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Total achievements 40 out of which 17 plot, 8 related to the passage of the game and other, which require certain actions. Below are some small tips for obtaining achievements.

About passing

• To save time, it is better to start right away with the complexity of "Spetsnaz", that is, the highest, it won't be easy, but it's worth it. In this case, all crosshairs and grenade warnings will be disabled, plus opponents will only speak Korean.

• Do not forget about the achievements associated with additional tasks.

Achievement bugs

• Some players face problems when completing Achievements related to acts, recommended after completing the first episode, go to the main menu of the game, and through the selection of episodes, check the passage of this episode on the "Spetsnaz" difficulty. If the passage was not counted, it's better to start all over again. I think it might have something to do with the quest markers., at the very beginning, after falling into the water, do not swim directly to the shore, wait a little and only then continue driving, otherwise, you may encounter a bug where the task "to go ashore" may not be counted (this is just a theory).

Little tips

• Use a tranquilizer, better two (on SCAR and FY71). Thus, there will be no need to wait for a recharge., in the role of finishing off bodies, a pistol with a silencer will be useful. Also, the tranquilizer can be used to obtain such achievements., as:

• Nano-ninja
• Catch
• Knockout
• Choke hold

ВЂ Do not forget to turn off the flashlight in stealth mode, since enemies can notice you. LTSU sight opponents do not notice.

• Turn off stealth mode during shots and turn on again, so you won't waste energy.

Game walkthroughs
The crisis is under control
Complete the game on any difficulty.

The crisis is not terrible
Complete the game on Officer or Special Forces difficulty.

Special Forces: act I
Complete the Contact episodes., Recovery and Relic on Spetsnaz difficulty.

Special Forces: Act II
Complete the "Assault" episodes., "Massacre" and "Awakening" on the difficulty level "Spetsnaz".

Special Forces: Act III
Complete episodes "Center", "Lost heaven", "Exodus" and "Calculation" on the difficulty level "Spetsnaz".

Additional tasks are marked with a yellow marker.

By order
Execute 3 additional tasks

No questions asked
Execute 6 additional tasks

Excellent, soldier!
Complete all side quests

Story achievements

Most of the achievements you get as you progress through the game, but there are those, which require certain actions (description in italics). After completing the game, the choice of any chapter and difficulty will be available. So don't worry, if you missed something.

Parking problems
Learn about the fate of the ship Call of Luska

Quiet, cute
Rescue the hostage

You knew that, truth?
Meet the Prophet up the river

Unusual results
Infiltrate the excavation site

I look, are you alive
Take the evacuation transporter

Help on earth
Destroy all anti-aircraft guns around the port

Fireworks on the water
Destroy the cruiser

Empty platform
Capture station

Required in a mission to complete “Massacre” destroy the train and all opponents near it.

By itself
Go to the mines

Cautious host
Complete the entire Massacre episode with a single tank.

Without leaving the tank, ride it to the end of the level (to anti-tank hedgehogs). When replacing a tank, the achievement will not be counted.

Descent underground
Go down into the mines

goodbye, Khon
Defeat General Khon

Leave a mysterious underground structure

Mysterious underground structure – cephalopod ship.

Escort group
Escort the Prophet to Safety

I – morpeh, son!
Help the Marines evacuate

Level with flying Crysis Remastered cut. You will receive the achievement automatically.

Strickland would be proud
Defeat an invasion on the flight deck

Win the Battle of Lingshan

Other achievements
Pick up an animal.

Pick up any animal. Achievement can be obtained at the very beginning of the first mission.

Nano ninja
Kill 5 opponents in a row, without being noticed

Use a muffler and tranquilizer, without letting yourself be discovered.

Kill 10 opponents with thrown objects.

Throw heavy objects at enemies (barrels, boxes). On difficult game modes, you can put opponents to sleep with a tranquilizer and then throw.

Kill a Nanosuit enemy, striking in force mode.

Need to kill melee (with fists) a korean soldier dressed in a nanosuit like ours. Use a tranquilizer.

Feud in the distance
Kill an enemy at a distance 200 m.

Sniper rifle to help you.

This is my rifle
Involve all 5 points of modification of one weapon.

5-module for FY71 (incendiary cartridges) can be found in 4 chapter "Storm", in the hangar near the cruiser or in the "Awakening" chapter.

Apply all weapon modules.
At the same time, you can complete the achievement "This is my rifle".

Muffler – SCAR standard
Lantern – SCAR standard
LCU – Standard on Pistol
Tactical module – SCAR standard
Grenade launcher – SCAR/FY71. First appearance in 3 missions, there are boxes a couple of meters from the radar muffler.
Open sight – SCAR standard
Collimator sight – SCAR standard
Assault sight – Spawns randomly on FY71, starting from the first mission
Sniper scope – 3 mission, the first main mission to infiltrate the Korean base. We kill Koreans on the towers, go up and take away the sniper rifle.

Tank Destroyer
Destroy 5 enemy tanks.

You will destroy the first two in the course of the plot., the rest of the mission, where you will need to drive the tank.

Kill 200 opponents.

Kill 400 opponents.

Closed sky
Destroy 5 helicopters.

Achievement can be bugged, there is a chance to get it without knocking down 5 helicopters. Use a rocket launcher.

Choke hold
Kill 20 opponents by capturing.

Come close and grab, hold the button for a hard shot. On difficult game modes, you can use a tranquilizer.

Marathon runner
Run 3 km in acceleration mode.

Can be obtained at the very beginning, just run without stopping, having exhausted the full supply of energy.

Mark 30 opponents, using binoculars.

Aim at the enemy like this, so that it lights up white, and then green or yellow. So 30 time.

Weapon expert
Kill opponents with all types of weapons.

Perhaps explosives are also among these types. (C4 or grenade), if active, you can get it in one playthrough.

Pistol (obtained at the beginning of the game)
Submachine gun
Machine (obtained at the beginning of the game)
Sniper rifle
XM214 Hurricane: machine gun ( the first time you can meet a Korean in a nanosuit)
Gauss Rifle GK8
LAW hand grenade launcher
Alien weapon

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