The Walking Dead Michonne: Consequences of choice and easter eggs

Walking Dead: Michonne is a spin-off of the classic Telltale Games series, where in the center of the plot is not the history of the formation of Clementine, and an offshoot of the original Michonne comic, missing for a while after the war with Negan.

The manual has been compiled for those, who wants to know the consequences of the decisions made and adjust the course of the plot. Unlike the first season, where the choices and relationships with the characters could influence the course of the final episode, in this game there is a very limited number of scenario twists.

be careful: the guide is full of SPOILERS!


First episode: "At great depths" («In Too Deep»)

Choice and its consequences

  • You tried to end this?

    After Rubilov in the forest, the game immediately gives Michonne a choice - to shoot himself or move the pistol away from his temple. If you select the option "Pull the trigger", Pete stops you, you shoot it in the air and go with it. If you select the option "Lower the gun", you just meet Pete and follow him. There will be no surprises.

  • How did you enter the abandoned ferry?

    You and Pete swim to the ferry boat. You can climb the stairs to the upper deck or climb through a broken window into a darkened room. If you choose a ladder - avoid the fight with walkers and protect Michonne's psyche. If you choose a window, there will be a short fight in the dark and tougher flashbacks with the ghosts of children from the main character. You decide, the choice does not affect the further plot.

  • You attacked Randall in the pantry?

    You were captured and locked in a pantry. Sam will suggest that you try to knock out the main antagonist Randall right away, as soon as he goes down. If you decide to wait for the right moment, Randall will come down for you and you will calmly go to Norma.. If you decide to have a brawl, Randall's nose will be broken., Sam will grab the strain, Michonne will fire too ... and then you calmly send to Norma. The choice does not affect the further plot.

  • You gave Greg to Norma?

    You are dating Norma. Disclaimer: whichever version of your acquaintance with Sam and Greg you tell Norma, Greg will tell Norma the opposite version during double interrogation.. It doesn't matter, who asks Greg a question - you or Norma. At the end of the dialogue (when Randall is already with the revolver) Norma will ask, is Greg lying. If you say, that he's lying - Greg will get a couple of extra punches. If you take the blame, Michonne shoots. The choice does not affect the further plot.

  • You let Sam shoot Zachary?

    Greg rested. Sam was able to get a pistol and aims at Zachary who entered the room., responsible for the death of a brother. The selection will culminate at the beginning of Episode 2.. If you let Sam kill Zachary, she fires two bullets at him.. After that, Jonas runs into the room., you tie it up and leave it with a corpse. He will remember this in the final episode.. If you disarm Sam - Zachary regrets killing Greg, and then together with Jonas helps you escape, distracting security.

Episode two: "No refuge" («Give No Shelter»)

Choice and its consequences

  • Did you stop Pete or let him go?

    During the escape, Pete will offer to surrender alone., to distract the attention of the pursuers from the rest of the fugitives. If you give Pete to surrender, he disappears until the next episode.. The escape will take place without additional casualties. If you stop Pete - he accompanies you throughout the episode., helps to deal with walking, but regularly reproaches for unnecessary bloodshed during the escape. P.S. By the way, Monroe settlement will burn anyway, whatever your decision.

  • You answered a call or followed a stranger?

    During the next "arrival" with the daughters Michonne, the phone will ring in the apartment, and behind the front door you will notice a past person. If you answer the call, start talking to Michonne's friend., Donnoy. During the conversation, you will learn some information about your children and hear, how donna gets killed by the walkers. If you go out into the corridor, you will meet a woman with a child.. In the course of the conversation, you will learn, what happened in the house and where Michonne's daughters could potentially be. The choice does not affect the further plot.

  • You told Paige, that they were ready to commit suicide?

    At the Fairbanks estate, you will have a conversation with Paige., who will tell about the fate of Sam's mother. you can say, that you tried to do the same or just sympathize. The choice does not affect the further plot.

  • How did you solve the situation with the radio signal from Norma?

    After that, how did you take Randall hostage, Norma will try to get in touch with you and enter into negotiations. There are three options - get Randall to answer., answer yourself or ignore. No consequences.

  • How did you deal with Randall?

    Randall, being held hostage, will regularly provoke Michonne and others to reprisal himself. At one point, the game will provide such a chance. If you kill Randall, he will turn into a walker. You will have to exchange his revived corpse with a bag on its head for the crew members of your ship, whom Norma took hostage in the meantime. Additional risk. If you spare Randall - trade live. The consequences will appear in the third episode..

