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Achievement guide “Tails of Iron”.



Ladies and Gentlemen, I am glad to welcome you in my guide to the achievements of the game “Tales of Iron”!
I am writing this guide right after going to 100%, (so to speak, yet “warm”), in order to simplify the life of the little girls and “Achievement Hunter-ам”.
All achievements are taken in one playthrough, nothing more complicated here is dumb, just go through the game to the end and then there will be an opportunity to finish all the side quests, which did not have time to complete during the game.
Also, there are achievements for the arena, helping residents and killing various animals, the only thing, which might raise the question – it is a collection of weapons and equipment, but if you loot all the places during the game and run through the locks after, it won't be a problem to get everything, don't forget, that not all weapons and clothes, just scattered around the world, they are also given as an arena reward, bosses and blueprints.Total achievements 27, of them:

  • 4 story achievements.
  • 4 for completing quests from the quest boards.
  • 3 for killing special bosses.
  • 3 for murder 25 pieces of each of the three types of mobs: Frogs, Worms, Moshkits
  • 3 for collecting a certain amount of three different currencies of the game.
  • 3 for the renovation of three rooms in “Scarlet Fortress”.
  • 2 for receiving small arms and two-handed weapons.
  • 1 for helping to fix the traveler's van.
  • 1 for collecting four statues and returning them to the pedestals.
  • 1 for collecting all products for the chef.
  • 1 for collecting all weapons and armor.
  • 1 for obtaining all other achievements.

So, go!

Story Achievements.

Become king
Become King of the Rat Kingdom.

Having received the achievement for the task from the guard board, we are sent to battle with a real enemy in the arena.
After the attack of frogs, we move towards the sewer and then into the castle, where will we find the crown and get the achievement.
Save the Reggie brothers
Save the Reggie brothers from the frogs' clutches.

The frogs kidnap your brothers the cook and the blacksmith.
Moving forward on the plot, we save and free one by one, fighting mobs and bosses along the way.

Boss “Bloki magu” guarding one of the brothers.

Get to know the underground creatures
Meet strange creatures underground.

After passing a little more than half of the game, we move to the left side of the map from the village “Long tail” and after passing through many dungeons we head to the station “24-7” in “Krotburg”, we will meet a mole on the way, who will help us until the very end of the game.

Return energy to the depths
Return electricity to the lower level of the mines.

After meeting the mole, heading to recover energy at the bottom of the mines, but before switching the generator switch and getting an achievement, we are attacked “Mother of Hearts”

Complete Faction Quests

Complete Guardian Missions
Complete all missions from the Guardian Board in the Rat Fortress.

A storyline achievement from the very beginning of the game, get it right after completing the tutorial mission, where will you be taught, how to dodge attacks, counterattack and roll, as well as, attack enemy and block blows.
Complete Elder's Quests
Complete all Elder Board quests in “Long tail”.

Elder's board is in “Longtail”, in total she can offer 5 quests to kill mobs, for completing all of them you will be given an achievement.
Complete Ranger Missions
Complete all missions from the ranger board in the gatehouse.

The ranger board is in “Ranger's gatehouse”, we get there if we go from the town hall to “Longtail” to the right side of the map, total board offers 9 assignments.

Complete arena missions
Complete all tasks from the arena board.

The Arena board is located in “Krotburg”.
The first 6 arena battles will be available by the end of the game, but the seventh battle is a wave of different enemies, at the end of which a large lizard is waiting for you, and this quest is available after the victory of the last boss and the coronation of the GG in the rat fortress.

Killing special bosses

End of the Motie
Defeat the Motie Queen.

“The Queen of Mosquitoes” you will meet according to the plot, available after killing “King Moshkit” and is one of three “special” bosses games, for which they give achievements.

Defeat the Twilight Rat
Defeat the Tony Rat in the Depths “Forbidden crypts”.

This boss is in a secret crypt in the location “Forbidden Crypts”, right under the rat fortress, you can get to it only after collecting 4 statues (separate achievement).

Defeat Ratsenor Gryzunson
Defeat Ratsenor Gryzunson in the depths of the Forbidden Crypts..
“Ratsenor Gryzunson” is a non-story boss of the game for which you will receive an achievement, as well as a necessary element in achieving “Arsenal Reggie”
The boss is quite agile and has several types of attacks, but kills for 4-5 attempts, get a legendary weapon as a reward.

Defeat regular mobs

Defeat in battle 25 frogs.

Nothing special, very easy achievement, we can say plot, so how to kill 25 frogs are allowed in the first hour of the game.Defeat 25 Motie
Defeat in battle 25 Motie.

A very easy achievement, which can be obtained in the first 2 hours of play, just by killing flying Motie with ranged weapons.

Defeat 25 worms
Defeat in battle 25 worms.

Like the previous two achievements, this is a very easy achievement., which can be obtained at the location, into which we fall through the well, next to “Ranger Guardian”.

Collecting Currency

Collect parts of monsters
Collect 50 parts of monsters.

