Life is Strange True Colors: All the memories

This guide will help you collect all the memories in all chapters. With screenshots and text accompaniment.



This guide only from memories in the game – 25 pieces. The rest of the achievements you can get by finding all the memories in the game – 6 pieces, concluding chapters – 5 pieces, and completing small quests – 4 pieces.

Caution, there will be spoilers further! I highly recommend completing the game first, and then come back for achievements.

Do not forget, that all memories must be viewed using Alex's power.

Chapter 1

1. Crack

In the corridor of the apartment, to the left of the pedestal on which the helmet lies, jacket and lunchbox.

2. Letter

On the table opposite the bed.

3. Officer Pike's Business Card

You need to leave the apartment downstairs. You will find the business card on the bar, next to the cashier.

4. Miner's safety helmet

Once you get to the mine gate, look to the right of the gate, where is Gabe.

5. Telephone

After that, how do you enter the building the gate into which Ryan will move, go straight, without climbing stairs. The phone will hang at the end.

Chapter 2

1. Badge

Climb to the roof, approach the flowers on the left side.

2. No handouts

Go behind the bar, check right under her.

3. Umbrella

The umbrella is in the bar. You need to get to the back door, at the end of the hall.

4. Gummy candy

Go to “Silver dragon”, to talk to Charlotte. After the conversation, go to the back room and go to the shelf on the left.

5. T-shirt

In a flower shop, before reaching the checkout, look at the cabinet on the left, near the wall. The bottom door will open, so you will quickly find a t-shirt.

Chapter 3

1. Miner's bomber

Located on a hanger, where did you find an umbrella before.

2. Dollar Itana

Can be found right on the hill, where do you start your quest.

3. Elderly Dispute Treaty.

Lies on the leftmost table from the darts board.

4. Reminder – card

Located to the left of the entrance to the bar.

5. Bowl of Valkyrie

Standing in a music store, to the left of the guitar.

Chapter 4

1. Rose on the wall

Hanging in the apartment, right above the dining table

2. Drums on stage

Actually, the only drum kit on stage

3. Rumpled microphone

The microphone is right behind the stage.

4. Commemorative photo

Polaroid photo on the wall at the back door of the bar. Where there was a zone and a bomber, only on the right wall.

5. Glass sticker

Walk to the flower shop, or rather to the backyard. Decal right on the window.

Chapter 5

1. Mom's keys

Lie in the ward, case, on the countertop.

2. Social worker business card. guardianship

In the old house of Alex and Gabe, on the kitchen, case, in the corner.

3.Guitar strings

In the shelter, on the bed.

4. Memories of the tragedy

You don't need to look for any items, just walk the tunnel forward.

5. Father's bomber

In Alex's apartment, hanging on a chair by the dining table

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