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Here you will learn all the possible phrases for the verse., and how you can get them.



I tried all possible combinations and combinations of all choices, and some of them lead to the same phrases. And perhaps I'll start right away from the second location, for the first – this is home, in which there are no options.

The second location.

In front of you is a soccer ball, easel, books and blackboard.

If you select all – There, where i can handle anything.
If you choose a soccer ball – Where can I give my best.
If you choose an easel – Where can I let my creativity be free.
If you choose books – Where can I reach higher knowledge.
If you choose a board – Where I can go with the flow with ease.
If you choose books and an easel – Where I can completely surrender to my passion.

Third location.

This is a location like an office. There are six indistinguishable NPCs walking around the office. You can also interact with the board, which is to the right of the door.

If you interact with everything – A place, where I collaborate meaningfully with others.
If you interact with the board – A place, in which I am left alone with my thoughts.
If interact with only one NPC – A place, in which I share with kindred spirits.

The fourth location.

There is a pile of rubbish in front of you, near which a lonely cat runs.

If you interact with a cat – A place, which I value together with a reliable and delicate partner.
If you do not interact with the cat – A place, to which I treat with attention and respect.

The fifth location.

The dance floor is in front of you, where five people are dancing, two are tired, and the remaining two just stand. You can also interact with the DJ remote.

If you interact with everything – Where I can readily enjoy the action of the game.
If you interact with the DJ remote – Where the sound of silence cheers me up.
If interact with only one NPC – Where I can forever enjoy life at my own pace.

The sixth location.

There is a trash heap in front of you again, but now a bum sits near the garbage can.

If you give him a coin – A place, where can I give hope and joy to others.
If you don't give him a coin – A place, where I focus on my own motivation and goals.

Seventh location.

There is a tent in front of you, bonfire and a couple of logs, lying in a sparse mixed forest. Flowers grow near the recreation area, with which to interact.

Interact with everything – A place, in which I keep that, what I value every day.
Interact with bonfire – A place, created by my hands, who welcomes me warmly.
Do not interact with anything – A place, full of modesty and comfort.

Eighth location.

In front of you is an NPC with a heart on his chest. Obviously it's a girl.

Interact with the girl – A place, that I want to share with someone special.
Don't interact with the girl – A place, in which I can be alone with myself and my freedom.

The ninth location.

There are two gates in front of you, and between them an arrow, pointing to the left wicket.

If you follow all the arrows – And proudly follow your convictions.
If you don't follow any arrow – And confidently walk your path.
If you only go along the first arrow, but don't go for everyone else – And strive for adventure, and to appeasement.


Thanks for that, that used my guide, good luck!

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