XCOM Enemy Unknown: Not cheating Mods

There are really a lot of mods – it takes too long for the player to read about everything.
This Guide contains Top10 Mods by category bugs / perks / info / beauty / rebalance.

Only for EnemyWithin(THAT ONE);
For LongWar(LW) a separate review planned, but some of the information applies to LW.



There are really a lot of mods – it takes too long for the player to read about everything.
This Guide contains Top10 Mods by category bugs / perks / info / beauty / rebalance.

Only for EnemyWithin(THAT ONE); not for EnemyUnknow(ME); not for LongWar(LW);
(most mods are incompatible with different releases of the game, except for the simplest)
Mods that clearly simplify the game and break the balance like cheats – deliberately ignored.
For LongWar(LW) a separate review planned, but some of the information applies to LW.

How to install the mod

Mod Workshop for XCOM_2012 is disabled in Stеam.
Therefore, mods for XCOM_2012 cannot be obtained simply by subscribing to Steam, but you need to download(eg, with Nexus) and install manually.

Download / mods / ID from here (need to register)

The note: For some mods added the date of the last update, to better compare with others (not only by ID);
The note: Many mods, especially those implementing similar functionality (subgroup), incompatible with each other, check after the fact;
The note: It is advisable to carefully read the description of the mod, to install it correctly and avoid known issues.

The note: label [v] tagged mods, which are mutually compatible and recommended by the Author;
(so to speak, Editor's Choice)

Question: Is it possible to turn on the mod in the middle of the campaign?
Answer: some – Yes, some – Not.
This can be written about (or not) on fashion pages.
Want less trouble – start a new Campaign. Or take risks.

Mod utilities

There is a whole story about, how the developed ones increased the convenience of mod building.
(with every release EU =>EW =>LW=>XCOM2 moved more and more parameters from packed .UPK / .EXE to easy-to-edit .INI files)

Fashions are:
– strings for (manual) .INI file edits (universally)
– hex patches replacements for PatcherGUI (universally)
– Replacement hex patches with Offset for ToolBoks (tied to version, dangerous)
– finished patched UPK (incompatible with other mods)
– Texmod (does not modify files, patching game resources in RAM after launch)

XCOM Meddler (06 Dec 2012) (/mods/76)

  • Fashion building folder, it all started with him.
    Designed to edit DefaultGameCore.ini

XCOM ToolBoks (24 Dec 2013) (/mods/79)

  • Classic, has built-in mods, list non-cheating:
    – skip intro;
    – skipping screensavers when detecting aliens;
    – remove delay for Combat Readiness and Deaf Defense;
    – camera setup, rotation, scale;
    – display of soldier experience;
    – animation acceleration;
    – disable disappearing corpses;
    Also can patch .UPK files
    CustomMods=>LoadCustomMod=>Select Mod =>Open=>InstallCustomMod

PatcherGUI (v7.3) (10 Apr 2015) (/mods/448)

  • Most mods are installed through it.
    (included in UPKUtils for mod development, can be downloaded separately)

XCOMModHelper (github(.)com/fperks/xcom-mod-helper)

  • Some mods are in .XML, put through this program.

Long War Mod Manager (only for LongWar) (/mods/620/)

  • Simplifies installation and removal of mods for LongWar, can be used as a replacement for PatcherGUI;


  • TexMod 0.9b (2008?) (google and download)
    This is a utility, for replacing and extracting textures in DirectX games 9.
    Mods that change textures (clothes,cards,model) usually work through it.
    But it is inconvenient to use it., therefore, several additions were released to it.
    (EXE game file and texture files must be selected manually each time, it is not comfortable)
    Universal Modding Engine (uMod V2.0) – unofficial second version.
  • TexMod AutoLoad (16 Jan 2014) (/rememberme/mods/4)
    For convenience and speed up the launch of the game.
    You need to configure default.ini once
  • EasyTexMod (13 Mar 2015) (/mods/525)
    To facilitate the use of TexMod 0.9b
    automation of texture updates;

(nTex – analogue of TexMod?)

