Rogue Lords: All achievements

Rogue Lords is a dark fantasy roguelike game, where the player is the Devil himself!
Lead a squad of outstanding villains through a series of events and turn-based battles, sowing horror and filth along the way.


basic information
Number of achievements — 35
Offline achievements — ?
Minimum number of passes for 100% - bagel
Difficulty of achievements — 8/10 (depends on skill)
Estimated pick-up time 100% ~ 30 hours (depends on skill)
Achievements with difficulty levels - not
Achievements, easy to miss - not
Glitchy achievements - Was yours, became ours, The devil is not afraid of death (counts in the game, but not in stimulus)Some achievements do not count towards incentives, when playing offline


A small excursion into the strengths and weaknesses of the adepts, as well as their roles in the game

There are several types of statuses in the game, for convenience with color differentiation, but on the enemy or adept at the same time there can only be 1 status of each type, eg, Depression, when applying, will replace Bleeding, since both statuses are weakness

This must be taken into account when building, to avoid conflicting skills, there are also frankly weak options within the same status, but doing about the same thing, eg Depression hurts harder Burn, The wall stronger Shield etc.

because, especially at first, Read CAREFULLY, what does a particular skill do, and also what status effect does it apply

Skills have 3 degree of rarity: gray, purple and gold; 3 identical skills of the same rarity are combined into 1 skill with the next level of rarity and give one more additional, eg, 3 gray > 1 purple and more 1 add. purple (with some relics, the number of special stages may be higher)

It should be noted, that purple skills only exist in the purple rarity, and gold - in gold, on the other side, can be raised gray or purple to gold

Associated achievements - associated with adepts is very conditional, since many of them can be obtained by playing with other adepts, but somehow I will point out some of them

Bloody Mary (KM)

Starter and one of the strongest characters in the game due to the huge number of powerful combat skills, as well as a unique ability Bloody mirror - skill effects, used by Mary against enemies, duplicated on the enemy, on which a mirror is superimposed

Recharge - costs two action points (FROM) and puts a mirror on the enemy

I do not recommend using Mary as the main nuker for OZ, since all of her attacking red skills are marked Lust for blood - that is, they can be used against the enemy with the LOWEST number OZ

But it doesn't matter, as Mary is revealed as a nuker by OM: purple offensive skills are not labeled Lust for blood and can be used against anyone, Seven years of misery hits AOE and imposes a more powerful weakness in Game - Depression, taking away 5-8 OM at the beginning and end of the enemy's turn, and also subtracting the same amount of points from Max. OM; Soul shard inflicts 1-2 x 15 OM and reduces physical. attack on 10 units; Stone on the soul inflicts 11-16 OM and hangs weakness - Zombie, converts received healing into damage, Fierceness - kidnaps 3 x from 2-3 OM and finisher Once, two, Mary will take you - kidnaps 4-6 OZ / OM at the enemy

Considering, that there will be a mirror on one enemy - this is an additional triggering at least 1 skill and crazy damage, with proper pumping and relics
The author went through the whole game with Mary

Related achievements

Don't turn your back…

Finish off 20 enemies using a mirror
The last damage must be done from the mirror

Bloody Mary, I believe in you

To apply 80 units. damage with one skill
Thanks to the mirror, this will not be difficult.

Count Dracula (GD)

Second starting character, half nuker, and half as a support because of its recharge - reloading skills to ALL adepts for 2 FROM, as well as a set of skills

DG can do good support for mages, because it has an initiating skill, increasing magical attack on +3 with every use; possesses a skill with the effect Depression; powerful ability, shooting enemies Protection and imposing Depletion, as well as an automatically rechargeable nuke by OM

In theory GD can be used as an attacking adept in OZ, but all his red skills are revealed only at death's door Dracula, then they fire twice, but they are all aimed at one enemy, and the only red AOE nuke is golden, Yes, he hits and OM, but it is extremely difficult to obtain it and it is too dangerous to rely on it, how and constantly playing with the status at death's door

