Women's Prison: Exit to the TRUE ending

A guide for those, who is tired of dying while passing the game 🙂


The first steps

The game is poorly translated into Russian, so we will use the names suggested by the translator 🙂

Py.Sy. for an independent passage it will take an hour and a half and 3 save pages, but for those who are angry with constant death – this guide.

First elections, until the moment with the bracelet – do not affect anything.

When the boss asks to wear a bracelet or not, choose – “Bring”

Of course, we show off our body to the boss. – “Take off”

After that, in a conversation with a security guard, the choice does not matter..

In the scene with the new prisoner, the choice to stop the beating or not – does not affect anything.

Prison block

After getting to know the prison and local order, you are given a choice of where to run..
It should be noted right away, what is the location “Chief's office” will no longer give you any naughty scenes. It is worth entering there once – if you want to read the dossier on girls.

Let's start with the prison block.

In what order will you choose girls – does not matter, I will write in order 🙂

For a complete walkthrough of each girl, you must visit her three times. You will find a description for each of them below 🙂


First visit:
As long as we are good guards and we cannot get caught – “I cant… Although this is a good opportunity…”

Second visit:
We refuse to bribe a visitor – “Refuse”

Third visit:
We do not deny ourselves anything 😉 – “To make love”
This concludes the story with Mana., you can no longer come to her with a check

Py.Sy. to watch another scene 18+ for the first time you can agree, but do not forget to save because the boss will catch you


First visit:
We choose either “Pat her gently on the head”, or “Talk politely”

if you want to watch a spicy scene choose “Hug her tight”. Do not forget to save before this!

Second visit:
After shocking secrets, we choose “To be silent”

Third visit:
If you are interested in Yuna's story – you can ask all questions from the list, And if not, then we choose right away “Stop asking questions”
After that, Yuna will ask us to show the power of great male love., but the first time we refuse – “Not to do”
But after we stop breaking and choose “To make” 😉


First visit:
We are not fooled by provocations – “Refuse”
if we want a scene 18+ – “Love her” , but only after you save

We can ask the boss everything, it does not affect our life in any way 🙂

Second visit:
In the room with Jennifer's dad trying not to die choose – “I apologize”

Third visit:
Before, how to fulfill the desire of our prisoner choose – “First ask her about a bodyguard”


First visit:
Sultry story with ex After soulful confessions we choose – “Silence”
Well, if you want to have fun with your ex, choose “Can, i really wasn't good enough”

Second visit:
We are trying to understand whether it is worth returning to the ex – “Ask her about the reasons”
We meet with the ex-husband of Arisa, we talk about the situation in prison – “Tell”
We are trying to sort out the situation – “To say something superficial”

Third visit:
We try to figure it out and choose – “Consider, there are no guarantees in this matter”


There is a lady waiting for us in the dining room. – Mary.
Since Mary is with us not in custody special you need to visit it 4 times.

First visit:
Trying to impress a girl – “I translate documents”

Second visit:
In general, it makes no difference where you take Mary on a date..
The only moment, if you choose “Aquarium”, then at the end you will meet with boss admirer Mary, just at a critical moment we choose “Take a truncheon from the car” and the problem is solved.

Third visit:
Near the canteen we will meet next admirer Mary, how do you decide to drive him away – does not matter.
At the restaurant we confess our feelings Mary – “Confess your feelings”
We beat the pursuer in the dark alley – “Hit him with a club”

Fourth visit:
We deal with rivals – “Take out the baton and beat both”


If you decide to go through the Prison Block first, and then the dining room and after passing all the girls, a normal day begins – go to the prison block and click on any prisoner. The battle against corruption will begin

Whom to entrust with compromising evidence? You can choose one of the two girls for a good ending – “Young” or “Jennifer” The two remaining girls lead to a bad ending., but there will be a stage available 18+ 😉

What are we to do with this fallen woman? Of course, understand and “Ask”
After all, only through forgiveness and love is it possible to reach the TRUE ending!

if you choose the option “Hand it over”, then the ending will be good too, but not true 🙂

Thanks for attention!

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