UI Mod Manager (06 Sep 2021) (/mods/766)

  • Special mod, allows you to customize other mods right in the game without the need to fix .ini files;
    Compatible with any version of XCOM: THAT ONE, Long War, LW Ascension, etc.
    Only works with mods based on mutators.
    Adds in-game menu, on / off fashion, setting parameters if provided.
    To provide the manager with parameters, need to add variables from .ini files (from DGC or others.) DefaultModsProfile.ini.
    Supports Mini Mods Collection (/mods/735)

Activates the developer console (for debugging and cheating).
Console hot button – (\) or (~).

  • Developer Console Activation for EW and EWLW (/mods/519)
  • WORKING enable the Developer Shell and Console (/mods/535)

Attention, problems and errors

To play with mods you need to do (only once):
– DisableHash Check (only for EU);
– Enable Direct Editing (which will ensure loading .INI mods from other folders);
– DisableDialingHome (the game automatically restores the original files undoing mods);
There are guides on how to do it manually
But all this has long been built into mod programs..
for example, в PatcherGUI: Tools=>DisableHashCheck

IMPORTANT! – the game should NOT be in the Steam folder “Program Files”
You need to add a library of games on another disk to Steam and install the game there.
(possibly, the problem is in spaces and / or Cyrillic in the path to the game)
Otherwise, some mods may not work or work incorrectly.!

IMPORTANT! EW mods are installed in XEW folder
(often confused with the original EU, which is one folder higher)

After installing the mods, it is recommended:

  • Clear config cache – delete all files from folder
    C:/Users/USERNAME/Documents/My Games/XCOM – Enemy Unknown/XComGame/Config
    C:/Users/USERNAME/Documents/My Games/XCOM – Enemy Within/XComGame/Config
    C:/Users/USERNAME/Documents/My Games/XCOM Long War/XComGame/Config
  • Clear UPK cache – delete 3 files
  • Start a new Campaign;

If there are still problems, you can rename the profile.bin file
C:/Users/USERNAME/Documents/My Games/XCOM – Enemy Within/XComGame/SaveData.
It stores your personal game statistics, including progress for Achievements on Steam, so it needs to be renamed and not deleted, just in case.

After all of the above settings in the game, of course, chip in on default.

How to uninstall a mod

It depends on how they put it
For Meddler or ToolBoks – just open the program and change back.
Для PatcherGUI – the program saves a backup of the original files.
TexMod – just don't run the game through it.

Steam does not need to reinstall the game to uninstall the mod.
Just go to Steam
Right Mouse Button => XCOM=> Properties => LocalFiles => Check the Integrity of the Game Cache
Steam will return the game files to the original.

Fashion – bug fixes

Game crash after completing Tutorial mission
Disable the option in the video settings “Smooth frame change”(SmoothFrameRate).
(incompatible with FPS Lock mode)

Shelters no shield Windows8 / 8.1(x64)
Corrected display of the degree of protection of shelters in Win8.
Enable WindowsXPSP3 Compatibility Mode in the file properties:

Hanging on the Dam mission (Flood; Rescue Annet)
(checkbox Operation Forerunners at the start of the Campaign)
The camera points to the Valve… and then only Alt + F4.
One of the most famous bugs. No patch, but there is a solution.
It is enough to enable Subtitles for the duration of the mission in Settings (danunaher! saw?!)
There is another way – mission loaded, the detachment is on the Dam, the commentator starts to explain, quickly select any fighter and run forward for both actions (there is no one there yet, do not be afraid); it is just important to start moving before the camera shows the valve.

XCOM How To Master Guide (2014) (/mods/476)
This is a selection of different fixes for EU, a couple of which are still not fixed in EW.
(I recommend to check out what were the errors of alien AI in the EU, in folder “How to Apply R&D Tactical Bug Hunt Fixes”)
We need to fix in EW 2 old bugs.
“How to Fix Increasing Load Times”
This will reduce loading times. (deleting calls to reload DLC resources).
“No Squad Sight Pistol Overwatch”
Fixes, Sniper shoots General View + Combat Readiness with a pistol outside of the pistol's radius.

