The Long Dark: Achievement guide “Tall Tales”

Greetings again, passenger. As I promised, I made another comfortable guide to achieving, which refers to the 3rd episode. It's about those same books, or rather, about the bikes of the Otradnaya Valley, which tells about mystical phenomena, seen by the residents themselves.



The very first book is in the Survivors' Club, where will we go anyway according to the plot. Need to find a room with a restroom, or rather with a toilet, where on the table next to the sink will be the same book called “Big Foot”.
I also advise you to immediately look into the store., which will be located across the street from the Club. I already paid attention to this in the previous tutorial.. At the reception there will be a second book called “Abandoned cave”.
After that, how we got the first book, then we will need to get into one of the simple caves, which will be marked on the map. The reference point will be the carcass of a deer, which lies next to this cave. There will be a bonfire inside the cave, which will keep you warm, if you get cold along the way. Also uncle, which will have a brand new wolf coat, which is very useful by the way. And also some food and firewood.

Having picked up the second book, we go to the second cave, which is already a small cave system.

Having reached the bridge, you will need to turn right and walk along the crack. Coming out of it we can see a large waterfall, little table, benches and cave. We keep the course to the left and go into it:

If my memory does not fail me, then there won't be much forks. The landmarks of the correct road will be the boards., that lie along the way. We go until that moment, until we see a hole, through which you will need to go on the courts. Going a little further, part of the waterfall can be seen, which blocks our path. I want to say, that after going through it your things, who were on “Top layer” – get wet on 100%.

However, do not despair, because there will be a fire inside, which you can dilute and dry your things. Also there will be a cute couple. One of them will have a moose hide bag. Here you will find some more food. Love is really WARMING)
We leave for the third book. Do you remember, that in the previous manual I said to take another one of the notes about the bunker “Jumplin”, which will lie in the ventilation in one of the speaker's bins? So she will show us the way to the next book., which will be in this bunker. The landmark will be a lying policeman with spilled ketchup on the ground near the iron bridge over the river:

We go down to this bunker, which will be among the stones. Under the next ventilation there will be a book called “Big fish”:
After that, we will need to proceed to the only fishing pond in the Otradnaya Valley, namely here:
If you're lucky, then there will already be a fishing rod in the fishing house itself. It already depends on the luck of catching this fish.. However, I advise you to fish for 4 hours first., and then already 5 hours. After a while you will catch your dream fish, which is enough for you for three whole days:

The final fourth book remains, which will be in a lonely house. It is at the foot of the rocks, on which the wrecked plane is still located. My house is marked, because in the church I took on him a mission about a stolen relic:
Inside the house on the left, on the shelves, there will be this book called “Ghost deer”:

After that we go to the hunting clearing., where the snow shelter will be waiting for us:
There will be a backpack near the shelter, which will have rabbit fur mittens. We climb into this shelter and our Astrid will sleep for a certain time until evening, even whether she is tired or not:

After that, how do you wake up then such a white and fluffy ass will appear. No need to spend ammo on it and shoot, because he cannot be killed. And if you open your inventory, then it will disappear immediately. However, after that you will have a recipe for reindeer skin pants and elk skin shoes.. Only meaning from them, if there is not much time to craft here and we will find all the good clothes ourselves? But oh well, once given, gave it:

This is where the guide ends.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

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