Friday the 13th The Game: How to bring the Infernal Fairy to your knees (Sanya)

How to punish Infernal Fairy (Sanya). Every player should know.


This guide is suitable for absolutely all Friday players.


It was a long time ago, while, when Friday was without a hacked lobby.. We went to play like that on Friday, saw him, of this individual Sanya (A.K.A. Infernal Fairy). At the first meeting, this person left a bad impression of himself, immediately started talking curly. Day passed, he started digging and hitting my friends. Naturally, I could not give my friends an insult and gave him an answer, this led to, that he climbed into the locker and poured..

Half a year has passed

I went to play, look at the wonderful world Friday and I see.. This individual throws mud at everyone and runs with his army of schoolchildren.. Went up to him, and he immediately began to shout to his subjects that they would kill me, I'm finished, etc. (CLASSIC). So here, I thought it was just an insult, that he will not suffer bullshit and will not spoil the game for other people… Then I will find out, that Sanya, his mother, offended dear me people! Of course I will not leave this, which in the future will lead to the fact, that he will be streaming on CD!

So, sorry, chatted.. I think that all players should know about this person.

  1. We take a weapon and take off the mask from it in a minute, it's pretty fast, because. he can't play
  2. Take Mom's Sweater Infernal Fairy
  3. Finding the Infernal Fairy himself
  4. We take the bat (or whatever you like, you can at least strap-on)
  5. We take him to a beautiful place ( we are decent people 😀 )
  6. One player uses mom's Infernal Fairy sweater and says hi to her
  7. Another player relishes with a bat / ax in the face

Hooray! You just punished Friday's admission 🙂


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