Related achievements

On the verge of death

Complete 5 moves in a row with the "On the brink of death" status

Headless Horseman aka Headless (B)

Last starting character, tank / nuker ratio 50/50, recharges skills for 1 FROM

Headless - Versatile and Powerful Adept, taunt and shield, equally useful as in a party against OZ, and so OM, because he has AOE skills for any type of health, as well as skills, inflicting damage by that type of health, which the enemy lacks the most

Knows how to steal from the enemy OZ and OM due to the unique feature - bitterness, starting to accumulate charges when taking damage (or the death of the enemy, with a personal relic)

Can shoot / abduct improvement from the enemy, take away maneuver, superimpose silence and zombie, receive bonus FROM or OZ / OM, word, on the one hand - a must-have for any party, but, with another, all of his chips are selfish and directed at the beloved, but as a tank and a support head weaker than Lilith, and after receiving her, many immediately abandon the Rider

Attention, the door - rescues from ONE incoming PHYSICAL attack, eg 3 dodge save from 1 attacks 3 turns in a row and any attack x2 / x3 and more will break the dodge, and so, as the door is an protection, then replaces shields / walls, be careful

Related achievements

Flawless stance

Prevent 200 units. damage with the skill "Focus"
Achievement cumulative

Fiery rage

Dial from 1 to 5 Bitterness in one move

White Lady (BD)

Unlocks at the third level, is one of the most powerful nukers in OM, due to passive damage due to the mask, as well as skill, swapping the scale OZ / OM

The essential minimum for this character is listed above., further you can improve the attacking mask, look for a skill for additional triggering of a mask and relics (ALWAYS take her Personal Relics FIRST), skills with control effects will be a plus, in fact, her entire role in battle is reduced to one thing - to put on a mask, and the player - to get relics for her

Related achievements

Masquerade ball

Put on 50 masks

Spooky waltz

Take off 4 status with the skill of the White Lady
Skill required Ghost explosion

Adepts pt. 2
The gecko (D)

Opens on 14 level, needed to permanently heal the scale OZ, it's almost impossible to get through without it Matriarch Gloria, penultimate boss

The whole role of Hecate comes down to one thing - to start the ritual, which restores OM at the start of your turn until then, until the player cancels the ritual, then it will stop and restore all skills, passive triggering of the ritual is counted as using the skill, be careful when fighting Gloria

Sure, in theory, if you look at the entire arsenal of Hecate, then she can do good damage on OM, but in practice, its damage still falls short of the DB or CM bar, therefore, the meaning of its use as a combat unit is lost

Related achievements

I can do this all day

Maintain the ritual for 5 moves

Light is not a toy for children

6 change the phase of the moon once in one move

All of Hecate's skills are cheap, change 6 phase times are pretty easy, with a skillful alternation of skills with full moon, new moon and recharge

Lilith (L)

Unlocked after defeating the first boss, is the best tank in the game: her wall reduces damage in percentage, not quantitatively; knows how to impose protection/town/rebuilding OZ / OM for any adept, unlike the headless, and also remove all statuses control and weaknesses from their adherents, but protection from enemies

In a word, altruistic version of the Headless, but, her finishing AOE nuke, potentially, can be the strongest in the game due to the increasing damage from Lilith's passive ability - receiving +1 units of damage each time, when the enemy takes damage

As a balance, many of Lilith's abilities are initiating, including recharge, which is not worth FROM, but applies a taunt to Lilith herself

Related achievements

On knees!

