The Supper Text Walkthrough

At the time of this writing, there is not a single walkthrough guide in Russian. Now will be.


As soon as we are given control of the character, take forceps, abandoned by the barrel. We collect immediately lump of coal with their help. We pass to the left – into the dining room and light candles with it.
There is a round table in the lower left corner of the room., On him – jug. We take away, return to the kitchen and click on the cauldron with sauce. Then we go to the right side of the dining room and poke at the arrived guests.
Trying on the role of a waiter – we talk with every guest (Old man, Deadly Shark and Fungus, Controlling the Brain) and we accept all orders.
We go to the kitchen and look at the recipe leaf to the right of the pot..

Dove in Rose Sauce
First course.
We go outside through the door next to the chest in the dining room. We see a dove on a sign, but we can't get it yet. We go to the right and see a fisherman with a fishing rod. We interact with him. Dead man's head falls into the water, and we take his fishing rod and fish wet boot.
We return to the signboard and throw the find at the bird.. We select pigeon.
Back to the tavern kitchen. Take the bird and click on the sauce. The dish is ready.
Serving to the Old Man Doves in Rose sauce.
Drop out rusty scissors, we select them.

Sharp Red Swordfish
Second course.
After that, how the scissors were selected, we go outside and go to the ship. We see, that the rope ladder is assembled and tied with a rope, attached to the bridge. We cut the rope scissors. We get on the ship.
We pass into the captain's cabin on the left. There is a dead man with a knife in his back. We approach it and pick it up knife.
Now we go down into the hold on the right through a square hole. Dripping water puddle on the floor. We put there empty jug and after three drops we collect it complete. We approach the boxes, at the top of which the plant. We pour it with water from a jug. We collect chilli. We climb out and head to the kitchen.
We see the Swordfish, attached to the wall, use knife on the tail of the fish. We get the last ingredient.
But not everything is so simple! YG will refuse to cook. You need to combine chilli and swordfish tail in the inventory and then just pour the sauce.
We serve Sharp Red Swordfish Fungus Parasitizing on the Brain.
Drop out the keys, we select them. Let's also grab the one that fell out on the plate language.

Stew of Hand and Tongue
Third, last meal.
We go out into the street and go left. We see the prison door and open it keys. we select hand of a dropped skeleton and go back to the kitchen.
From the barrel in the upper right corner we type hard wax. At a distance of one meter to the left, there is an empty pot on the mini-stove.. We put in it hard wax. The wax boiled instantly. We throw in wax hand skeleton, we get wax hand.
We combine wax hand from tongue and pour the sauce.
We serve Stew of Hand and Tongue Deadly Shark.

“Washing dishes after dinner”
We go out into the street. Everything has taken on a red tint. To the right of the door, under the sign, is worth wooden cart. We become “behind the wheel” carts and call into the tavern.
When GG sang a song and put the cart with bodies, pull on lever arm.
Find out the main sauce ingredient and background.

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