Survival guide in the early days of the game. How to start playing easily?


Emergency items

First of all, we build a toilet and shower, as survivors will very quickly want to crush clay or splash. Well, and after they do it, they will have a desire to rinse eggs in the shower.

Also, residents get tired very quickly., for this you need to put several clamshells, yes they would get enough sleep and could go on expeditions.

There will be valuable and non-valuable loot along the way, but don't forget, that junk can be expensively changed from merchants or Kents whom you will meet on sorties.

For, so that food is stored longer, put a partition, and in the room where there are shelves for food, put the fans on and turn the temperature down to a minimum.

I recommend building several rooms in the near future, and there already put a pear, treadmill and large dumbbell. Survivors need to pump strength, as well as agility, yes they could give big luli to topics, who will be met outside.

Food that is about to go bad can be useful for dry rations., which will be a very big boost in sorties.

Constantly renovate

Something is constantly breaking down here and you need to watch out for that., that everything would be fine.

Otherwise, some object may catch fire and the shelter will be covered with haze, which will bring discomfort to your residents.

Make residents constantly monitor the condition of objects to avoid fires.

Don't forget about a fire extinguisher, put it on each floor and in which case apply.


Follow that, so that your shelter is always clean, because if the shelter is dirty – additional risk of infection and poisoning.

Cleaning helps reduce this likelihood and makes the game much easier in the long run..

It is necessary to clean the shelter once a day..

When survivors eat, fix something or create items – garbage appears.

Don't forget about the generator., after refueling, canisters and gasoline smudges appear on it, they need to be removed.


Always have upgraded survivors for your outings, as well as dry rations.

Prepare dry rations from those products, who have already played or have completely deteriorated. They will be appropriate when meeting with other factions or generally left Alyosha, who are hostile to you.

Take your backpacks, first aid kits, bandages and better equipment.

I recommend pumping your survivors' strength and endurance as quickly as possible. So you can give them good weapons that have high damage and buffs for bleeding, etc.

Of weapons, I can advise an ax, bat with blades, mounting. If the strength and endurance of the entire expedition allows you to give them axes – let's ax.

Vault defense

From time to time you will be attacked by mouflons from other factions or just left-wing jackals, who need to fight back. Otherwise, they will kill your guys and take your precious loot..

Therefore, you must always leave several survivors in the bunker and do not forget about pumping them.. Leave some good weapon for every fireman and wait for guests who will 100% visit you.

You can put traps at the entrance that are available in the craft.

Consider the amount. Raiders can be like 1-2, and so 3-4. Therefore, do not leave 1 person in the bunker. Desirable at least 2, and that and 3.

New levels

I myself did not fully understand the leveling system, but in simple words I will say.

Forge alliances with other factions, destroy them and due to this open access to a new level of crafting.

Where to get food and water.

It's simple, put a bunch of rabbit traps and wait for it to get there, collect meat and order.

Also, don't forget about the plantations., put them on the surface and plant the crop, but it is important to take into account the temperature and that plant culture, which you want to plant. I planted broccoli everywhere and made soups from them on the stove.

Also when you send a group on an expedition, you can make them hunt, but be aware of the risks of getting luli from bears or wolves. Therefore, equip the group without sparing first-aid kits, etc..

Water goes very well for farming in spring and autumn, so take care of it during these periods. Place as many barrels of water as possible and wait for rain.

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