King’s Bounty II: Where to find all the paintings

В King’s Bounty 2 there is an additional quest “Collection: Aurelien's canvases”, the essence of the quest is to find 4 paintings, and also for completing the quest an achievement is given “Collector”.
First picture
The first picture is in the city “Floster”, search this town well, after all, near one of the houses there is a fixed picture

Second picture
The second painting is in the Dupont estate. The estate is located to the east of the tower of magicians. Sooner or later you will have to attack Dupont and his estate, if you did this before taking the quest to find paintings, come back to his estate later, the picture will definitely appear.

Third picture
The third painting is located between the village of Sud and the Southern Spurs of Albus. Here you will have to go on a story quest, associated with the Trade Guild and Kisten. The painting itself is in a cave inside the mountain, you need a lever to open the cave entrance, lying somewhere near the house, where Kisten decided to marry.

Fourth picture
The last picture you are unlikely to miss, she is in the lair of Aranox. You also find yourself in his lair according to the main plot., there are not many passages in it, so you will definitely find what you want, if you search everything carefully.

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