Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Griffin School Build

In this guide, I will try to create a canon build of the Griffin School witchers.



Hello everyone! Today I want to show the griffin school witcher build, I hope you like it, but before these little stories.
The founder of the school and his closest associates believed, that in the training of adepts attention should be paid not only to swordsmanship and the skill of an assassin, but also the skills of the tracker, development of magical abilities, general education and erudition of students, who spent a lot of time in the richest library of the Griffin castle. Unlike some other witch schools, the Griffin School had an excellent reputation, and its members were famous for knightly valor and virtues.
By equipment, which is presented in the third part of the game, we can conclude, that the witchers of this school wore medium armor, and also specialized in the application of signs, and their effect on the Griffins was several times stronger, than representatives of other schools.
I want to emphasize, what the build will do closer to canon, and not for the convenience of the game. This moment is worth considering. Skills you would change, you can write in the comments.

Skills, which we need
  • Body memory (5 lvl) – Increases damage from fast attacks by 25%. Adrenaline points increase 5%.
  • Accurate strikes (5 lvl) – Increases the chance to critically hit in a quick attack on 10%, and critical damage in a quick attack – on 75%. Adrenaline points increase +5%
  • Pinning Strikes (5 lvl) – Rapid attacks now cause a bleed effect. The victim loses 125 health units / sec. Duration: 5 seconds. Adrenaline points increase +5%
  • Blast shield(3 lvl) – When Quen's shield breaks, then knocks enemies back and damages them with some chance to knock them out. Energy recovery in battle: +1.5/sec.
  • Active shield(3 lvl) – Quen's second mode. Shield support does not consume energy. Energy recovery in battle: +1.5/sec.
  • Synergy (5 lvl) – Increases the mutagen bonus, placed in the slot of the skill window on 50%. Elixir duration +25%.
  • Anger management – If the energy level is too low, Signs can be applied at the expense of adrenaline points.
  • Adrenaline rush – Increases adrenaline production by 5%. When using the Signs, adrenaline is generated.
  • Molten Armor (5 lvl) – Damage, inflicted by Igni, also weakens enemy armor. The effect is determined by the power of the Sign and can be no more than 75% from her. Energy recovery in battle + 2.5 / sec.
  • Igni's Power (5 lvl) – Increases Igni's power by 25%. Energy recovery in battle + 2.5 / sec.
  • Pyromaniac (5 lvl) – Increases the chance to cause burning by 100%. Energy recovery in battle + 2.5 / sec.
  • Quen's Might(5 lvl) – Increases the power of the Sign by 25%. Energy recovery in battle: +2.5/sec.
  • Quen's rank(5 lvl) – Reflects 25% of absorbed damage back to attacker. Energy recovery in battle: +2.5/sec.
  • Glyph power (2 lvl) – Increases the duration of the Sign by 10 sec. Number of charges in alternate modes of the Sign: 9. Number of traps in standard mode: 2. Energy recovery in battle: +1/sec.
  • Magic trap (3 lvl) – Alternate Sign Mode. Deals damage and slows down enemies in radius 14 m. Destroys projectiles that hit this area. Damage increased by 50%. Energy recovery in battle: +1.5/sec.
  • Yarden's Might (5 lvl) – Increases the power of the Yrden Sign by 25%. Energy recovery in battle: +2.5/sec.
  • From mutations we take “The rule of magic”

I want to notice, that the level of intoxication is minimal, so when using elixirs, you need to be extremely careful.


  • Great Swallow – Health recovery 150. health regeneration in battle 80.
  • Great Owl – Energy recovery in battle 10%.
  • Great Petri Potion – Increases the power of Signs by 25%.

The level of intoxication is minimal, so when using elixirs, you need to be extremely careful. I talked about this in the last section.


  • Griffin School Grandmaster Armor
  • Griffin School Grandmaster Gloves
  • Griffin School Grandmaster Pants
  • Grandmaster Boots of the Griffin School
  • Griffin School Grandmaster Steel Sword
  • Griffin School Grandmaster Silver Sword

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