Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Nanyo's personal quest. More, than nothing. Secrets of Enigma

Complete walkthrough of Nanio's personal quest, from the Nameless Ruins to solving the mysteries of Arishkagal in the dungeon “Enigma”. No response – nifiga NO ANSWER;) Possible spoilers.


Visit with Nenio Unnamed Ruins.

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Nanio will come across to you when you accidentally meet on the Kennabris map, do not miss. She will mercilessly troll the cultists of Baphomet (in case of unsuccessful tests for knowledge of religion, and you too). You will be asked to become her assistant, agree, her remarks are just space until the very end of the game.

She will give you the quest almost immediately. “Visit with Nenio Unnamed Ruins”. You can get there after completing all missions in Kennabris and entering the world map.

The only thing you can find there is a puzzle on the floor., which opens the hiding place.

Next, you and Nanio will talk with a certain entity, who stubbornly wants to hear from your lips “I – nothing” and invites you to stay in her dimension. If you guess, how to get there. Also, a certain metamorphosis will happen to Nanio.. What does the fox say?

This is how our adventure begins, solving riddles in the Nameless Ruins. For this we need to get 4 masks for each of the 4 statues in the ruins. Locations, where are they hidden, will open as you progress through the game and the latter will open upon returning from the Abyss.

Heart of the Riddle

The first mask can be found without much difficulty., she lies among the usual loot in the location “Heart of the Riddle (it will open if you have solved the 1st part of the puzzle in the town “Essence of the Unknown near Kennabris, for her I have a separate guide
Mask “I – darkness”

Bone bed

The next mask will become available after the capture of Dresen, in the location “Bone box”. It will be sweaty here, many who want to kill you, cripple, run over with a boulder and during all this it will be necessary to solve riddles with buttons. For an incorrect answer you get in the ass electrical discharge.

The location of the required puzzle is indicated on the map, her password and a secret chest in the wall, which she opens:

Mask “I – a circle”

There is a certain possibility, that the mask will lie in the chest with a riddle near the statue of Baphomet, memory is not a reliable thing. Email me if so, i will correct the section. (Just in case, the 6-sided star statue has a password., triangle, star, square)

Palara waterfalls

This location is available after returning from the Abyss. (as they say to the Trickster and Angel to the Abyss, but playing for the Trickster, even though I hit it – the door behind which the required mask was not available. Focusing on the Act after the Abyss).

You will find the mask in the secret room., after solving the riddle. There are also books on the screen, which help to understand how to solve it, besides a ready answer.

Mask “I – Vertex”

Prison of Inevitability

Here, too, you have to tinker. The mask is hidden behind the same riddle, like in Bone Bed. On the screen there is a map with the location of the riddle and cache – we open, loot, further according to circumstances.

Mask “I – Question”

Congratulations, you have all four masks and now you can return to the Nameless Ruins. Don't forget to bring a fox with you 😉

A sequence of masks in the Nameless Ruins

As you probably already guessed it yourself – each mask is the answer to the riddle of a particular statue. We look at the description of the statue and place it in that order:

1. Absence and emptiness – this is a circle mask;
2. End of the road – this is the top mask;
3. Unknown – this is the mask of darkness ;
4. Motivation for action – this is a mask question;

After that, how everything was correctly guessed, a portal to the Enigma Dungeon will open. This is a wonderful place, full of mysteries and expensive loot. I strongly advise you to clean your backpack before going to the portal, relax, stock up with banks and pray. This place will break you intellectually and physically. You will be there for a long time. After you enter the portal, if you want to go back before completing the quest – Nanio will leave your group, I could not find her later. So that “do you love kitsune – love and fucking riddles to solve.

Dungeon Enigma

Welcome to Enigma, subplan of the demon Arishkagal. I will briefly outline what you will do. This space has many rooms, which can be opened using power supplies and solving all kinds of puzzles. Power supplies will be scattered throughout the map and divided into two colors – blue and green (the description says green, and the crystal itself is red WTF). These crystals are inserted into the grooves to open doors, after opening, they need to be taken back to inventory. We'll have to collect everything. Red only 4, blue, something around 15, 8 of which we cannot return, they will feed 2 corridor switch (OI1 and OI2 on the map, by 4 for each switch). Now you will understand what I am talking about.

The first blue crystal we get at the entrance to the dungeon, a big attack on you, in fact, he will fall out of it. We insert it into the power cell (further groove) and press the button – the door opens. We don't take the crystal with us, he is not included in our 15.

Come in don't hesitate.

The first, what do you see – it is a constant source of power for the right corridors, for him you need 4 blue crystal, they will stay there forever. And since we don't have them – let's go look for them.