Subgroup – OverWatch

  • Sequential Overwatch [v] (06 Aug 2018) (/mods/704)
    Not all of them are fired at the same time from combat readiness., and in turn;
    If the target is killed, the rest will wait for other targets;
    v1.2, taken into account a bunch of Sentry + Fire Support;
    v1.3, taken into account a bunch of Roulette Improvements + Good Reaction + Fire Support;
    (so as NOT to shoot 2 times at the 1st enemy, but if you want vice versa – use version v1.1)
  • Sequential Overwatch v2.0 (17 Oct 2021) (/mods/735) (compatible with v1.3)
    Burst of shots in order of distance to target;
    No shots through smoke;
    Fire Support(CoveringFire) with normal OW (style from LW Rebalance) (без pop-up?)
    Sentinel and Good Response shoot 2 times with regard to Fire Support (it's like in v1.3? or how?)
    Faster RapidReaction(Good reaction) (2th shot will fire faster)

EW Hologlobe Rotation Fix by Amineri for EW patch 3 [v] (/mods/474)
Correction, rotation of Gologlob with the left mouse button (famous bug in EW)
(basically, He's not needed, but for example, Alien flagship will hang from the other side)

Improve Soldier Stat Distribution with Not Created Equal (24 May 2014) (/mods/483)
Fixed a bug when generating random stats with the Not_Created_Equal Second Wave option.
The maximum mobility of a soldier is 13, but due to a mistake sometimes there was 14 (13+1).
(uuu! +1 mobility, well, just a poured Flash, aliens terrified!)

Unlock Defender’s Medal (/mods/560)
Medal of the Defender is unlocked after the death of a soldier.
If you play well (no death) then you can't get it, which is illogical.
The game essentially provokes you to substitute a bullet for one of the soldiers for a medal.
Mod changes, the medal will open simply after winning the battle.

Subgroup – Panic

  • No Chain Panic [v] (/mods/474)
    Panic Soldier Does Not Trigger Panic Check for Others;
    (kakbe why should everyone panic, if one has lost nerves?)
    (Yes, someone can flinch, and someone can get together on the contrary)
  • Disable Panic Friendly Fire
    1) XEW/XComGame/Config/DefaultGameCore.ini
    2) Open DefaultGameCore.ini with Notepad ++
    3) Ctrl+F shot_when
    (panic can really be done nonsense, but do not burn in your)

Realistic Fuel Consumption (/mods/735)
Flying armor fuel consumption fix;
(and this Fixes a bug with a stuck hanging fighter without fuel?)

Disorient Exalt On Radar Hack [v] (/mods/735)
When an agent on mission Exalt activates the Relay, then instead of the Paralyzer effect, Exalt's soldiers will be Disoriented.
Stun grenade effect, reduces accuracy by 100%, but there is a chance 3% don't get debuff.

Base Defense Rework Mod [v] (/mods/509)
Manually select and equip 6 soldiers for the Defense mission;

Fashion – fins

Commander’s Choice – Squaddie Class Assignment [v] (/mods/488)
Manually select a soldier class (previous-next buttons, TAB?)
(probable incompatibility with Soldier_Class_Probability and Merit-based_Class_Assignment)

Soldier Class Probability for EW p3 (/mods/474)
Adjusts the auto-selection of the Recruits class taking into account the soldiers with the class already present in the Barracks, throws up those who are less;

Merit-based Class Assignment (/mods/447)
When playing with the Not_Created_Equal option(All people are different) The second wave of auto-selection of the Recruit class is adjusted according to the characteristics;

Rig the Roulette Wheel (/mods/449)
Shows the entire soldier perk tree;
Standard perk trees can be googled or even remembered.
Helps to play with Roulette option(TR / TrainingRoulette / TrainingRoulette) Second Wave;

Soldier’s Respec Training (/mods/735)
Adds a reset button to the perk tree (except for the 1st class defining perk)
(in XCOM2 analogue Retraining at the Military Operations Center)

Enhanced Perk Tree (/mods/104)
Adds a 3rd column of perks (similar to LongWar)

Fashion – info

Display Soldier XP PsiXP and Mobility for EW [v] (/mods/474)
Displays the experience / psi-experience and mobility of a soldier in battle(F1) and in the Barracks (as in LongWar);
(to understand how much before leveling up)

