Milo and the Magpies: Achievements / Secrets

A short and clear guide to secrets, which are also achievements in the game “Milo and the Magpies”.


1. The first step to home
After that, how do you put the stone on the fountain, look at that place, where he lay before. There will be the first secret – Princess Frog.

2. Artist
Click on the picture, what the artist draws in the window, thereby expanding it. After that, click on the second from the left sunflower in the lower left corner of the screen – your secret.

3. Child Game
Click on the protruding branch on the right three times, what's right under the grandmother with the broom. From there a light will fall to the ground – moth. After landing, click on it, and the secret will be revealed.

4. Bird feeding
You should collect all the required types of food near the bird feeder.:
1. Sunflower seeds.
2. Cocoon, what's on the tree on the right.
3. The worm, he's under the dwarf with a cart.
4. Snail, she is right on the leg of the feeder.
5. A piece of bread, he's in the trash can to the right of the door.
6. Pour water using a watering can, which is in the window in the upper right corner of the screen.
7. Apple, it's for Milo, it is worth clicking on it once – it will become available.
After all this, a falcon will fly in and scare away all the birds.. Lift the worm to the feeder, a bird will arrive – and the secret is found.

5. Fishing adventure
You have a little limited time here.. Once Milo escapes from the pike (or what is it) and the girl will take him to her home, a hummingbird will sit on a branch in the lower left part of the screen. This is the secret, push – and he's yours. But hurry up, because he will not wait for you long.

6. Boogie time
After Boogie Mad Cat, you will need to click on Cupid's bow and follow the arrow. She will fall on the tree on the right side of the screen, right on the secret – on the little demon. He's yours now.

7. Unexpected help
At the very beginning, there will be pink on the dresser on the left, brightly highlighted postcard. Click on it, and she will fall. As soon as the Mistress has a laser pointer, just click on the already dropped postcard, a kitten will come out, Milo's son – and the secret, and with it the achievement, your.

8. New neighbors
There is a door at the end of the corridor on the right, we open it, press again, thereby zooming in and press the green button, turning off the barn light. Click on the barn door, the dog barks and the door opens. From there flies “Dead head” – butterfly, which is our secret. Click on it and we found this secret too.

9. Final storm
To the right of the window, that there is a broken tile on the left side of the screen, that sometimes sways. Click on it, finishing off, and from there a bat flies out and sits on the tiles above the window – we press, and the last secret you have.
From Artemis

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