Phasmophobia: How to identify evidence in the new update V0.3.0

This is where the clues in the new update will be shown and explained


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There are devices for finding evidence. For instance: EMF (ur.5),hand prints,laser projector. With the help of them, you can identify three pieces of evidence and find out the type of ghost.(in this case it is Goryo's new ghost).

Laser projector.
Many players have had problems with this clue device. With this device, you can find a weak,translucent silhouette of a ghost that moves very quickly.
Thermometer can track a ghost by temperature. If the room temperature is lower 11 degrees, then congratulations. You found the ghost room.
And if you play pro, then you first need to turn on the battery. The battery must be turned on to warm up the house. It appears on small maps in 3 locations:

To identify subzero temperatures, you need:
1)Or use a thermometer(which is more efficient)
2)Either see the steam from behind the mouth.

EMF sensor.
EMF sensor:allows you to detect ghost activity. If you find EMF (ur.2), then this does not guarantee that this is a ghost room. To find the ghost room, you need to find the EMF (ur.3). If you find EMF (ur.3) Congratulations, this is a ghost room. To find out the EMF (ur.5) (if he is of course) you need to actively interact with the ghost.

Ghost Talking Radio Receiver. Now it's not clear,whether the ghost hears this question or not. In order to use the radio, you need to go to the ghost's room, hold down the V button and ask him questions. for example:you're far away? You are close? Are you young or old? You're near? Give us a sign.

Notepad is needed to identify the type of ghost. You need to put it on F (either on the table or on the floor). In the update, the notebook is now poorly visible, written notepad has scribbles and does not have a pen.

UV Flashlight
UV Flashlight- needed to find prints(hands, fingers,footprints). Appear on windows,doors,lockers,switches,battery,on the floor. Fingerprints appear when the ghost interacts with the above items.

Video camera.
A video camera is needed to identify the ghostly sphere. It opens when you get out of the van, but you need to put it in the ghost room. After you have placed the camera, go to the van and watch the ghostly sphere with your night vision on.

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