By killing enemies you get parts of monsters, as well as other resources.
In the location “Long tail” you can exchange iron ore for parts of monsters, maximum number of parts, which you can have – 99.Collect iron ore
Collect 20 units. iron ore.

Iron ore, as well as parts of monsters can be obtained from enemies.
You can also exchange parts of monsters for iron ore in the location “Long tail” or find piles of iron ore in mines, after the second half of the game, and get iron with a pickaxe.

Collect gold
Collect 20 units. gold.

Gold cannot be picked up from enemies, but you can earn, completing side quests.
At the beginning of the game it may seem, what to collect 20 coins are not easy, actually doing just 2-3 first quest and your achievement.


You can cook in the kitchen
Renovate the kitchen.

One of the story achievements.
For, to renovate all three halls in the rat citadel, it will take a lot of gold coins, which will need to be earned on secondary quests.
You can work in the forge
Renovate the forge.

One of the story achievements.
For, to renovate all three halls in the rat citadel, it will take a lot of gold coins, which will need to be earned on secondary quests.

Throne room, worthy of a king
Renovate the throne room.

One of the story achievements.
For, to renovate all three halls in the rat citadel, it will take a lot of gold coins, which will need to be earned on secondary quests.


Get your first small arms.

We get the bow on the quest, after defeating “by the Bonga brothers”.Two-handed weapon
Get your first two-handed weapon.

The two-handed ax is in “Ranger's gatehouse” On the second floor.
It is impossible to miss it, if you are going to move on in the game.

Traveler's Van

Fix the van
Repair the Traveler's Van, so he can continue on his way.

“Traveler's Carriage” does not appear immediately, walk a little through the plot of the game, then go to the right side of the map from the location “Long tail”, up to the place as I marked on the screenshot, after accepting the quest, we will need to find the wheel, it is even more to the right of the cart or to the left, if you go from the location “Ranger Guardian”, reaching the place, marked in the screenshot, you will see the lumberjack, who offers to exchange the wheel for 20 monster parts. Make this exchange and return to the wagon, to earn this achievement.
Here to be “Traveler's Van”.

“Wheel”, needed to fix the van, here.

Return of the Statues

Return the statues
Return all statues to their proper places.

Total in the game 4 statues to be returned to their places:Ancient statue: Family Symbol.
Found inside the Statue Monument Room, lies on the ground, just pick up and put on the designated place.

Ancient statue: Leadership Symbol.
Located in the village “Long tail”. Under the tower, where to kill the boss, on the far right side of the map.

Ancient statue: Harvest Symbol.
Located in the village “Long tail”, in a hidden little location, to the right of the hunting lodge, to the right of the location “Ranger Guardian”

Ancient statue: War Symbol.
Is in “Krotburg”, it can be bought from a mole merchant, next to the entrance to the arena.

The Boss's Book

Fill in the Chief's book.
Collect all products from the Chef's book.

This achievement means collecting the ingredients for the chef's book, for their further preparation.
It is worth noting, that all these meals increase your health bar.

First course:
Water, Roots, Raspberries; – Ingredients, which can be found during training.

Second course:
Mushrooms, Bread, Milk;
Bread and Mushrooms you will buy from the merchant, Milk is on the farm.

Third course:
Root, Honey, Cheese;
The root can be found if you buy a compass on the market, and then talk to the rat near the hunting lodge.
To get honey you need to buy 1 wood from the lumberjack and glue from the seller.
The cheese is in the room with the statues.

The cheese is here.

The honey is here.

Fourth dish:
Canned meat, French fries, Salad;
Canned meat can be purchased from a mole merchant in town “Crotburg”.
To get the Potato you need to find olive oil and bring it to the mole at the station, the mole will take the butter and give you the Potato.
Salad can be found in mines on the way to Mole Station.

The salad can be found here.

Olive oil can be found here.

You can get potatoes here.

Arsenal Reggie

Collect Reggie's full arsenal
Collect all weapons and armor.
Attainment, which will make you run all over the game map, so try to explore all locations as the game progresses, and go back there, where they could not get initially.
To get the achievement, you need to find all weapons and armor.
The options for finding weapons and armor are divided into several ways to obtain them.:

  • By completing the main quests.
  • Completing side quests.
  • Defeating bosses.
  • For drawings. You can get them, completing missions, you can also buy them from merchants in “Krotburg” and the village “Long tail”, then exchange them in the castle for weapons.
  • Having visited all locations of the game, especially worth highlighting, map areas, poisoned, which can only be entered by purchasing a gas mask from a mole merchant according to the plot.

King of Kings

King of Kings
Collect all medals.

It's simple, you need to collect all the other achievements of the game, and you will get this achievement.


I would also like to add, which by itself, the game is not difficult, and it will take about 10+ hours, if you do everything slowly.
All achievements can be obtained without using the guide, but in that case, there is a chance to dull on some particular achievement, such as – “Complete arena missions”, where you can guess for a long time, why doesn't it open 7 arena fight.

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