Midnight Protocol: Unlock all themes

How to unlock all four additional themes.


How to unlock a theme

Just enter a keyword into your intranet search.

Clover’s theme
In the game folder you can find the Password.jpg file. Open it in a text editor.
It will be said there: “There is a secret encoded at the end of the announcement trailer”. We open trailer and we see a string in base64 on the background. Decrypting, get the keyword.
Keyword - AngelFire


The key is contained in the audio, what's in applications. Write it down and play it backwards.

Keyword - wannacry

Pavo’s Theme

I don't know a canonical way to get this theme. If you know, unsubscribe in the comments.

Since other keywords are names of known viruses or attacks, i tried to enter stuxnet and unlocked this thread.

Snail’s theme
I don't know the canonical way to get, so hacker.
Knowing the previous keyword, can be found in the game files, where are other.

# We are looking in the MidnightProtocol_Data folder
cd MidnightProtocol_Data
# Extract all lines from all files and filter by a known word
# The -f flag prints the filename before each line, where is she found
strings -f * | grip stuxnet
# Found matches in resources.assets, fetch all lines from there
strings resources.assets > text.txt

Let's get a text file in 10 megabyte with all the text of the game. Searching for the previous keyword, find another nearby - solarwind

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