Destiny 2: Higher Anchors Map

The location of the higher anchors.



1. Directly in front of you after using a fast travel point
2. Inside the building to the left of the church
3. In the church itself
4. On the second floor of a destroyed building on the far right side of the location
5. In the house to the right of the church; next to the transition to the location Maevich Square

Winding bay

1. Climb the hill in front of the fast travel point
2. On a mountain ledge on the right side of the location
3. Next to the skiff where Zur appears
4. From the previous anchor, move along the cliff in the direction of the Base Base location “Aid”

Sunken islands

1. Directly from the point of travel, head along the coast, the anchor will be on a small island of land
2. Move on in the same direction; there is a birch tree and a supply box nearby
3. On the left side of the location on a mountain ledge
4. To the right of the transition to the Legion Anchor location


1. Near the transfer point behind the crates
2. On the right side of the location, move along the mountain slope above the lost sector
3. Keep moving forward until you see the next anchor
4. To the right of the big tunnel
5. Next to the water tank in the direction of the Slough location


1. From the fast travel point, keep to the right towards the Dark Forest location
2. Located under a rock. Above as a landmark is the Sacred Grove sector
3. Not far from the big cistern; to the left of the Cave of Souls sector
4. Along the road leading to the Outskirts location

From Brut и Bad Turn

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