Tales of Arise: Achievements Owl Watching / Owl Counting / Owl Return

Owl Spotting / Owl Counting / Owl Return


This is how our owls look like
From the glossary description:
If you hear a hoot, know, that an owl is somewhere nearby. Look for owls in various suspicious locations: in the treetops or in baskets. Finding an owl, take it under and inspect, after placing it in the center of the screen

To unlock an achievement, must report to the King of Owls. This location opens at this level.
The Owl King himself, here you can see which countries did not collect owls.

# 1 Sandinus Gorge
No. 2 Ulzebek
# 3 Iglia Wasteland
# 4 Garrison Kird
№5 Mosul
# 6 Fiery Moat Castle Gate
# 7 Fire Moat Fire Gates
# 8 Glanimed Castle E3
# 9 Lacedian cliffs

# 10 Silver plateau
№11 Messiah-224
As soon as you get to this village, after not a big scene and a monologue, joins you on the Rinwell team. So her pet, Puhunya, will help you look for owls in the future..
# 12 Snowy plains of Nevira
# 13 Tsisloden Lane
# 14 Rivill Prison Tower E2
# 15 Ice Valley

№16 Observation hill
№17 Traslidian tract
# 18 Tietal Plain
№19 Visint
№20 Autelina Palace Kitchen
Located upon 1 palace floor
№21 Road to Talka pond

№22 Niez
# 23 Akfotli Hills
# 24 Adana Lake
# 25 Adana Ruins
# 26 Moving Fortress “Gradia” Ship (inside): Level 2
IMPORTANT! MISSED OWL, it is impossible to return to this location after passing.

# 27 Tua Coast
№28 Tistlim
№29 Shining forest
№30 Lavtuyskie swamps
# 31 Castle Del Faris Entrance to the central square (E4)# 32 Pelegion Level 2
After defeating Lord Volran

The remaining 6 Owls
# 33 Glanymede Castle Lord's Halls
These owls are unlocked after completing the main story., or when you get to Rena.( thanks for the advice “ Radio “)
# 34 Rivill Prison Tower Secret Room (in the office)
# 35 Autelina Palace Guardian Room (E2)
# 36 Del Faris Castle Lord's Hall
# 37 Iglia Wasteland
To get there, you need to create a ladder using Dohalim's ability (it will open, when will you go through the location “Volcano Berg”
№38 Uninhabited island
* Unlocks after completing the story, or as you arrive at the Rhine, have to come to “Tua coast”
* There you will receive a task ” Beyond the grave line” (Recommend ur no less 59)
* We go to our captain who is in the Secret Shipyard, and choose to go to a desert island.
* An uninhabited island
As soon as the last owl was found, we return to the Owl forest and inform the king.

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