Subgroup – SKIN

  • Show Hit Chances (13 Jan 2016) (/mods/661)
    Shows the real chance of hitting a shot / psi attack (adjusted for hidden AIM_Assist).
    Hidden AIM_Assist was created by kakbe to smooth out the balance in combat.
    It prevents an anomalous series of successful / unsuccessful hits from happening.
    It is he who is responsible for hitting with 1% chance and for misses at 99% chances of getting.
    He helps the player to hit when he loses, and vice versa prevents the player from hitting when he wins.
    (some players prefer to disable it altogether)
  • Distance Pop-Up (17 Oct 2021) (/mods/735)
    Tile counter to enemy, appears when aiming at an enemy;

Line-of-Sight Indicators (04 Feb 2016) (/mods/666)
When you move the cursor over a tile, enemies are displayed graphically on the screen if visible from this tile.
(as in XCOM2 + WotC, where to hold Left_Alt)

Alien Sight Range Indicator (/mods/556)
Displays the detection range ring (SightRadius = 27) around visible aliens (eg, detected by Scanner);
Press Alt + V, to turn the ring on or off.

Improved Enemy Icons (/mods/735)
Improved Alien Head Badges;

Geoscape Pause on Notifications [v] (/mods/474)
Stops scanning on Gologlob on any event;
(cure a soldier, completion of excavations, completion of the transfer of the ship, etc.)

Ammo counter (/mods/735)
Ammo counter;

Turn counter (/mods/735)
Stroke counter(rounds);

Subgroup – Hours

    (All missions wait 30 hours; UFO shot down by the Fighter waits 48 hours)

  • Z_HoursNotDays (/mods/731)
    When the timer is less than the set threshold, displays time in hours instead of days.
  • Timers in Hours (27 Oct 2015) (/mods/645)
    Changes multiple timers, hours instead of days;

Subgroup – squad select screen)

  • Additional Species (/mods/619)
    Shows UFO types on the info screen (when the Hyperwave Module has already been built);
    (departure on a mission to Gologloba, in front of the squad select screen)
  • Map Tactical Information [v] (/mods/482)
    Displays tactical map data on the squad selection screen;
    (so as not to return to Gologlob if you don't remember which map)
    (The note: pulled from LongWar here)
  • Map Image on Squad Select (/mods/735)
    Shows a mini-map picture on the squad selection screen;

Unlocks all Second Wave variants;

  • EW Second Wave Options Unlocked (14 Nov 2013) (/mods/409)
  • Second Wave Options Unlocked by Amineri [v] (12 Apr 2014) (/mods/474)

Fashion – beauty

Skip Reveal Cinematic for EW [v] (/mods/474)
Skip animation of detected enemies (she gets bored with time)

Hunker Down and Overwatch Delays for EW [v] (/mods/474)
Decrease animation time DeafDefense and Combat Readiness;
(now 0.1 sec instead of 1.75 sec)

Removes the strange start-delay when animating death;

  • Remove EW Death Animation Delay [v] (/mods/452)
  • Remove Death Animation Delay (/mods/474)

Tone Down Overwatch Sound [v] (/mods/474)
Decreases the sound volume. (to be less annoying)

Hunker Down Fine Tune for EW [v] (/mods/474)
DeafDefence (K key) fired immediately without confirmation (also as operational readiness);
(+ included soldier replica for DeafDefense)

Increased disappearance time of alien corpses;
(now 7200 seconds instead of 5 seconds; as in LongWar)

  • OneHour Corpses EW (16 Nov 2013) (/mods/413)
  • No Disappearing Corpses for EW [v] (09 Apr 2014) (/mods/474)

Soldier Gender Probability (/mods/474)
Change the likelihood of gender;

Soldier Nationality Probability (/mods/474)
Change the likelihood of nationality;

Returns sleeves on all types of armor;
(EW sleeves removed for genetically modified soldiers)

  • No Sleeveless Armor for EW (12 Jul 2015) (/mods/474)
  • XCom Sleeve Genie (THAT ONE)(LW) (07 Apr 2015) (/mods/539)

Additional Heads [v] (/mods/42)
Adds new to the game 23 the appearance of a soldier;

Cleanse of the Clones [v] (/mods/514)
Increases the variety of soldiers' appearance, so that all soldiers do not look the same.