Kill 3 opponents with one skill Lilith

Hide and seek is over

Kill the enemy, which has more than half of HP or MP, one skill Lilith

Baron Saturday (BS)

Opens after the third book, is an excellent sidekick for KM, thanks for controlling depression and a scattering of controlling abilities

The Baron is a cross between Hecate and the White Lady, by no means irreplaceable, but a rather interesting character in terms of gameplay, however, the author used it extremely rarely

Related achievements

Thrift is better than wealth

End the fight, by activating and clearing Depression in each turn
Quite easy with relics, providing additional FROM

Was yours, became ours

Activate 9 Depression in one move
Does NOT work in the current version of the game

Dr. Frankenstein / The Beast (F / H)

You manage to unlock them towards the end of the game., when the complexity and quantity OZ / OM enemies are off scale, however i understand, what were these two meant for

In theory, The Doctor and the Beast must become synergistic adepts, with mixed damage: magical by the doctor and physical by the monster, however, in practice, everything turned out monstrous

Little of, that they can only be taken in pairs, means you need either a support, however, neither Doctor, neither the Beast is drawn to the role of DD, either nuker, then one of these two must be a support, as the author did: CM did damage, Dr. Sapportil, and the Beast was just, his skills are useless in this situation

Moreover, F / H starting skills conflict with each other, burn replaces the first putrefaction second, without taking into account that, what by themselves burn and putrefaction extremely weak weaknesses

To putrefaction worked, as intended, need, least, one personal relic of the Beast and an improvement in the rarity of the skill, means burn The doctor needs to be thrown off and vice versa, focusing on burns, although no, this is too stupid an idea and hardly anyone will go for it

In this way, supposed, what's the key damage, among these two, contributes putrefaction Monsters, only it is easily leveled by the regeneration or defense of the enemy, after all, Unlike depression, putrefaction does not reduce Max. OZ

In a situation, let's say, battles with captains, it is critical to level treatment by status zombie and replacing them depression - the player benefits from even a single trigger depression, insofar as Max. OM already reduced, effect from putrefaction it is leveled by banal treatment

And we're talking about situations, when the captains treat 150+ OZ / OM all enemies

The other side of the coin is synergy connection with the creator
Supposed, that the depletion of the Doctor's skills reduces the required FROM for Beast skills and vice versa, the idea was, to go for a fee by the Doctor and for free - by the Monster, or vice versa, but in practice, walk and so, and others, in the presence of conflicting status effects - meaningless

Not, it is possible, but looks, like picking the enemy with a fork, assortment of all skills allows you to inflict physical damage on the Doctor and magic damage on the Beast, but for this you need to purposefully download them, spending on each battle 15-20 minutes and all due to the inability to choose starting skills yourself, when the defaults are terrible

In the end, an interesting pair of characters turns into the weakest in the game, due to lack of starting nuke, weak initial synergy, too expensive skills, as well as slow buildup

Related achievements


Recharge 40 skills using the status "Electric recoil"

Death Expert

Use a skill with quality "Link to Creator", then return its value to 0 OD for one walk
It is necessary to initially withdraw the cost of the skill from the Doctor in 0, on a fresh move, use the free skill of the Doctor and then walk again as a monster, to re-reduce the cost to 0

Corpse field

Activate 4 Decay status with one skill
1 putrefaction status must be on one of the adepts, rest 3 - on enemies, use monster recharge and voila


To apply 150 units. damage, using a skill with extra. effect "First Blood"


Achievements, related to the passage of books

Geryon's Claw

Complete Book of Geryon's Claw
The first boss in the game, one of whose minions can swap HP / SP scales, Recommended composition: B, KM, BD (opens on 3 level)

Critical skill Permutation (BD): swaps HP / SP targets
After the victory, an adept is revealed Lilith

Hydra's head

Complete the book "Head of the Hydra"
Recommended composition: Lil, KM, BD

Charon's Lantern

Complete the Lantern of Charon book
Recommended composition: Lil, KM, BD
After the victory, an adept is revealed Baron Saturday

Wyvern eye

Complete the book "The Eye of the Wyvern"
Recommended composition: Lil, KM, BD

Complete the book "Cerberus Collar"

Complete the book "Cerberus Collar"
Recommended composition: Lil, KM, BD
After the victory, an adept is revealed Dr. Frankenstein / The Beast

