Ethereal Estate: All goals and secrets

Translation of the goals of the game and the chain of secrets for those, who does not know English and a short explanation for the implementation.
The game, in fact, does not even need a crack. She is not difficult, but suddenly you get stuck…

Goals (Objectives)

Them in the game 35

Some things can be generated in several places, but finding them is not so difficult.
Objectives can be completed in any order, but some may be related. for example, the task “Plumber call (Call Plumber)” and “But the plumber didn't come … (But no Plumber Came…)”

1. Rock and roll! (Rock’n’roll!)
Teach this guitar, who is in charge here! (Teach this guitar who’s the boss!)

There's a guitar in the bedroom in the closet. She needs to be smashed by telekinesis.

2. Home running (Home Run)
Swing the bat and watch, how far can they fly. (Swing the bat and see how far they can fly.)

A bat can be found in the same bedroom.. We lift it into the air and throw it at one of the people.

3. Plumber call (Call Plumber)
Perfectly fit toilet? Not in your hours! (A perfectly useable toilet? Not in your watch!)

We throw something small (eg, roll of toilet paper) in the toilet.

4. But the plumber didn't come … (But no Plumber Came…)
Fix the mess you created. (Fix the mess you made.)

Telekinesis take a plunger and clean the toilet.

5. Sex Ed! (Sex Ed!)
Give your fruits some protection. (Give your fruit some protection.)

Find a condom and put it on a banana.

6. SmackBook Pro
Apply the apple peel to the screen, to smooth its surface. (Apply apple peel on screen to smoothen its surface.)

We find an apple in the kitchen and telekinesis bring it to the computer screen in the bedroom.

7. Mind above mortal (Mind Over Mortal)
They won't even know, what amazed them. (They won’t even know what hit them.)

It is important to hit the person from the back so that he does not see, what attacked him.

8. Killer Spoon (Spoon Killer)
An extremely ineffective murder weapon. (An extremely ineffective murder weapon.)

We find a spoon in the kitchen, we hold her by telekinesis and try to kill a person (no need to throw, it is enough just to hold and move the mouse for a while so that the spoon touches the person).

9. It burns, baby, It burns! (Burn, Baby, Burn!)
The owners of this mansion clearly have money., to burn. (The owners of this mansion clearly have money to burn.)

The money is in the chest in the wine cellar. We take a wad of money and bring it to the fire in the fireplace in the living room., where is the pool table.

10. Strike (Strike)
After bowling pins, cans are best.. (After bowling pins, tin cans are the next best thing.)

You need to turn over in the pantry in the kitchen a rack with cans.

11. Sesame, open up (Open Sesame)
If there is a key, means, there must be a castle. (If there’s a key, then there must be a lock.)

Find the key and open the corresponding cell in the hallway for them.

12. Battery charged (Battery-Powered)
When batteries and metal love each other very much… (When batteries and metal love each other very much…)

In the bedroom in a drawer, where is the computer there is a battery. You need to touch something metal with it - for example, a frying pan, or pans.

13. Feed the fire (Feed the Fire)
Wood, be so good? (Wood you be so kind?)

There is a bucket of logs next to the fireplace. Burning one. Or we find any other wooden object for this.

14. Green thumb (Green Thumb)
Fertilization has never been so quick! (Fertilization has never yelded such quick results!)

You need to find a yellow key to a cage with a yellow lock and pull out a bag of fertilizers or a watering can. Touch them to food.

15. Crockery cacophony (Cookware Cacophony)
Lined up pots and pans ask for a shake. (Lined up pots and pans beg for a shake down.)

The kitchen has pans and pans in the center. It is necessary to demolish them all in one go with some object or a blow of telekinesis..

16. Ax in front of the entrance (Axe Before Entring)
Probably a reference to “To shine” Kubrika

As a matter of fact, Johnny arrived. (As a matter of fact, Johnny’s has arrived.)

We find the ax in the wine cellar near the barrels and throw it telekinesis at the front door.

17. Splash of color (Splash of Color)
Lift them up with dull colors! (Spruce them drab paitings up!)

There's a paint can in the pantry. You need to stain any painting with this paint.

Pif-paf! (KA-POW!)

In a chest of money, that there is dynamite in the cellar in the wine cellar. Let's lift it up with telekinesis and throw it somewhere.

19. Pool Master (Pool Master)
So good, that you don't even need billiard cues. (So good, you don’t even need pool cues.)

You need telekinesis to shove a billiard ball into the pocket.

20. Shake up, not mix (Shaken, not stirred)
Probably a reference to James Bond

Heavy objects – excellent blunt weapon. (Heavy objects make exellent blunt weapon.)

Hit a person with a heavy piece of furniture.

21. One ring, to troll them all (One Ring to Troll Them All)
A reference to The Lord of the Rings by J.. Р. Р. Tolkien

It's not easy to melt. (One does not simply melt it.)

There is a box in the bedroom on a curbstone with a mirror. It has a ring in it. Need to throw it into the fireplace.

22. Kill them with fire (Kill Them With Fire)
"Purify" their souls with a "cleansing" flame. (“Cleance” their soul with “purifying” flames.)

It's simple - we set fire to a person.

