Complete walkthrough Don’t Touch this Button!

Complete walkthrough with all achievements 🙂


Before passing
Don’t Touch this Button! – this is a solid simple puzzle. It can be easily walked through, especially when I passed the darkness of puzzles. So I believe in your strength, that you will go through everything yourself:)

But if everything is bad, then learn the main rule – Do the opposite, what is written on the board. ALWAYS.

If this did not help you either, then let's go through the game more carefully 🙂

Levels 1 – 10

Level 1: Just click on the button


Level 2: Button in the passage to the right-bottom of the entrance

Level 3: Click on the button – thorns will appear. just go around to the place, where there are fewer thorns and reach out, by pressing the button

Level 4: Click on the right button, she's not left 🙂

Level 5: The button is again hidden in the passage to the right-top of the entrance

Level 6: Written on the board, which one to press. We press her

Level 7: The card is returned to 180 degrees. Button to the left of the entrance

Level 8: Look at the ceiling. There is a symbol above the required button.

Level 9: One button is different in shape. She is square, when the rest are diamond-shaped

Level 10: Actually, don't follow the signs. If points to the left – go right and vice versa

Levels 11-20

Level 11: We take the cube and throw it at the button on the ceiling

Level 12: We throw cubes on platforms with boards with an inscription “Not”

Level 13: You have 4 cube and 4 translucent platform. I don’t want to put a cube on each? not? and it is necessary!)

Level 14: You have 3 cube? no problem, here you are also a cube) so we do the same, as in the previous room, but at the end stand on the platform yourself

Level 15: Just put the cubes on the shelves.
Advice: first move the RMB cubes closer to the shelves, so that 300 just don't go back and forth


Level 16: Take the cube from the wall opposite in the column from the board and break all the vases

Level 17: written on the blackboard “You can't break this grate”. Roll a die at him, she will break

Level 18: Just go and flip the switch on the left. thorns will not appear

Level 19: We press the extreme switches

Level 20: The combination is not inside the room. She can be seen in the window on the left on the wall

Levels 21-30

Level 21: Same, only now she can be seen in the window from the ceiling

Level 22: On the right there are pedestals with and without vases. where is the vase, press the lever there

Level 23: Just hold on a little, the grill will rise by itself

Level 24: To the left behind the vase is the switch

Level 25: Putting together a simple structure and jumping from the pedestal to the cube, and there on the button

Level 26: Let's just move the desired cube. You to the left and still to the left

Level 27: Cover all windows with cubes. Cubes 4, windows 4, everything is comparable 🙂

Level 28: You need to arrange the cubes as well, like vases, only mirrored.

Level 29: Place cubes under the windows

Level 30: At the window on the left, the jump is twice as large, than usual. Let's put cubes next to, jump on them and press the button



Levels 31-40

Level 31: There's a room in one wall. There is a button

Level 32: Within the walls there is 2 traps with emptiness, 1 empty room and 1 you need. In the desired one there is also a passage to the button

Level 33: Lasers appeared. They hit in a straight line. just stand there, where they won't hit you

Level 34: Just block the lasers with cubes

Level 35: Lasers 4, cubes 3. Simply 1 the cube will stop 2 laser, forming a corridor for you

Level 36: Just jump over the empty cells, by turning on the switches. Then take the cube and throw it at any button

Level 37: Lasers don't do anything, you can walk on them calmly

Level 38: By pressing the button, just stand still, when the button was pressed. Lasers will disappear

Level 39: On the left of the chalkboard it is written, what “All vases are real”. Among the right vases, the second from the left – fake

Level 40: On the back of the column there is a code. Pts cool hid

Levels 41-50

Level 41: 107+102+103 = 312

Level 42: The numbers in the room 4: 3 on the board and one more above the door. Total: 50+160+51+42 = 303

Level 43: Type numbers on the panels, equal to the number of vases in the room

Level 44: Similar to the previous room, but in 2 of them the panels do not work. Take the cube in the far right room and destroy the vases there.

Level 45: If you look closely from the entrances to the room, you will see numbers on the floor



Level 46: C = 2, C+D=A, but the code consists of 4 different symbols. so we get 3012

Level 47: There's a green rift to the right at the back. jump on it, there is a button

Level 48: There are many faults. Needed 1 left

Level 49: Throw all the cubes into the void. Hit the monitor with one cube

Level 50: Same. Just an open window to the left of the board

Levels 51-60

Level 51: You just have to jump to the button

Level 52: On the panels, you need to type the order to reduce the size of the rooms. Ie. 0-the smallest, 3 – the biggest. The cube is needed for the monitor

Level 53: Panels disappear, when you step on them and get off them. There are too many of them, to fail. Just make a route: left in a straight line, back centered in a straight line, and then to the right almost in a straight line

Level 54: Again route

Level 55: A board with a code is closed under the disappearing floor. Just make room for it, and then go write the code

Level 56: You just need to do 2 route taxi, jumping over the cage

Level 57: Press the button and go to the exit. There is no emptiness

Level 58: Cubes you need, to find invisible bridges

Level 59: Remember the road, on which we walked. She disappeared visually, but she stayed
This road:

Level 60: Jump to those monitors, who tell you “Stay away”, “It's dangerous here” etc.

Levels 61-66

Level 61: The switch will give you access to the board, on which it is written “Be careful, don't fall!”. And out of spite you will fall into the void in the direction of the button. You will find yourself there. Back also. Works even without switching the switch

Level 62: Button – this is a vase

Level 63: Button – this is a board

Level 64: Press the X button on your keyboard

Level 65: Walk through the door

Level 66 (BOSS-LVL): It is lightweight, Here are some tips:

  • You just need to carefully navigate the platforms, leaving yourself a retreat.
  • Be on the gray floor, when it blows, otherwise there is a great chance to fall
  • Here is my route for you, on which I was walking. First on the left buttons, then on the right

At the end, run L.SHIFT forward and press the big button. If you won't run, you will be dragged into emptiness.


“Non-plot” achievements
Monitors: On 5 levels hidden monitors. They can be broken down using cubes.
That's where they are:

49 level: It can be seen in one of the holes

52 level: Behind the wall by the largest piece of the room with the switch

58 level: when you press the button, just turn around on your way back, he will be on the right

60 level: turn around at the end of the level.

61 level: At the very beginning of the level, turn left and still left. There is a cube. Then go back to the beginning, turn right and carefully look even more to the right. There is a monitor

It was complicated: Simple at any level 3 minutes.

Thorns: At any level, where there are thorns, kill about them.

Lasers: At any level, where are the lasers, kill about them

The fall: At any level, where there is emptiness, where can you fall, fall through

Vandal: At any level, where there are vases and a cube – destroy, feel like the Hulk. Everything needs to be broken 25 vaz

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