Splitgate: Account and BP level farming

An easy and quick way to upgrade your account and Battle Pass level


Creating a custom match
Push “Play” -> We choose “Custom” -> “Create a”
We write any server name -> We put a daw on “Private server” -> We specify the password
Choose the region closest to you -> Max. number of players 10 -> “Create a game”

Match parameters
At the bottom right, click on “Match parameters” and specify the following settings:

Match type – Every man for himself
Points limit – 50
Respawn time – 0:01
Primary weapon – Fists
Secondary weapon – not ( dash )
The sophistication of bots – easily
Death repeat – not
Mode “Big heads” – Yes
Endless ammo – Yes
Infinite magazine capacity – Yes
Speed ​​modifier – from 1,5 to 2,5 ( I bet 1,8 )
Melee Damage Modifier – 0,25
Health modifier – 0,25

Process farm
Push “Start match” and play
Our task – kill as quickly as possible 50 bots
After the end of the match – you will be credited 2500 experience ( excluding double experience and other bonuses )
Press again “Start match” and continue to farm experience until then, until you get bored

To murder 50 bots are leaving 1 to 2 minutes
If you take 1.5 minutes per match, it for 1 an hour of farm we get – 100000 experience ( excluding double experience and other bonuses )

Perhaps the developers will soon fix this method., so have time to use it

From pojyloi

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