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Honestly, I am annoyed by the format of video guides that has recently become very popular. The same, where in a boring tone another reviewer reads descriptions of talents from the game. Without going into, and often without knowing the mechanics of their work. Therefore, I decided to make a small textual overview of the main and additional classes..

The guide is current at the time of the release of the game.



I do not count those who will read this “alternatively gifted” and unable to read the in-game clues, therefore, everything written below carries generalizing and clarifying information.

I. Main classes
  1. Stormtrooper
    Flank Specialized Fighter.
    Armor type: Not principled, although easy is better for mobility and dodge. +there are light armor for a bonus to the distance of throwing grenades.
    Weapon: Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns(PP)
    Main features: Can carry a lot of grenades and throw them far. Able to break into the enemy, finish it off and dump after that into the sunset. Additional benefits for using flashbang grenades.
    Synergy with classes: Scout, Commando, Support, Grenader.
  2. Heavy infantry
    Wandering Siege Turret. A lot, it hurts and bothers to kill.
    Armor type: Heavy or Energy
    Weapon: Machine Guns and Heavy Machine Guns
    Main features: An indecent amount of armor and health. Temporary invulnerability. Can turn enemy armor into a pumpkin with one shot. Ability to shoot 2 times per turn, or reload and then shoot. The largest clip of a weapon.
    Synergy with classes: Support, Grenader
  3. Sniper
    Glass cannon, his main defense – distance and stealth.
    Armor type: Easy
    Weapon: Sniper rifles of all kinds.
    Main features: Outrageous range and accuracy, able to attack even those who cannot be seen by himself. Very small rifle clip. Well, the saddest property – if someone ran close to the sniper, the rifle is almost useless.
    Synergy with classes: Shooter, Scout, Medic, Commandos

II. Additional classes

  1. Support
    Actually, the title says it all.
    Armor type: Not principled, but light is better for playing from cover.
    Main features: Total smoke of everything with the buff of the smoke itself. Or the total annihilation of everything passing by through the observation mode(overwatch).
    About synergy: Smoke synergizes well with stormtroopers and commandos because there are a lot of grenades and they rely mainly on dodging. And the overwatch is great for heavyweight players who are capable of cutting out the floor of the enemy team from one observation of the clip..
  2. Scout
    Came running, reminded, lit everyone, ran away and dreamed.
    Armor type: Easy
    Main features: Scanners and mobility. Runs far away, sees perfectly, dumps even better.
    About synergy: Stormtrooper – allows you to throw scanners even further and carry more of them. Commando – makes a fast and sharp-sighted scout also very invisible.
  3. Commando
    Plants lightly armored opponents on a feather, heavily armored on a shotgun with an unfilled front sight.
    Armor type: Easy
    Weapon: Shotgun
    Main features: Melee and Super Melee Fighter. Increased stealth and severe damage. Able to take one shot from a knife, true only weakly armored opponents.
    About synergy: Stormtrooper – well, here it is, in principle, understandable. Sniper – stealth talents make sure they don't run to the sniper, and if they come running, finca in the liver is a surprise! Additional joy for the sniper is the invisibility crit buff.
    On the scout, everything, in principle, is written a little higher.
  4. Shooter
    Local Clint Eastwood.
    Armor type: Not principled
    Main features: Great secondary weapon with an endless clip for everyone who needs it.
    About synergy: Sniper and Grenadier – it often happens that the main weapon cannot be used, the gun solves this issue. Support – when playing through multiple overwatch, the pistol does not run out of magazine. Medic – also suitable for combo play through poisonous bullets, tick of poison on 2HP it is already tangible.
  5. Medic
    A wandering first aid kit and that says it all.
    Armor type: Not principled
    Main features: Lots of first aid kits, distance treatment, resuscitation, removing debuffs and extinguishing fires, Yes… 😉
    About synergy: There is no rigid synergy, but in the team, the belly is very useful. It is preferable to take the middle lane fighter. From combat, you can get a bonus to crit and damage with poisons, everything else is pure team support.
  6. Grenader
    Installation of multiple launch rocket launchers at minimum salaries. As for me – quite self-sufficient class.
    Armor type: Not principled
    Weapon: Grenade launcher
    Main features: Buffs for anything that explodes. Like hand grenades, and the charges of the grenade launcher. Up to a heap, and a bunch of active abilities for the same grenade launcher gets.
    About synergy: Stormtrooper – can get good bonuses for combat grenades(shrapnel in particular). Heavy infantry – due to fast reloading and other chips, it is able to turn the arena into a lunar crater without dying.

Synergy examples and afterword

Finally, a couple of options for assembling synergistic classes:

  • Assault + Scout + Commando – game from mobility and disguise.
  • Assault + Grenadier + Support – play through many many scary grenades and smoke.
  • Heavy + Grenadier + Shooter – playing at medium distance from cover.
  • Heavy + Support + Medic or Shooter – game of overwatch.
  • Sniper + Shooter + Medic – Aggressive game with poison bullets.
  • Sniper + Commando + Support – play from stealth and distance through crits and overwatch.

Not, these are not assemblies to-bend everyone, these are just examples of the selection of additional classes for a more comfortable use of the operator.
I never pretend to be the ultimate truth, you can collect something playable, in principle, from any classes, but is it optimal – question.

Same, much depends on the body kit. Don't forget to look at the dopas on weapons and armor.
For example, a support sniper playing through an overwatch with a VS-6 rifle is capable of making half the enemy team waddle mournfully towards shelters and die on the way.

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