration). By that time, how do you get to sinaloa, eg, New Spain will be near, you need to form a common border with it. To speed up the adoption of the PP, you can take the Print Culture (Print culture) from Innovative Ideas, giving an increase in 25 percent and a special Japanese idea Modernization, giving another ten percent. As soon as your province gets PP, bring her level of development to ten percent of the general imperial and pour money.

(Alternative way – colonize Taiwan and keep a close eye on the Philippines and Indonesia, and when will the Spanish and Portuguese colonies appear there, immediately establish your own next door.)

NB: your colonial province, so that her level of development is taken into account in the general imperial, must be root.

To play it safe and prevent other cities from intercepting the Institute of Manufacture, see the level of development in European cities and make Kyoto a little higher (in my case in Paris it was 45, but not a single building, while in Constantinople – 47, but without the manufactory), and when she appears, again spend your money on nationwide adoption.

In recent years 50-60 start saving money before the conditional date (put the army in the closet, don't colonize) and the glasses of the monarch. Money – for quick acceptance of the institute, glasses – to increase the level of development in the desired provinces. In my case, I did everything, as described and received the achievement in 1652 year.

Hessian Mercenaries (Hessian mercenaries)

For, to hire fifty regiments of mercenaries and not be in debt, two things are needed: a lot of money and a lot of mercenaries. Hesse is located quite conveniently, and active, but a careful player will easily collect the required amount (two thousand is enough for the eyes). It makes sense to capture Mainz and Frankfurt – little of, that these cities are part of the Hesse region, so they also produce paper – expensive goods. (There are other options – let's say, Nassau, where copper is mined, or Erfurt with the production of dyes, but Mainz and Frankfurt are drunk.) Also increase the level of development (development) in the state in general and in the capital (Kassele) persons – glass is produced there.

Mercenaries are harder. Need to, so that there was an opportunity to hire five dozen regiments of mercenaries, and at the beginning of the game, only a third of this figure is available. There are two ways – extensive and intensive. First: capture everyone around you, make his way to the sea, colonize. Way dear, long and dangerous, so the second is better: pumping the points of the monarch into the development of cities, we bring the general level of development to one hundred and fifty, and the available pool of mercenaries will just increase to the number we need.

Kow-Tow (Benevolence)

A pagan vassal is easy to obtain – just highlight the animist (Yi or Miao), from Eastern religions any vassal with Confucianism is also suitable (Min, Chu, Liang et al). So the problem is in Islam and (the hardest) Christianity.

Colonization must be taken. There are many opportunities for Islam – eg, to colonize Java, swallow (or grab and then select) pirate minor. Or break into India, but there are mostly Hindus under Islamic rulers, so it's easier in Indonesia.

Christianity will have to go to Ethiopia. Gradually colonize islands in the Indian Ocean, so that the invading army does not sink with the invading fleet, declare war on Yemen (без Casus Belli), take over a province, make a claim to the Ethiopians and wrest two coastal provinces from them. Singling them out as Coptic vassal to Asmaru, you will get the desired achievement.

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