Tale of Immortal: Basic Game Mechanics Guide (Ghost Valley Yabara)

Game Basics Guide, mechanics and the search for the necessary components.


A little about the start of the game
Good day to all, novice cultivators, you already bought pills and sharpened swords, what about your cultivation? What's on the hardening of the skeleton, then you come here.

I'll start with how to choose English, it's not difficult, you can guess easily, but just in case, here's a picture:
I left immediately in the English version, first press 3 the button at the top under the number 1, in the pop-up menu, click select the same way 3 click the button on top and put the tongue, then exit the game button 3.
And we start the game again, now she is in english.
Immediately, I note this is not a complete guide, since I just started playing and knew almost nothing, what I found and what can help I post it here, I hope it will come in handy.

Character customization
And so we changed the language and now we start the game, choosing a new world, and create a character:
What do we have: you can change the appearance and initial characteristics of the character, above the figure 1 – appearance, I will not describe in detail in 2 words, we change or randomly 2 or manually, all parameters around the character. we also choose a kind of character character, number 3, there is a lot, mostly relationships. Number 4 more detailed decoding, choose yourself. You can change the color of your clothes 5 and see how , what you created will look like a figure 6.
Next, we have the characteristics of the character figure 7.

And then your author lost 3-4 o'clock, I tell you why:
Here we have a choice of characteristics using…RANDOM figure 2, yes yes no arrows to tweak the parameters no only random, China after all.
What do we have:
By rolling the dice, we get different skills, different collection and crafting rates, different indicators in a particular element and different parameters in the master, and yes, everything is always random, that is, you have a cool skill, but you have parameters on fire 0, or have you dropped out 25 on fire by 20 in alchemy and crafts but all skills are horror. And there is plenty to choose from here, believe me.
Go: number 3 – 4 different skills drop here, there are so many of them that cannot be described, I will say that there are skills that increase poetry and mastery and give skills at the stages of the book and make you a good parent, yes, there is even such a thing)), in general, dofiga, I will note the more interesting this movement +100, luck +20-30, your popularity, charisma and, of course, skills that increase the basic parameters.
They are of different colors from red to gray, red samas top, gray so so, there is always a random amount of both red and gray, max what i saw 4 red.
Further 6 skill, these are the styles of the fight, I use a sword, knife, a spear, or hand, finger
fist, I didn’t get used to it much, because he chose to be a master of the elements, number 7, here by the fire, water, lightning, wind, land, wood. They all fall out different always before 26 did not see above. I wonder what if, for example, land fell out 26 and the rest are smaller, then you start to play with the element of the earth, and then at the beginning of the game on 1 at the library level you will be offered the skills of the land, although there will be others, but the skills of the earth will be 100% and vice versa, if you have them equal, then it will drop out randomly and not always what you wanted. I note that the game has the ability to UPDATE the indicators of elements and mastery with the help of items and go from the earth, say, into fire, or fight with your fist. Probably ask what is more important than everyone, I don't know they write that the element is fire and the skill of the sword. I play for the land, since there are earth bombs, art is…oh not here))
Number 8 these are the skills of crafting or gathering, you can become an alchemist, artisan, or a talisman master, not yet mature enough, in a nutshell, alchemy lets you create pills, dreamed of becoming a master alchemist, you need to pump more points in this direction, among the dropped skills there are skills that increase crafts. Blacksmith or artisan I don’t know what to call, and I don’t know what it does, not yet 1 no recipe, in this section and talismans and crafting artifacts and repair.
There are also collection skills, herbs (eh where is mine 1000 summer ginseng), they are needed for alchemy, collecting ore, it is for crafting, as I understand artifacts. Bagua also has this skill here, which allows you to explore the area in search of something interesting, the higher it is, the larger the search area.
Number 5 – these are the parameters that are more important to mine than the rest that do not change with random, and which can only be changed by skills 3-4 numbers. Luck is here, yes, here you can pump good luck to 130, helps with loot, reputation the higher the higher the library floor you can pass, and charisma it affects the attitude towards you, you will be more likely to be approached by NPCs offering sparring or giving gifts or meditating together, I pumped to max. Perception – as I understand it affects the study of skills, but I'll write about this later.
Movement speed it helps to move faster, that is, for 1 day usually you move on 1 cage, if the speed is high, and if you still wear a sword , you move 2-3-4 cells per day, and once a month the game evolves, that is, changes are taking place, boss appeared, or your friend was killed, or the auction has started, and some other events last only a few months, if you didn’t manage to get there, then alas all. But the game has teleports in places, It helps, I'll tell you later in the city section.

And from all that has been said, choose so that everything suits you, this is still a job.