Soldier Purchase Bugfix [v] (/mods/517)
Correction, the purchase of soldiers is canceled, if you already have a soldier purchase, leads to loss of money;

Fashion – rebalance

Assorted small AI fixes (/mods/684)
Decrease the priority of the Suppression source attack;
Cyberdisc and Drone fire at full range;
Mechtoids do not try to see two targets at once..

Pod Reveal Mods Collection (/mods/715)
At the end of each turn, active enemies activate other packs of enemies within line of sight.
Realistic, so that the packs are not idle.
Looks like permanently enabling the Ambush event.

Subgroup – Random Alien

  • Larger Alien Pods (11 Mar 2014) (/mods/404)
    Increasing the number of enemies in the pack as you progress through the game.
    Also randomizes the number of packs and the number of enemies in the pack.
  • Random Alien Pods (23 Mar 2014) (/mods/470)
    Random placement of an enemy on maps;
    Also randomizes the number of packs and the number of enemies in the pack.
    Takes into account many nuances of different maps and missions.
  • XCOM Randomized (09 Jul 2015) (/mods/499)
    This is an improved version of the Random Alien Pods (/mods/470)
    Included in LW since b15d.
    Also randomizes the landing area.
    If CTD errors when using explosives, then you need to roll the patch for the cards.

The Merciless Experience (19 Jun 2013) (/mods/98)
What the author of the mod wanted – More difficult choices throughout the game.
Prioritization due to time and resource constraints.
Rebalancing weapons / ammo / armor / items / alien_stats / air_fight;
Changed soldier class perk trees;
You will need to develop new Tactics in Battle.
Interesting rebalancing with meaning, Deserves attention.

Last Hope (12 Aug 2014) (/mods/491)
What the author of the mod wanted – More realism (closer to LongWar)
Includes Realistic Base Layout mod.
Heavy armor now reduces movement speed.
Laser weapons no longer require reloading.
All items take time to assemble.
The prices of all small goods have dropped sharply.

RealisticDamageModel (/mods/663)
Realistic damage model;
(the higher the accuracy – the higher the damage)
(possibly, this is how XCOM should be initially!)

Abductions in countries with satellite coverage for EW and EU all versions (/mods/474)
Allows kidnapping in countries with satellite coverage;
(there are no missions at the end of the game, when there are all satellites, resources to get nowhere)

Restart Mission in Pause Menu (/mods/397)
Adds to the pause menu the ability to restart the mission;
(this will also be available in Terminator mode, worthless!)

Steam Vent Location Tweak (/mods/699)
Limit the area of ​​rooms for Steam when generating the Base;
(to simplify the passage on Insane difficulty, so as not to restart at the beginning up to 20 times in a row)

XCOM Mini Mods (17 Oct 2021) (/mods/735)
Large collection of minimods, simplifying the game;
Fully compatible with UI Mod Manager (/mods/766);
(if you choose from several alternative mods, then I recommend taking from this pack)

Fashion – cards

X-COM Map Patches (12 Oct 2015) (/mods/635)
Corrections of a huge mass of errors on maps for EW and LW15bf3
(see readme.txt, more than 200 lines of Fixes + Notes + KnownBugs)
When I saw this volume of bug fixes, I understood, that Maps need a separate section.
Check out some interesting bugs here, which explain various absurd situations in the Battle.
(Google translation corrected as best I could – in its pure form, the translation is generally complete nonsense)
(I also do not understand many phrases, do not ask again what was meant)

Bugs of all maps:
-hides bombs / power_nodes / Meld until soldier / scanner sees them (no longer visible through the fog of war);
-unit cannot jump off the ramp(ramp) on the tile, where was the shelter added (vanilla bug);
-in vanilla Meld on the roof can block the window in one of the storage rooms;

