Kingdom Come Deliverance: Save for a comfortable start to the game

Actually, this is a save for a comfortable start of the game.
Many, beginners to play in the second round, spend a lot of time, pumping a character in Skalitsa, loosing everything along the way, what's not nailed to the floor. Here I did it for you. There are two saves on the link.

The information of the manual is largely duplicated in the file “READ” in a folder on disk, so you don't have to read the file itself))

Pumped, taking advantage of, mostly, leadership “How to get the most out of the prologue?” and own stubbornness.


Save 1 (save054.whs file)

Save 54 – just before the escape from the Polovtsy in Skalitsa.

In a pocket about 500 money, Lost equipment of several guards, there is a very decent one-handed sword “Needle”, with which you can go through the whole game

Save 2 (save074.whs file)

Save 74 – Talmberg. Higher stats, but not much. You can return to Skalitsa and bury your parents. The castle may not be completely blocked, but very thoroughly, all valuable is taken away, there is even an overload) I recommend throwing everything into some chest in the castle, then pick up. In his pocket about 1k money.

From Manwe

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