Library Of Ruina: Nameless Escanor Guide

Nameless Escanor walkthrough guide for The 8 o'Clock Circus Using only urban plague cards and below. The guide is designed to be played on the literature floor, but this is optional. Make sure to suppress all available anomalies on this floor.. Also, when composing the deck, cards of optional guests were used.. With their lack of cards, replace them with existing analogues.


First fighter
Use Sayo's page, to equip the first fighter. The role of DD.

Passivations at will

Second fighter
Use the Oscar page, to equip the second fighter. The role of DD

Passivations at will

Third fighter
Use the Meow page, to equip a fighter. The role of DD


Fourth fighter
Use the El Salvador page, to equip a fighter. The role of the tank.


Combat tips
Use dodge against beasts

Use Glitter and Shynees on your tank whenever possible

Use Ax on the first fighter

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