Agatha Christie: We pass “Interchange” no mistakes

This guide is a bold spoiler walkthrough.


The chapter itself 9

The entire chapter consists of a long cut-scene followed by a blitz interrogation (belief or what to call it). The bottom line is, that we need to accurately convince 4 characters in a row of their incompetence! The problem may arise if, that there is no way to skip the cut-scene, and the only way to replay the given fragment is alt + F4 and the long introduction on a new one. I am writing this microguide in view of the, that at the time of my passage I did not find this information anywhere, and some of the characters in this segment are not obvious to me. Well, in order to save you from my suffering with the restart of the chapter, give birth to you.

so, throughout the game, we are carefully returned to the beginning of the interrogation if we fail, however, in chapter 9, fail is equal to bad end, so let's go:

  • First candidate to receive reverent enlightenment from Monsieur Poirot – Jackie. Here everything is simple, in the prompt itself, we are advised to be more, hence the answer options: 2, 1, 2.
  • Second candidate for the acquisition of gray matter – Hugo. Here everything is not so clear, pathetic worm sucks shit in public, which means we are spreading the stinker with facts: 2, 2, 1.
  • Third wise guy – Ernesto, and, give him his due, he really is a natural pain in the ass. With him, everything is super ambiguous because we never break him during the game. Don't be alarmed when there is no green trigger in the responses., so conceived. And here's the cure for you: 1, 3, 2.
  • The highlight of the program, pompous milf – Cassandra. Contrary to the beliefs of the game, it is quite easy to convince her: 1, 2, 2.

That's all. Achiva is yours, you are well done, everyone got what they deserved, happy here.

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  1. About items not found in the room, listen – The thing is, that there is an instant transition to another room immediately after clicking on the second item (I don't remember which one), while the rest (at least one – I managed to see out of the corner of my eye) can not be viewed in any way, because. we will never be allowed into this room again.

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