For further convenience, I will divide the right and left corridors into sections 1 and 2, I will mark the power supplies on the map in blue and red (yes red, I don't care about “green” in description), Well, I'll number the puzzles. There are several levels in the dungeon.

We are heading to the 1st section of the right corridor. Sweep the mobier along the road. We go straight to the room with 4 statues. 1 from statues (Reveal yourself) will be active, start a dialogue. She, like the previous statues, requires an answer “I – no one”.
Moving to the right, through mobs and snake trap. There is a symbol on the wall, which we need for the very last riddle. We remember.

In the next room, the first simple riddle (1), based on the principle “find 2 paired symbols”, by the way it helps to train memory (!). Open matching symbols in pairs, here is the end result:

Before you will open 2 doors. we pass (this will be the lower left room of the section and take the blue power supply from the pedestal.

There is an entrance to the Pyramid Depths in the lower right room. – you there.
There are no mysteries here, only nasty mummy sorcerer, which constantly summons other mummies. To remove the shield from him, you just need to pick up the power supply next to it. Total in the room 3 blue source, pick up and go out the next door.

We find ourselves in the 2nd section of the right corridor. In the same room there is a groove for the source and a button, insert, жмякаем – the door opens to the permanent source of the corridor. take the crystal back. We go to the room with snake traps, there we take another blue source. We keep going in the same direction, we meet a room with two grooves. Insert sources. We take out the trash. Taking the sources back. We take away the source in the room for the golems.

now we have 6 blue sources, it's time to power the right corridor (OI1)

Switch the beam to the section 1, go to puzzle number 2, we need more to her 2 source, we just have them. Powering, take out the trash. There is a clue to the puzzle on the wall. If all sources are in place and the puzzle is solved correctly – the button will light up – жмякаем.

Pick up crystals from grooves. Go to the door and take another blue crystal, immediately pass the attention check for the hidden door to riddle number three. Train your memory again. open the same symbols in pairs.

Right section 1 solved, we return to the 2nd and on the way we switch the main power to it.
Insert all the crystals into the grooves to the puzzle 4 (third on the way to the button from the puzzle). There's a clue on the wall.

After aligning the arrows correctly, the tiles will close and you can activate the button in the room on the left. We click, loot, right section 2 closed.

We return to OI1 and transfer power to the closed door in the center of the map, this is his last position. We go through the central puzzle (you have to solve it last) to the north, to the Forbidden Hall.

Here you need to press 2 buttons in the side corridors, the door in the center will open. Take it 2 source, bottom right blue, in the center red and out.

We go through the center to the south, to the Ruined Corridor.
Two sources await us in this room, blue and red. No mysteries, just a cool scorpion sting knife.

It's time to stomp into the left corridor of the Enigma. We supply OI2 immediately. I'm going to the portal. Any. After the video, we repeat the Arishkagal oath to the statue:

I deny my past, present and future,
I will forget the name of the owl, and the names of those, who is around me,
ABOUT, great Arishkagal,
I will become part of your mystery,
Fill the meaninglessness of existence with your meaning,
I am nothing now and forever.

Or just press any dialogue options, so will ride too, the correct answer will not give any goodies.

As soon as you left the portal, turn Timu to the right, there is a secret passage behind the wall ( on the map the upper left room of the 2nd section of the left corridor. Then return to OI2, redirecting food to the west, kill golems and take the blue source behind them.

Meals for the 1st section of the left corridor. Pick up the blue crystal in the lower right room. Now you have 3 crystal, to turn on puzzle number 5.

The puzzle opens the door to another blue crystal. Don't forget to take the sources back from the slots.
Moving on to puzzle number 6. We immediately take away the blue source.

After the decision will open the door to the feisty “nine-handed Lena” Mirilite. When she dies – chests will no longer disappear across the entire section and it will be possible to close the red source. The first section of the left corridor – dosviduli.

Change OI2, directing it down to the 2nd section. We fill the grooves with crystals on the way to puzzle number 7:

We step over the next puzzle and, with a successful check of attention, a secret door in the wall will appear, there is another blue source. We carry it to load puzzle number 8

We reach the end of the corridor and take two more sources, blue and red. We put the blue crystal and activate the button. Section passed.

It's time for the final puzzle. On the way back, we return the blue springs and go to the very center of the labyrinth. For him, we collected red springs, nor will they feed the runic symbols around the puzzle. Blue crystals launch the button.
After you have placed all the crystals in their places, you just need to run and pay off 4 identical symbols (the same one from the beginning, which had to be remembered) and press the center button (The Ministry of Health recommends that you first rest and make a party for the tonsils).

All riddles completed!
As a final prize, you will receive by strain one more guess, just listen to nanyo. The bullshit that got out will be surprised, but fight anyway will climb. After the victory, you will finally see Arishkagal in the flesh.

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