King’s Bounty II: Useful Guide. Chests, battles, exp, angry, quests, troops.

Just useful information. Most loot locations, the amount of experience gained per battle, the strength of the enemy (for sequential passage of battles), quest loot (books, scrolls). Important loot from merchants, troop recruitment list.



Hyde wrote on behalf of the paladin “Elsa”, with priority to pass Order \ Mastery. Considering alternatives whenever possible.

I do not guarantee what I found 100% chests (concerns more continuation, than the prologue, but if you find what I missed, you can correct by attaching a screen). I will not attach screenshots of enemies, since the guide has already been done “Lossless prologue”, you can see there.

It is important to take the first available scroll for experience in the game, statue chest.

Location of chests and altars, order of battles, exp.

Expo for the fight:

  • 1) 55 exp – Wolves
  • 2) 30 exp – Golems (For skill too 30, without paint)
  • 3) 36 exp – Fight for Order
  • 4) 62 exp – Cold
  • 5) 55 exp – Wolves and bear
  • 6) 93 exp – Elementals
  • 7) 198 exp – People of order and anarchy

After the last fight of the prologue, in the castle talking to the treasurer (Don't miss it on the quest), we get “Armored Princess Shield”

First City – First Battles

And so we finished the prologue (let's say no loss). Our goal is to get the most with the least risk. First, we complete all the quests in the city (don't go outside the gate, so as not to get confused), but WITHOUT battles, we exit fights by pressing Esc. We also loot all the chests \ altars.

We buy the second available scroll for experience in the game (nps Odilon, screen below).

Further, by analogy, we carry out all available quests to the maximum outside the city, ignoring battles and looting all the chests, you will get a certain area where you can walk without a fight as in the screenshot (below). We buy soldiers for the army. I have succeeded by this moment:
6 level, 294\725 exp (Scroll for Experience from the prologue did not use). 11602 gold before buying troops, excluding the sale of trash. There are also many scrolls. If you sell trash will 14893 (but I'm in no hurry to sell it), and if you sell unnecessary items, came out 17623 (the magician's staff was dear).
At first I make a guide for Order \ Mastery. (if possible, I will take into account the battles of strength \ anarchy). Next, we start cleaning, I tried to go without loss. After every fight, the new open area and quests on it are looted as much as possible, and only then the next battle.

Expo for the fight: (you can focus on the ex, but it all depends on the army and the character, if you play without loss, the order can change)

  • 1) 110 exp – Elementals
  • 2) 123 exp – Wolves
  • 3) 143 exp – Cold
  • 4) 159 exp – Cutter
  • 5) 210 exp – Cold

The screen works 6 9 10 battle
Paints 8 and 11
Opened chests and loot (Location of chests and altars)

Expo for the fight: (9 and 10 reverse order if required, you can focus on the ex, but it all depends on the army and the character if you play without losses, the order can change)

  • 6) 187 exp – Elementals
  • 7) 177 exp – Griffin
  • 8) 173 exp – Trolls
  • 9) 325 exp – Anarchy
  • 10) 257 exp – Novices
  • 11) 450 exp – Cutter
  • 12) Quest Marcellus Aqueduct / Strength – 632 exp | Mastery – 364 exp (powerfinesse)
  • 13) 445 exp – The flag
  • X) Then when there is enough strength

After completing the quest Marcellus Aqueduct (the fight 12), give an honorary order.

It seems like after completing the quest Brandova's bride is given a ring. \ quest reward

Only Fero Castle Remains, but we will clean it up later. (Then when there is enough strength)

After the outpost (LVL 10+)

After the outpost you 10 level + (I played without perk on exp from order, and no experience scrolls, no loss of units)

Expo for the fight: (you can focus on the ex, but it all depends on the army and the character, if you play without loss, the order can change)

  • 1) 306 exp – Emptiness
  • 2) 345 exp – Cold
  • 3) 350 exp – Cold
  • 4) 333 exp – People
  • 5) 348 exp – Undead that appears after resurrecting a skeleton in a swamp
  • 6) 784 exp – People (For strength) | power
  • 7) 371 exp – Emptiness (For skill) | finesse
  • 8) 309 exp – Wolves
  • 9) 350 exp (For strength) – Golems / 349 exp (For skill) – Elementals | power/finesse
  • 10) 885 exp – North, cold
  • x) 570 exp (For strength) – chimera \ 585 exp (No paint) | power/finesse (no fight)
  • x) 904 exp (Fero Castle) – People

If you pass for Mastery 6 the fight (there will be no fight), then they will give the sword of Titus \ Fight 6 if choice Finesse

After completing the main quest “Refugee camp” give a ring \ quest reward

After the battle 7 give an amulet for mastery \ Fight 7 Finesse

After battle X (Ayrok Castle – Ferro) \ Fight X

And screenshots with chests \ Traders \ Altars | chests \ merchants \ altars

Before entering the gates of the second city, we loot everything we clean. At the moment I have completed 23 quest, 15 level 133\2550. (No experience scrolls, and perk for the hero's experience)

x – fights are harder (especially if you try to play without loss), you can return to them later.

Advice, if you want to effectively use the first scroll of experience, you can do this by completing three battles in a row at once. The battle 10 with a necromancer, the fight 6 (if you choose strength), and Ayrok Castle (Ferro). | Fight 6 10 and Airok Castle (Fero) – good for using scroll of exp.

Second City (LVL 15+)

If you played with no losses or with minimal losses, knowing all the tricks, there should be no problems with money. I had about 10000 gold, taking into account the fact that I was buying extra types of troops. If you sell the trash that I saved the whole game and unnecessary clothes (excluding legendaries), will come out 47000. It's a good capital to start a second city.

In the city during the quest Rosens and Silver we get the Amulet (quest reward)

Angry, traders

Expo for the fight: (you can focus on the ex, but it all depends on the army and the character, if you play without loss, the order can change)

  • 1) 448 exp – Anarchy, gnomes
  • 2) 473 exp – Elementals (For strength) / 450 exp (No paint, for skill) | 473 exp – Power \ 450 exp if choice Finesse (no fight)
  • 3) 503 exp – Beasts
  • 4) 476 exp – Elementals (For strength) | Power
  • 5) 499 exp – Cold (For order) | Order
  • 6) 495 exp – Beasts, gnomes
  • 7) 1313 exp – Elementals
  • 8) 590 exp – People
  • 9) 669 exp – Anarchy, beasts
  • 10) 973 exp – People (For anarchy) / Anarchy
  • 11) 1274 exp – Anarchy, gnomes (For strength) / 1216 exp – Anarchy, gnomes (For skill) | power \ finesse
  • 12) 900 exp – Trolls
  • 13) 1142 exp – Anarchy, gnomes (For strength) / 1133 Anarchy, gnomes (For skill) | power \ finesse
  • 14) 1464 exp – Damien (For order) | Order

The legendary is behind the stone door – gloves

Quest reward “Happiness Marlene” (checked for skill) – amulet

Quest reward “Wild heads” (checked for skill, but it seems to be the same for anarchy) – helmet

Windy Port Puzzle Reward (bay, near the battle 12) – artifact

If in battle 14, take the side of Anarchy instead of fighting – two-handed sword

During the main quest “Through quarantine” for the order, Remedius gives – helmet

It is also important to buy the third one available in the game., experience scroll, merchant zak, in the screenshot below.

Paints 7 \ 11 \ 13 \ 14 – good for skewing an experience scroll.

Angry, merchants, altars | chests \ merchants \ altars

Magofactory (LVL 20+)

That's all for now. The guide will probably be updated, at least on the exp and the order of battles. Most likely after the patches I will do.
From Rubiha

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