Complete the book "Spinning Wheel of Fate"

Complete the book "Spinning Wheel of Fate"
Matriarch Gloria is the hardest boss in the game, because of the pacts in force during the battle: prohibition to apply more 5 attacks; prohibition to use more 2 skills by every adept; ban on the use of statuses, prohibitions change every few moves, increasing Gloria's attack by several units and changing the scales OZ / OM in places

Violation of the ban entails an instant attack. (~ 15 OHM) by the offender, as well as changing the pact and increasing Gloria's attack, she herself only has a magical attack, often hits the area, respectively, easily leveled by Hecate, however, you should not drag out the fight with her, because each change of the pact increases the attack of Gloria, thus, sooner or later, her attack will simply exceed the maximum OM adepts

Most often, Gloria summons enemies with a magical attack, however, it can also cause physical, you need to be afraid of them, like fire, because regeneration OZ Is the status, and statuses in the second half of the battle cannot be applied

For as soon as the player brings Gloria to a state at death's door, she will become invulnerable for one turn, will call, if there is room, minions and will heal about ~400 OZ / OM, during this combat phase, all restrictions will apply at once

Thus, you need, Firstly, have as many pure skills as possible, no statuses; have at your disposal Hecate with a purple or gold ritual, as well as a personal relic; DB with purple or gold mask, swap skill OZ / OM, as well as two personal relics; KM, as the main DD, preferably with all purple magic skills, she doesn't need personal relics

Relics are critical, giving +20 OZ / OM and +3 to the damage of all adepts, relics will prove to be excellent, enhancing depression and passively hitting OM

Yes, depression is a status, but it is important to use it between pacts, prohibiting statuses, and in the second phase, beat with pure violet

Final chapter

Defeat Van Helsing

Helsing, compared to Gloria, just doesn't represent anything, he can be killed by any party, but you need to keep in mind, that he has two types of attack: the first is massive, hits OZ / OM, and also cuts the same amount of max. drip OZ / OM, it changes after a certain number of skills used

This is the only danger of the final boss, after all, the banal fat of adherents will be mercilessly cut off by each attack, however this attack changes every time, when adepts use a certain number of skills

The second type of attack - blocks 2 abilities of attacked adepts, on 1-2 move and this type of attack is a loophole, since it changes only after a certain number of recharges

In this way, if you collect relics and skills, which recharge abilities themselves, then you can not use reload skills at all

The next point is, that after the death of the minion, Helsing becomes invulnerable for one turn and summons, through the course, next minion

If you go to him with Hecate, then about OM you don't have to worry and don't touch the minion at all, beating magic, danger can only be a mercenary, sometimes called by Helsing, because he beats with physics, hits painfully and massively, and also hangs bleeding

Absolute superiority

Defeat Van Helsing with each of the Adepts

Other achievements

Various achievements, obtained in the course of the game

Horror over the city

Complete 15 different events

Devil's luck

Pass an impact test with a success rate of 0%
Will help the area effect, giving free first use of devil energy, when it kicks at an event, just pass it as an adept with minimal conditions, we see 0 probability of successful completion of the condition, we change it with the help of devilish energy to 100%

Around the world

Complete 12 events in one book

The trembling, mortals!

To apply 200 units. damage per turn

The power of immortality

Use 7 skills in one move

The devil is not afraid of death

Complete the book without losing Devil's health
You can use the energy of the devil, you can't just take damage on an adept with status at death's door, because in such a situation, the damage goes by the devil

At the moment, the achievement is buggy, it can be obtained in the game, but steam sometimes doesn't count it


Visit 10 sacrificial altars
Achievement cumulative

Portal lover

End chapter, after going through each type of area at least once

Terribly interesting!

Visit 15 areas with the effect of horror in one book
It is necessary to destroy the horror from the very beginning of the book: choose horror during battles and events, and also go to locations, in which beneficial effect

Leader rooms

Recharge 10 skills in a row

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