Bugs are different:
-CTD game crash, when destroying police cars;
-CTD game crash, when destroying planters at a gas station;
-destroying a planter on one side of a gas station no longer destroys the others;
-allows you to climb overturned cars;
-inverted cars now ignite and deal damage;
-the limousine exploded instantly when damaged;
-if 2x pillars are damaged, the car instantly explodes between them;
-breaking a wall near 2x cars no longer causes them to instantly explode;
-pickups didn't light up, but breaking glass made them explode;
-SUV can catch fire and explode (as intended), but it's not obvious, because he's half broken;
-OLD_SedanC (american cars, 4headlights) deals 10 damage (instead of 6 damage) around the perimeter;
-OLD_SedanC glasses do not break (obsolete object, forgot to update);
-units cannot shoot from this window, until it's broken;
-UFO door eavesdropped;
-blocked the way: beams / wreckage / shrapnel / whale_tail / traffic light / alien_computer;
-fixed impassable tiles near the last door of the base;
-the roof of the ship was accessible from the inside through thin elements and covers;
-container roofs were inaccessible due to camera + cursor bug;
-graphical glitch on meshes / debris / crates / wagons, they have black areas;
-gas pump stiffness (Firaxis ran a test and forgot to reset to defaults);
-the tree is not highlighted in red in the AOE area (because it was indestructible);

Shelter bugs:
-near the fence of BMP and MEK(One for all) give Partial Cover instead of Full;
-fences block access from the underside;
-fences no longer provide Full Cover in some areas;
-animation of descent from most of the fence is buggy;
-units cannot jump over some of the fences;
-some fences near the stairs serve as a Shelter, but shouldn't;
-invisible trees in bushes and in debris;
-the tree did not give shelter from one side;
-the log to the left of the car did not give a Shelter;
-when the wall was destroyed, the cars next to it lost the Shelter;
-a car(police) did not give Shelter;
-the car after the explosion did not give a Shelter on a certain tile;
-the car next to the overturned car did not give a Shelter;
-the wreckage near the car crash did not give shelter;
-the pillars did not provide shelter when destroyed;
-bugs of shelters on the river bank;
-cover bugs on the sidewalk borders;
-raised the floor near the mailboxes on the sidewalk, to give them Partial Cover;
-streetlights now provide Partial Cover instead of Full;
-the large computer in the command post did not provide Partial Cover for a certain tile;
-additional cover options add 1 additional tile Partial Shelter next to the ship's engines;

Bugs BypassSflange:
-fences, stairs, sidewalk, carts, benches, chairs, downpipes, plants, cars, trucks;
(the meaning of the bug is not clear from the entries, so I just put them together)
(probably, shots from around the corner of the scenery, shots at the borders between the scenery)
-On the sides (large) doorways;
(there is a general philosophical question – Should there be a Flank bypass on adjacent tiles if the decoration thickness is zero – wall / fences / door / car_door)
(eg, Will there be a Flank Bypass, if a soldier and an enemy are standing on adjacent tiles at the door, and between them a wall with zero thickness)
-truck doors may still obstruct Flank Bypass, confirm;
-the sidewalk did not allow peeking / shooting / Bypassing the Flank of the fighter from the Shelter machine / BMP / MEK(One for all);
-raised the floor near cars on the sidewalk, so that you can peep / shoot / bypass the flank;

LoS bugs (Line-of-Sight / Line-of-Sight Indicators / View):
(those cases, when soldiers do not see the enemy, and the enemy sees and shoots)
Fix Locked View LOS:
-fences (only metal);
-on the borders with the sidewalk;
-pillars (electrical);
-Street lights (in the parking lot?);
-some of the cars;
-half rusty car crash(How is that?);
(30.07.2015) fixed possible LOS bugs, which were the side effects of the patch;
(that is, for some time this patch for maps created new blind spots)

Yes, all evil turns out to be in Maps, not in random!

Abduction Map Organizer (THAT ONE)(LW?) (17 Oct 2021) (/mods/735)
Limit maximum difficulty (MaxDifficulty) for card.
With high and extreme difficulty on small maps, a large number of enemies;
Will stop Hard and Swarming on small maps.

