The Horus Heresy Legions: Secret achievements

Actual descriptions.


Up-to-date descriptions of secret achievements.

Many thanks to Secta for their invaluable help with this guide.!

1. Tactical genius.

Win the game, not playing the soldier.

Completed by Commander Decks or Auto Victory.

2. The consummate warrior.

Win the game, not having cards in hand at the end.

It is performed simply during the game.

3. Square.

End turn, having a soldier with 50+ health.

To be completed for the Iron Hands with the buildup of soldiers by Perseverance.
Variants: A thousand sons, Balek Utizzar and the Blood Acceleration.
Yet: Disastrous storm, Elite or Chosen of Demons.

4. Avatar of Fortitude.

Start turn with 6 soldiers in the game.

It is performed simply during the game.

5. Patron of Chaos.

Enter single player 4 higher demons.

I completed while playing Doom Storm without a single High Demon. maybe, introduced 4 demons of different factions, but definitely not the highest.

6. Patient strategist.

Play out 8+ cards in one move.

At 7 opponents Barge Ornatov gives 7 cards immediately (6 soldier and herself).

7. Heavyweight.

To apply 30+ damage per attack.

Easiest to perform by Argus Brond of the World Eaters.

8. Exterminator.

Destroy 7+ enemies in one turn.

I do not know, whether it is executed when the opponent's table is destroyed and wins. I have fulfilled, endlessly killing the Defense Force with Jagatai (Pay, Skillful Rider and Khorne's Favor).

9. Bulletproof.

Win a game with full health.

It is performed simply during the game or by auto-victory.

10. Walking Fortress.

Win the game, in which the enemy inflicted 300+ damage.

Performed on a bot or a good person with a deck with walls and buffs.

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