Cookie Clicker: A quick guide to cookies.

A short guide to the game, what how and why.


Small introduction.
Today I want to share with everyone information about one game… Someone will now sigh with nostalgia, someone will discover something new, and someone will exclaim: “NOT! NOT, GONZALEZ, ONLY NOT THIS! I HAVE ONLY STARTED TO LIVE A NORMAL LIFE!!! >.<”

How to feed the entire galaxy with cookies, or the longest game in my life.

It was once a simple browser toy., the purpose of which was to accumulate as many cookies as possible by clicking and then switching to “automatic production”. Basically, the essence has not changed since then, but the gameplay has undergone huge metamorphoses.

Everything in order. I can divide the entire gameplay into several global stages..

(disclaimer: if you don't want to know, what awaits you as you progress through the game, do not read further, because there are serious spoilers!)

Phase 1. Start the game.
so, very first, where does the game begin: you need “bake” 15 roast. This is done by a simple click on the central cookie.. After that, you can use the proceeds to buy a cursor, how many times in 10 seconds will click on the cookie for you. But, agree, this is not serious. So you click further, buy more cursors… Eventually you can hire a granny, who knows how to bake cookies faster. Many grannies! Then grow cookies on the farm (addict, gallery?), return from the past, etc..
Generally, at this stage, your main goal is to buy as many buildings as possible, helping to produce cookies. As a result, a list of all buildings, available in the game.
Do not worry, already after the first 5 minutes of the game you do not have to sit and frantically click on a cookie. Buildings will do everything automatically, and you can just leave the game open and go about your business.
But here, let's say, you are already rich Buratino, you can finally afford to buy the first lunar prism. What's next?

Phase 2. Development.
Basically, this stage can also go in parallel with the first, but it will end clearly later than the purchase of the first prism. But for the sake of some separation, I decided to put it out in a separate phase.. It consists in the fact, what, in addition to buying buildings, we can buy various improvements for cookies. They become available gradually as you progress through the game., you can find them in the window above the list of available buildings. There is all sorts of things: starting from the development of various forms and types of cookies, which increase the speed of your production, and ending with building improvements, increasing their productivity. Total, As you can see, there are already several hundred of them!
OK, let's say, you are already bored of buying buildings with improvements, and the production speed is not growing so fast, as we would like… And here comes one of the most interesting periods of the game at the initial stage..

Phase 3. Grandma's apocalypse!
When all of the above is finally bored with you, you will have the opportunity to build a research center, in which (you will not believe!) research can be done. It will start off relatively harmless at first., but later you will be able to cross all boundaries, open access to mythical ancients, and from now on everything will go awry! Strange phenomena will begin to occur across the planet, and grannies will turn into incomprehensible mummified wrinkled monsters.
From all the cracks, wrinkled monsters will begin to crawl, eager to grab your cookies. They will slow down your production speed., but don't try to kill them right away, because in fact, when they kill the cookies, you get more back, what did they eat. So let them get their fill first).
OK, we are resigned to the situation, we live on, sometimes we burst wrinkles. What's next? So what is next…

Phase 4. Ascension.
When it seems to you again, that the game practically stands still, you will be able to press the sacred button Legacy and carry out the ascension. Attention! I advise you to do it already then, when you get to at least 200-300 level!
What does ascension do? Destroys all the fuck! Seriously. After ascension, you will start the game from scratch.. But there are a few points… Firstly, you get heavenly chips, corresponding to the number of levels, which you managed to dial. They give a big boost to cps, which will allow you to go through all the initial stages very quickly next time and restore the production speed. Ie. on the next “circle” your production speed can be several times higher, what was at that moment, when did you fold the game. Secondly, all your achievements are saved. Why is it good – I'll tell you later.
And the most important thing, in the process of ascension, the skill tree becomes available to you.
Here, for the accumulated heavenly chips, you can acquire various skills, simplifying production. for example, cookies can be baked even then, when your computer is off, or a golden cookie (it gives various bonuses) will appear with sound, so you never miss it. Generally, A lot of everything…
So we buy upgrades, swing, dump, swinging with increasing speed, resetting again…

Phase 5. Seasons.
To be honest, I do not remember, when this opportunity becomes available, but definitely after the very first ascension, so I took it to the last phase. Choice of seasonal events. They exist 4: Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Valentine's Day. Valentine. There is still some mythical business day, but he doesn't give any goodies, so let's forget it.
Each season can be turned on or off in a special menu. And every season can boost your productivity, so this opportunity must be used without fail.
for example, for Easter, Easter eggs with various bonuses can fall out from wrinkles, and for the New Year, you can grow your Santa from a test tube…
Well, I kind of talked about the most basic features of the game. There are actually much more of them.. for example, you can grow your dragon:
It's just that it is impossible to fit all this into one post.. Still would, if there is a whole wiki for the game…) So read it., if you want details = b
I will only give a hint about the ultimate goal. Naturally, in games of this type, it as such is not, because. you can always bake more and more. But for me personally, the ultimate goal is, to earn all achievements. And there are so many different ones there: starting from the banal “buy 100 prisms” and ending with all sorts of interesting things like “the baked goods 1 a million cookies, doing everything 15 clicks”.
For achivki, by the way, you get milk. During the game you can buy cats, which will work the better, the more milk you have. Well directly not ^ _ ^
And in general, the whole style of the game is very funny. If you read the messages, which are written in the upper window (news reports), you can even catch some plot in this game)

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