Haus Flipper: All Luxury DLC achievements

Guide to obtaining all achievements, added with Luxury DLC.


1. Step up your game

During the second order “New chapter”, on hover “Selling an item” on the stairs, it becomes possible to give it a fresh look, after your choice, the achievement is immediately given.

2. The choice is yours

During the second order “New chapter” there is a choice of room decoration, after your decision, the achievement is immediately given.

3. Windows update

During the second order “New chapter” it becomes possible to replace windows with new ones, the achievement is given after replacing ten windows.

4. I hope there’s no cellar

Buy any suitable size “Indoor pool” and install it inside any home.

5. The furnisher

Refurbish five pieces of furniture (the achievement cannot be obtained at the moment).

6. I fixed it!

After completing the order with the boat (not the very first) it will become available for purchase. Get it, go to the location and hit the steering wheel with a hammer.

7. Panorama

Take a panoramic photo of the city from a house on a cliff (Tablet → Camera).

8. Luxury is always in style

Complete all orders on the DLC order card.

9. I am rich

Buy one of the houses, added with DLC (marked with a red diamond in the browser).

10. The Wi-Fi password, anyone?

Buy one of the houses, added with DLC, and move your office there using the corresponding button in the pause menu.

11. You are too creative!

At the moment there is no reliable information about obtaining this achievement..
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