23. I spy with my peephole… (I Spy with my Little Eye…)
That was earlier? Better paint over your closed eyes. (Was it loking your way before? Better paint its eye shut.)

We take a can of paint in the pantry and paint over the eyes with a portrait of a girl, which hangs in the living room above the fireplace.

24. Comb alone (Comb Alone)
Your plush stuffed animal wants a new haircut. (Your plushy effigy wants a new haircut.)

The bedroom has a cabinet with a mirror. There is a comb in the center drawer. You need to touch it to the doll in the form of a ghost, who lies on the bed among the plush pigs.

25. Groundhog Day (Grounhog Day)
A reference to the film of the same name G. Ramisa with B. Murray starring

Bath is grounded? (Is the Bathtub grounded?)

We collect a bath of water and throw a toaster charged from the outlet into it.

26. To infinity and beyond! (To Infinity and Beyond!)
A reference to the cartoon "Toy Story"

The endless emptiness behind these walls requires nourishment. (The infinite void beyond these walls demands to be fed.)

You need to throw any item out the window into the Void.

27. Seven years of bad luck (Seven Years Bad Luck)
A reference to the comedy of the same name 1921 year M. Lindera

Destructive reflection. (Shattering reflection.)

Need to break the mirror with telekinesis. for example, there are two of them in the bathroom, in the bedroom too.

28. Flavor enhancer (Flavour Enhancer)
Some people say, what a taste of poison is to die for! (Some say tha taste of poison is to die for!)

Food needs to be poisoned. for example, take a sausage / sausage in the kitchen and bring it to the detergent next to the sink. Or we dip it in a can of paint, which is in the pantry in the kitchen.

29. Blessed by Osiris (Blessed by Osiris)
Ancient symbol of life – it's not just a fake. (The ancient symbol of life is no mere forgery.)

You need to find the key and unlock the cage with the Egyptian cross Ankh and with it touch the body of a dead person.

30. It's alive! (It’s Alive!)
Likely a reference to Frankenstein's monster. The phrase was shouted by Dracula in the movie "Van Helsing" C. Summer

Grant the deceased a spark of life. (Bestow the spark of life upon the deceased.)

We charge a metal object from a battery or an outlet and touch the body of a dead person with it.

31. Death from above (Death from above)
Fall time is perfect. (Time the fall perfectly.)

Tear off the chandelier in the hallway and throw it on the person.

32. Goblet of Fire (The Goblet of Fire)
Probably a reference to the fourth book of the Harry Potter series

And yet he refuses to catch fire. (And yet it refuses to catch on fire.)

You need to find and throw the goblet into the fire or touch the goblet with a burning object.

33. Out of time (Out of Time)
Make it disappear into the air / heaven. (Make it disappear into the ether.)

In the bedroom you will find an alarm clock. Throw it into the Void (what's outside the window).

34. Look, how the world burns (Watch the World Burn)
What are you waiting for? It won't burn by itself! (What are you waiting for? It won’t burn itself!)

There's a globe in the living room. Throw it into the fire with telekinesis or touch it with a burning object.

35. TV dinner (TV Dinner)
Cooking food with electromagnetic waves. (Cooking with electromagnetic wawes.)

We take something from food (eg, fruit or steak) and touch them to the TV screen.

Secrets (Secrets)

Them in the game 11

Secrets are revealed as they are done. That is, by completing the first secret, you will open the second, etc.. It is impossible to execute some secret ahead of time. This is dictated by the, that the secret quest chain is a kind of ritual

1. Innocent prison (The Innocent Prison)
– Reach a lady childhood obsession (Obtain the lady’s childhood obsession)
– Bring your soul back through its destruction (Regain your soul througth its destruction)

In the bedroom we take the ghost doll and burn it in the fireplace in the living room.

2. Forgotten by time (Forgotten by Time)
– Lay your hands on the stuffed owners (Lay your hands upon the owners effigy)
– Crush the doll, harboring your likeness (Crush the doll harboring your likeness)

You need to find the purple key to the cage with a purple lock. There is a matryoshka in the cage. We break it down to those, until we get the achievement and the key.

3. Bloody seal (Bloodstained Seal)
– Get the damn blade (Acquire the acursed blade)
– Soak your weapon in the blood of Assassin relatives (Soak the weapon ih the blood of the asassin’s kin)

You need to find the green key to the cage with a green lock. It contains a dagger with a wavy blade. Hit it man (throw telekinesis).

4. Released from Scripture (Released from the Scripture)
– Get the Book of the Damned (Get hold of the book of the Damned)
– Rip off your soul, shackled by Grimoire. (Rip away the soul bound by the shakles of the Grimoire)
– Set fire to Tom's damn name (Set ablaze the Tom’s cursed name)

There is a black key to a black lock in the matryoshka. There's a book with a scary face in a cage with a black lock. We take it and set it on fire in the fireplace.

5. Released at last ... (Freed at last…)
– Find Walled Blunt Weapons (Ancover the immured bludgeoning weapon)
– Free your soul (Free your soul)

There is a strange wall in the wine cellar, next to which there is a box with dynamite. We set it on fire to blow up the wall or destroy it with telekinesis. Now our goal – destroy the cross. This is done either with a telekinesis throw, or dynamite.

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