Behind the Frame Living Canvases: All achievements

Shorter, Zadrot, I wrote you a guide and I will not play nobility: you complete the game - and we are calculated. Let's see at the same time, how quickly your head will clear up after school. And on your topic I will try to find out. Hell knows, what the hell are these 13 12 achievements surrendered, but I don't get into other people's business, want everything, then there is why ...


[Inspiration, A turning point, A meeting, Beyond the frame]
These 4 achievements you get as you progress through the game

The harder, all the better

Just wait a little longer, still won't burn


Press Enter Enter Enter Enter Enter Enter Enter Enter Enter Enter Enter Enter

Not the one on your keyboard, but in the game
When you look into the abyss

IN 4 The chapter in the second room can get this achievement.
Don't look push on the ceiling… You lose!
 Spoiler text

You pressed 78 buttons

Achivka 2 chapters
… check for smart.. What if you click as written?

Manet's birthday

I'm a calendar…i calendar… I'm a calendar..

Click on the calendar 10 time
I can not open

IN 4 chapter try there, twist there twist the door handle
Advice do not turn on the lamp


5 chapterZOOM at the sign in the cafe and wait

REDACTED ~ ♫ What the cat says ♫

The achievement was deleted, can be returned when threadSpoiler text

Did you see the voice in the picture

The latest achievement, given when you get all the achievements from above
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