Fashion – GRAPH

How to remove an Intro (Intro,Screensaver,Video clip) when starting the game?
For Steam, ClickRightButtonMouse GameXCOM => Properties => General => Launch parameters
For pirates, add this line to the game launch shortcut after .EXE.
Or can be disabled via .ini files:
C:/Users/USERNAME/Documents/My Games/XCOM – Enemy Within/XComGame/Config/XComEngine.ini
Add “#” before each line of StartUpMovies

FPS Lock
Limit FPS, so as not to overheat the GPU and not listen to the hum of the fans.
C:/Users/USERNAME/Documents/My Games/XCOM – Enemy Unknown/XComGame/Config/XCOMEngine.ini
C:/Users/USERNAME/Documents/My Games/XCOM – Enemy Within/XComGame/Config/XCOMEngine.ini
Add or Edit lines
bSmoothFrameRate= TRUE
MinSmoothedFrameRate= 25
MaxSmoothedFrameRate= 35
In file properties, put a daw “Only for reading”, otherwise it will be reset when configuring video from the game.

Optimizing EW for weak PCs
CPU 1core 2.0GHz; 1GB RAM; 128MB GPU;
playground(.)ru / xcom_enemy_unknown / file / optimizatsiya_xcom_enemy_unknown_dlya_slabyh_pk-993508

Subgroup – Improving GraphicsSweetFX – the program allows you to improve the image (with minimal increase in GPU load);

    Scroll_Lock – hotkey for on / off SweetFX; While XCOM is loading (during Intro) you need to have time to press Off (if he stayed On from the last game).; To load saves in the main menu, you need to turn off, otherwise – endless loading.; Press Alt + F4 and ensure Off; After loading saves in the main menu, you can already On back;

  • Graphics boost with latest SweetFX (05 Jan 2014) (/mods/445)
    “so optimal, as far as possible now”
    Will make the visuals better, than the original:
    -super clear textures, without distortion, no aliasing;
    -removes bluish and reddish haze;
    -shines shiny, realistic flowers, light, shadows;
    -the balance between dark and radiant is optimal;
    -colors are closer to realism, than ever;
    Effects used:
    SMALL, Bloom, HDR, LumaSharpen, Tonemap, Vibrance, Dither
  • Preset SweetFX noСrash Alt+TAB
    Who cares, so that the game does not crash when minimized / expanded.
  • Graphics Mod (28 Oct 2012) (/mods/25)
    Many in-game video settings by default for consoles, and not for GPU High class.
    Mod maximizes graphics – crisp textures, shadows and image quality for 1920×1080.
  • UltraGraphics (09 Aug 2020) (/mods/741)
    Improved graphics 2020, increases the load on the GPU.
    The settings are suitable for any version of the game and any mod!

Subgroup – Names and Nicknames

  • Enhanced Name List (10 Jul 2015) (/mods/505)
    Improved DefaultNameList.ini with thousands of real first and last names from different countries.
    Popular names of the 70s, 80-x and 90s to take into account the age of soldiers in 2015/2016.
    Transliterating names for font compatibility.
    Can be installed on LW EW, etc.. by simply replacing the DefaultNameList.ini file
  • XCOM Mega Community Namelist (02 Aug 2015) (/mods/615)
    Add names +2000, created by XCOM Subreddit.
    Female names NOT included.
    Can be installed on LW EW, etc.. by simply replacing the DefaultNameList.ini file
  • Enhanced Soldier Nicknames [v] (21 Dec 2015) (/mods/521)
    Increases soldier auto nicknames, military shade, taken into account female nicknames;
    By default in the game 32 nicknames of each class, but some of them are repeated.
    Mod adds from 150 to 200 nicknames of each class, most of all 700.
    Can be installed on LW EW, etc.. by simply replacing the file /XEW/XComGame/Localization/INT/XComGame.int
    Just copy about 1400 lines after [XGCharacterGenerator] and overwrite

Better UI Fonts (/mods/793)
Improves fonts (Cyrillic), ported from equivalent XCOM2 mod(+WotC);

Camera Tweaks (/mods/474)
Can customize the camera;
(for large monitors, the default scaling is too close)
(free rotation on Q-E)

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