IOSoccer: Player's Guide 2021

This guide is located on the official website of the game, but few people go there and so I decided to move it here




This is based on standard settings.

Show login menu: L

Show score: TAB(pinch)

Toggle observer menu: CTRL(the same trick button)

Haste drains stamina

Forward: W

Back to: S

To the left: A

To the right: D

Bounce: SPACE

Acceleration: SHIFT(hold)

Walking: C(hold)

Look down to keep the ball close to you.

Lead kick: LMB(hold or press to guide)

Look down, to beat below, look up, to beat higher.

Charged Strike: PCM(hold, to charge, let go, to hit)

So does the blow.

Press the button shortly before hitting and hold it until, until the blow is made.

Swing left: A

Swing right: D

Topspin: SPACE(It is enough to hold the jump button, you don't need to be in the air)

Also, what a blow,but with a ball at hip height.

Same, like hit,but with a ball at head height.

Be patient and don't let the attacker run through you.

Pressure: LKM(hold, when close to an opponent)
Shock blocking: LKM(hold,when you stand between the striker and the goal)

Podkat: ALT(in move)

Goalkeepers behave the same, like the players outside the box.

Jump to the left: A + SPACE

Jump to the right side: D + SPACE

Jump forward: W + SPACE

Jump back: S + SPACE

Bounce: ALT + SPACE

TV camera: G(only works then, when the ball is in the adjacent half of the field)


Hold CTRL in addition to special keys.

Toss the ball: LKM(with the ball in front of you)

Rainbow: LMB(with the ball behind you)

Gentle rolling: A/D + LKM(with the ball in front of you , from the left, or right side)

Leading back: S + LKM(with the ball behind you , from the left, or right side)

Pass or heel kick: A/D/S + LKM(with an approaching ball from behind. Requires one more player, or you can use ball replay(R) during warm-up)

Tossing a sombrero: A/D/S + LKM(with a ball at hip height)

Fish hit: W + PCM

Blow through yourself: S + PCM

Hold E in addition to special keys.

Point finger: LKM

Raise a hand: PCM

Hold E in addition to special keys. When pressed, zajmit E to continue the celebration.

Clench left fist: CTRL + LKM

Clench your right fist: CTRL + PCM

Falling forward: ALT

Falling back: S + ALT

Plane(hands to the side): CTRL + W

Flip back: S + ALT

Deb: A + CTRL

Cross your arms: S + CTRL

Arrow: D + CTRL

Boxing: SPACE

Raise one hand: ALT + D

Score table: TAB

Join Menu: L

Remove player names: V

Create a ball during warm-up: Q

Ball repetition: R(repeats the first action after clicking Q)

Remove warm-up menu: P

Speak in voice chat: K

Talk to general chat: Y

Talk to team chat: U

Talk to viewers chat: I(when you are on the bench)

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