First steps and what interesting things can be found.
After the start of the game, the generation of the world will begin, she is a little different every time, but the main plot points are in the old places.
First, you will be asked to choose one of 3 things , but only pakua is implemented in the game, central.
We start the game and here they will start to tell you how to use this or that I will not describe, part of the plot is to help or finish off 2 unsuccessful cultivators, you decide, I will only say that both pills for a breakthrough and skills and …nothing useful))
And for salvation, they will give a ticket to join their sect, choose you.
We go into the game and what can we see in it:
The area in which we see all the events is highlighted in white, for example, under the number 1 whole section of everything: first – cultivation the higher the number, the more cultivation points you will receive if you cultivate in this cell, next is the search – here the area in which you will be looking for unusual places will be highlighted, they will be highlighted with question marks or exclamation marks, you can even find spiritual stones or manuscripts with skills.
The third is the collection of herbs, but 4 ore collection, so you can look for something in each cell. The game has special cells that are marked differently, for collecting herbs, these will be green blades of grass, ore collection is highlighted with yellow stars(saw 1 time), cultivation:
Number 1 blue glow flying into it, we will see how much the indicators differ, see figure 2 and 3, by meditating we get a lot of cultivation points.
also here I showed simple dungeons they look like this 4.
Well 5 these are portals to other areas, they only appear after completing the main quest.
What else is important to note
these are the pointers – these are clues where is which city, by choosing something it will open on the map and you will know where to go.

Separate zones are marked with a series of squares of the same type., there may be snowy volcanic sandy…. in each of these zones you can boil items for crafting pills for awakening, more on this below, just move through this zone and the monsters will attack themselves , after passing them at the end, get some fragments of the pill by collecting 100 pieces you can boil a pill. also got into the frame here ? – this is a random event, I recommend to always visit, sometimes good rewards.

To awaken to the foundation stage , we also need special items, they fall from their bosses in such places:
You have to pay for the entrance with spiritual stones, as you can see from the screenshot 500 more, and the rollback of this dungeon 6 months. How to find them? just read what is written on the items required for awakening, looks something like this: a crab falls from the boss in the north near the city of such a, we fly to the city, climb a little to the top of the map and see a dungeon there, go in, take out the boss, get the desired component. The author has come to this 2 of the day, this is a very useful info, which I haven't found anywhere. More details in the cultivation section.

Cultation this section is here:
go in and see:
Having reached a certain point, your cultivation will not need to wake up, for this we go in and look at what is needed 1 simple pill stage, which can be bought in a shop in the city, at the second stage, the same pill from the store, but further, to move to a new level, you have to work hard.
Here we have several options for waking up the figure 1, 3 level, and each has its own pills. I'll tell you about the level of heaven and earth.
To heavenly it is necessary 3 item i 6 pills, where to get them?
Under the number 2 requires resources falling from bosses in special dungeons, they are located in such dungeons:
and from the location is described in the picture above, highlighted in yellow south of the sect takato, go to this sect and go downstairs, find the entrance to the dungeon, see the picture and knock out the loot
Pills under the number 3 you can get farm here such locations:
We knock out the fragments and go to the city :
Go to the workshop section and choose to combine the number 1, then pill type number 2, see if there are enough fragments and craft a pill, see there are also several spiritual stones.
Then, knocking out all the components, we see this:
And then we relaxed and we think it's over, but no look specially allocated a chance 54%. On failure, all components disappear, but we are in the game and there are safes, so when everything is ready we leave the city, save and try, on failure, restart and so on until you wake up.
After awakening to a new level, you will be given several new skills to choose from, I chose a better arrangement of cultivators for me.

To join the sect, we need to meet the requirements:
In this case, you need to have one parameter specified in the list, attention the ticket received at the beginning of the game is also a pass to the sect.
Then when we entered…but nothing is available from what I would like, but we will receive a message that soon there will be a competition for elimination it will be in 2 months :
At the specified time, we arrive and start the event, fights between the students begin.
At the end of the fights, a reward will be distributed:
as well as friendship will grow with all students.
And after that we can start visiting all the available houses in the sect.:

counsil hall – sect council house:
here is the elite of the sect, its leader and masters, also vacancies, that is, I think they can be borrowed, not yet mature)

here you can correct health and energy.

contains books that can be purchased with sect tokens, which just the same can be earned in sect duels or by completing sect quests,

House of orders of the sect
here you can select quests to complete and turn in right there, reputation and sect tokens as a reward, for which you can buy but in a sect only.

Meditation house
in principle, everything is clear just to meditate by raising the cultivation, again for tokens.
What else does the sect give us? I don’t know yet. I just started playing., but the main thing to leave the sect is:
very expensive pleasure – inability to join another 60 months))


  1. not necessarily you need to leave the sect , in a way each area on the map has its cultivation. TEXT TAKEN FROM THE TALE WIKI :

    As soon as you pass a certain cultivation level and leave the region, his sect will grant him the title of honorary member and effectively expel him. You will keep all your sect coins, as well as access to its stores, and now you can join a new sect in the next region. You need to be within the previous region while in the higher cultivation realm and, then, enter the new region (the danger zone in neighboring regions does not count) and wait for the next month to start getting your new status.

    example of this: you are at the end of the foundation, you are in the region 1, you break to the golden core, then enter the region 2, in the following month you will receive the title of honorary member and will be able to join a new sect in the region 2.

    in such a situation, if you break while in the region 2, you will need to go back to the region 1 e, then, reenter the region 2 (teleportation should be enough) for this to be triggered.

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