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Hello everyone, with you – DesbaiteR, Today I will try to write a guide about the Viper Nin character. This is my first first guide, you are welcome, do not judge strictly.

so, where to start when playing Viper Nin:

1) Prepare your talents correctly
2) Complete the character storyline., you need to do this in order, to unlock a new ultimate, as well as the ability.
3) Decide on a constant choice of weapons.

If in the first two points everything is more or less clear, then with the 3rd point it can be more difficult. Here, so to speak, for an amateur, My choice – this is katana (Close combat) and Luke (distant battle). Thanks to Viper's talents, Nin has very good dodge and damage gains after counter attack, that's why, the faster you have weapons, the faster you kill the enemy, it's not the quantity that matters, and the quality. If you are a heavy gun lover – then I recommend the long sword.

Viper ning is weak in the early stages, therefore, if you have not masterfully mastered this character, then it's not worth getting into battle.

How to find the Viper Nin character storyline:

1) In the main menu, go to the section “Heroes”
2) Select the character Nin Viper
3) On the right you will have a description of the character, and there will be an inscription “Progress”, click on the picture and go to the mode “Progress”, there will be all relevant tasks, to be done! Remember, character leveling – this is primarily the key to success to victory.


Preparation phase:

Since Viper Ning is a strong character though, but don't forget, that for every power there is a power. That is why in the stage of choosing the landing point you need to take the best position., if you see, that there are more than 3 heroes at the landing point – step back and choose another point, so there will be more chances of your survival.

During the preparation phase, you need to find:

1) Katana (or any other weapon of your choice)
2) Bow / Rapid Fire Crossbow (or other weapon of your choice)
3) 2-3 slots you MUST take exactly the components, which restore your armor, hp and weapons – without them you just won't do anything, the remaining components go to the cable.
Next are the glyphs, it is very important to have offensive and defensive glyphs on the Viper; she does not need any others, it will be enough 4 attackers and 2 protective, because thanks to the talents of the Viper will simply crumble enemies into meat.


Survival Stage:

So you have collected a starter kit (by the way, how lucky, You may drop the purple quality, maybe blue, maybe usual, if the usual fell out – better take, should not be neglected) what to do next?

1) Farmite scored
2) Complete tasks
3) Secretly blow off the heads of your opponents, BUT don't get involved in massive fights, better shoot with weapons

We will need gold for the purchase of consumables, rest, hp, recovery, cable, there is never a lot of gold, for tasks you will receive additional experience (XP), which will speed up the pumping of your character. Though the Viper is a strong girl, but in massive fights she will not be a very good fighter, except for 3v3 battles, let's start off with, that her ulta is being prepared 5 seconds, for 5 seconds in a mass brawl you will be carried out by the very first.

Combat introduction tactics

Combat introduction tactics:

To begin with, before you begin to skillfully wield a sword and cut opponents in half, you need to learn how to make a counterattack, sit in the lobby, practice – this is the most important perk, when you learn to block the blue attack, then you will chop up enemies in just a matter of seconds. Before fighting, make sure, that you have an ultimate ability – this is your trump card, despite, that this spell is being prepared 5 seconds it has mad effects in 1x1 battle, 1x2, 1x3 – this is your salvation.

For, to take the leading places you need to decide on the tactics, tactics – this is an important aspect of any game, without her you – meat, the best tactic for me – this is the effect of surprise, in the middle stages of the game, You can fly into a 1x1 batch, 1x2 and just come out the winner, by the way, I recommend in advance to use the ultimate ability – if you are afraid, what will you waste it – then use right after bursting into battle, Your opponents will be stunned, and you will have at least 2 seconds for that, to finish off your enemies – in reality I have enough 5-7 seconds for two heroes.
Learn to use a Bow or any ranged weapon – this is your trump card for TOP 1-5, when opponents fight – you shoot, take off your armor, and then rush into battle with the ultimate ability, BUT if the battle is 1x1, 1x2, 1x3 – It will be very difficult to master more..

During the battle, you can heal, restore armor, these actions take 2.5 seconds, that is why it is important to step back a distance, otherwise you will simply be killed.

What and how I personally use

What perks do I personally use:

Yushan's spell: Capture
Crimson twilight: Seal.

Rush in with Ultimate, then use Captivity and the enemy not only, what's in the camp, so all this time he can't use his abilities and the grappling hook.

Important!!! Always use the grappling hook on enemies – this knocks them down and gives you a chance to attack first, if you understand, what are you losing – retreat!

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