Episode three: "That, what we deserve " («What We Deserve»)

Choice and its consequences

  • You gave Sam to bury his father?

    At the end of the last episode, Randall kills the head of the family.. If you decide to help Sam bury his father, you and her are engaged in this matter almost until the very arrival of Norma, at the expense of time to prepare for the defense.. If you stop Sam, she will cover the corpse, will give a short speech and begin to prepare for the arrival of Norma. Anyway, this very "preparation for defense" will not affect anything.

  • You told Alex about your father's death?

    Alex is the youngest son of the Fairbanks. He hides in a closet on the second floor of the house., which he calls a "fortress". Meeting Alex, you can tell him about the death of your father or not touch on this topic. Whatever you do, Sam will still call him to say goodbye to his father's grave. If you decide to tell the cruel truth, Alex will start crying, you will have a chance to calm him down, hug and so on. Alex will be relatively calm at his father's grave.. If you decide to bypass the topic, Alex will find out about the death of his father directly at parting with him and will be much more upset, Sam will try to calm him down on his own.

  • You gave Randall to Norma?

    The most interesting chain with different variations. But the word "choice" here again should be put in quotation marks.

    • Show or not show Randall to Norma at her first request (without removing the bag) - affects that, will Norma Siddiq let go. If you show it, it will let go right away. If you don’t show him, he will remain in her hostage until the start of the shootout.. Siddiq survives anyway.
    • After that, how Norma saw Randall, she will start threatening Oak with a gun - you will be asked to hurt Randall, pass Randall or reveal Norma's bluff. Choice, surprisingly, does not affect anything.
    • After that, Bento dies anyway, you can't save him. If you spared Zachary in the first episode, Bento will die at the hands of Gabby, and that in turn will shoot Pete. If Zachary is shot in the first episode - Jonas will shoot Bento out of revenge and receive a control in the head from Pete.
    • Despite a short firefight, Norma will offer to continue negotiations.. If you decide to exchange Randall, the exchange will take place, Oak will survive. If you decide to ask her to transfer Oak first, Norma kills Oak and the kneading begins. There is a third option, signal Paige to shoot Norma - the shot will be non-lethal, however, Oak will be able to run over to you on the sly.
    • Randall is not a lodger, no matter what the outcome. If you start a firefight without an exchange, Sam will kill him (yet again, it doesn't matter if he is walking or alive). If you still make an exchange, live Randall will throw himself at Michonne, and she will finish him. Randall the Walker will die at the hands of his sister, when she takes off the bag.
    • The big shooting will start anyway.
  • You saved Norma from her misery?

    Attackers will not do well. At one point, Norma is surrounded by walkers and attacked.. There are two options - to save her from suffering. (headshot) or leave to eat. Choice doesn't affect anything.

  • You left or stayed with your daughters?

    Michonne's final flashback occurs in the house during a fire., when the daughters' projections grab her hand and offer to stay with them. At this time, Sam shouts out the window and asks Michonne to leave the burning estate.. If you decide to leave your daughters, you are saved (but not from mental damage). If you decide to stay with them, Sam saves you.. However, in the second case, Sam falls through the burning floor and dies..

Easter eggs and secrets

  • In the first episode, you repeatedly encounter a jar of bananas among the supplies.. This bank is from the Sam & Max».
  • In the first episode, you can choose to climb into the ferry through the stairs. Going to the upper deck, you can examine the corpse of the man at the door. This is Pete's playable model from The Walking Dead season 2.. Or, at least, damn like her.
  • According to The Walking Dead, Michonne loves chocolate bars and candy. In the first episode, Michonne can get one of them.. You can do this on the ferry with Pete.. In the room, where will you find the supply bag, kick the snack machine several times in a row.
  • In the first episode Michonne can inspect an iron locker named "Logan". The same A very similar closet of the same name was examined by Lee at Crawford in the first season of "The Walking Dead".
  • In the third episode, when you show Randall alive in a sack to his sister Norma, he will shout in Russian: "This nasty bitch!..», no matter, in which localization is the version of your game.
  • Sam Fairbanks, which appears in the first episode with her brother – the first character in the series of games "The Walking Dead" with an exact date of birth (1 August 1983 of the year). Her passport can be found in a room in the Fairbanks house..
  • If Sam survives the third episode, subsequently she, Most likely, joins the Oceanside community.

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