Crossout For nights

Purely an explanation of what's what and how to play correctly


1 stage (Explanation)
Hello, now I will put everything on the shelves for you.
1. As soon as you start playing the game, remember one thing, play the mode “Patrol”

(In patrol mode, you fight against AI – Botikov)

2. Play patrol mode before 10 faction level “Mechanics”

(The meaning of driving in this mode? Is that if you go to the mode “For scrap metal” then most likely you will have a chance of winning 50/50)

3. Collect the car with at least 1k hp

(This is only necessary to make it harder for the enemy to finish off or destroy you)

4. Be sure to mine scrap metal and copper

(This is only needed in order to sell scrap metal or copper, let's say 1k of scrap metal costs 64 coins (at the moment of writing)

5. After selling copper – scrap metal buy yourself a weapon “Special” class

(I advise you to take weapons “Sinus – 0” since a direct hit on the cockpit increases the damage by 2% and adds up to 10 once in this case, each hit that is 2% given on 2 seconds as well as 20%(MAX) also on 2 seconds)

2 Stage (Armored mobile)
1. Cabins

1.1. At the very beginning they give you a cabin “Partizan” (middle cabin) not that the best cabin since it only has 7 energy points

1.2. Next comes the cabin “Sprinter” (middle cabin) but she already 8 energy points because of this, you can easily attach to it 2 chill and 2 trimming

1.3. Followed by “Docker” (heavy cab) she has 9 energy points and, in principle, you can start building on it, but this is not ideal since it is large

(but we need, that is, you and me, something not so high, something like a partisan)

1.4. Finally our IDEAL! Cabin “Huntsman” for beginners it is useful as it has 8 energy points as well as it is not large, unlike “Docker” and at the same time all this cabin is comfortable

3 Stage (Weapon)
1. SPM Hornet (Initial weapon well, there is nothing to talk about)

2. P-54M Accord (Or easier Accord damage is slightly more but overheating is already pleasing)

3.Trim (as in all games, the damage is a large recharge, but here you have to hit or miss in order to inflict 1 damage figuratively speaking)

4. Avenger ( a large caliber cannon who plays cs with awp, then this is a big damage for you, but the reload is long)

(Conclusion take Accord 3pcs and try to do more damage and survive)

4 Stage (Where are the wheels?)
2.1. Starting wheels (the wheel is light) they look like wheels from a shirpa and not just a shirpa, but from a trash can they wash 40 power points (I do not recommend using it because you will drive slowly. Why? Because * power -17%* it's tin)

2.2. The small wheel is purely from 3.14, comfortable from the minibus, but not so comfortable, here I can really say that at least you can use their power 40 *-6% power *

2.3. Middle wheel stolen from SUV power – 8% but oh well, there is a forgivable factor, since the carrying capacity 750 and the swivel wheel 415

(Conclusion. now build a car for 1k hp and use the cab with everything “Huntsman” and the wheels are average, because because of these wheels you are the fastest your mother and at the same time set everything 1 chill and 3 chord)

5 Stage (Outcome? Lois, pupuska, goodbye
Look, my friend, try to collect good cars for raids, do not go until at least Sinus appears-0 since the raids will last longer and with a sine at least it will be a little faster, well, in addition, it depends on the allies, and most importantly, the laborer on the Patrol until the additional Experience ends and the scrap metal does not stop falling out, and if you are overtaken by the tilde, then what can I say do not take too much crossout made for fun) GL HF and I sleep)

(and as Dr. Dew said: Lois, pupuska, goodbye)

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