Wasteland 3: Достижения DLC Cult of the Holy Detonation

Guide to getting all achievements in dls “The cult of sacred detonations” 12/12.


Floor man
The ranger got 10 doses of sacred radiation

You fed the Night Terror, until he fell asleep.
Is at the security level,on the left side of the map.
Strict mode camera. Feed the items 20 minimum.

Clone 2: Genetic Boogey
You created a super clone or prince of flesh with a cloning machine.
Scientific level. In the right wing. At the beginning you open access to the secret laboratory from the terminal.,additional DNA can be collected in the central aquarium or not.
If you already have a clone, then you need to kill him and collect a pink mass from him. Create a new clone in the secret laboratory..

Flawless espionage
You turned off the laser wall,holding Bezoar, and were not found.
After deactivating the last switch, they will give the achievement.

Dude,yes you are just a mushroom
You've tasted all kinds of irradiated mushrooms.
Scientific level: Read terminals in the mushroom laboratory,and properly irradiate three mushrooms and eat them.

Super Secret Sabotage Sauce.
You made the ‘Thousand Islands sauce’ and used it to sabotage the particle accelerator.

No way without Bezoar!
You freed Bezoar's father from his captivity..

Necessary evil
Killed or mutated Bezoar's father.

Specialist for E.K.G
You've dealt with the E.K.G. puzzle.
The last location in the DLS ,there will be a terminal to the right of the entrance.
Combination = + 1 -3 +3 -1 +3 -1 +2.

Let's join hands, friends!
You have reunited the champions and witnesses of the atom.
Energy storage,save before entering the generator room.
One of the characters must have 10 stacks of radiation.
In a conversation with Deuterium, agree to everything he offers.

Lightning in a bottle
Redirected Sacred Detonation Energy to Colorado Springs

Disabled Sacred Detonation.

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