Paladins: Good build on Sky

Interesting and unusual build on Sky, not for trolls and noobs.


Greetings to all Paladins fans. In this guide I will tell you about an unusual build, which is ignored by most players.
Heeler Sky.

Let's start with general characteristics.
2000 units. health, average speed in 23.7 units / sec.

A brief breakdown of abilities.

Skye has a crossbow on RMB, introducing 130 units. damage in 0.1 seconds, that is, it is applied 1300 in 1 give me a sec. Recharge 1.3 seconds. Range in 110 units. Beginning with 30 units. damage is cut up to 30% if the goal is further 100 units. Fairly large spread over long distances, it gets even worse on 1% for every shot. Great help to enemies, if they dared to come close.

LMB is the second most important ability in this build. – [Poison arrows]. Three shells are fired in a split second, which, when hit, begin to take away 10% health of the victim during 4 seconds, ie ticks on 0.5% every 0.2 seconds per arrow. Yes, effect stacks, so you should try to hit with all three shells. Rollback 8 seconds.

On F, invisibility is activated on 7.5 seconds. T120442.723 [Smoke screen], but interrupted by normal PKM shots, [Poison arrows] T120442.723. Can also be interrupted in advance by reactivation. Upon exiting invisibility, a characteristic sound is played for everyone. Rollback 15 seconds.

And on Q – [Smoke screen], directly then, than we will heal. Using, low arc, a shell is thrown, creating a cloud of smoke in 25 ed of 5 seconds. It also gives invisibility, but in our situation it is not. Similar to Mal-Damba Pumpkin in action. Rollback 12 seconds.

Ulta on E – [Time bomb]. Perfect Ultimate, dealing a lot of damage when properly positioned. Through 2.5 seconds after activation destroys all shields and inflicts deadly for most champions 3000 units of damage at a distance 35 units (acts on 75 units, acc. the further the hero is, the less damage he will receive).

So, to the build itself and play with it.

Talent [Smoke and dagger], spreading effect [Smoke screen] T120442.723, healing them on 100 units. for every second of being in the veil and disabling invisibility for the ability.

For the build itself, we need:

1) T120442.723, second from left. [Healing couples], pump on 5. While in the Smokescreen, you (and your allies) heal on 625 units. during 2 sec.

2) Second row third from left. [Poisoner] pump on 5. Reduces recharge [Poison arrows] on 4 seconds.

3) Second row first to the left. [Confusion] pump on 3. Every hit [Poison arrow] reduces recharge [Smoke screen] on 1.5 seconds.

The pumping of the second and third maps can be changed at your discretion, T120442.723 [Poison arrows] T120442.723, preferring to spam them, to be sure.

4) T120442.723. [Emergency exit] pumping on 1. At health level 30% and below (600 units. and below) you enter stealth mode. Recharge 25 seconds.

5) First row sixth from the left OR first row fourth from left. The first – [Ninja] pumping on 1. During invisibility, movement speed is increased by 5%
Second – [Scattering], pumping on 1. Upon entering [Smoke screen] increases speed by 8% on 2 seconds.

Dealt with the build, now to purchase.

increases speed by [Chronos]. Most likely the match will end even before the third Chronos, but if you are lucky you can buy a vampiric, flexibility, hideout or veteran.

How to play?
Finally, directly to the game.

We need straight arms, quick reaction and good eyesight.
Healer Sky picks up only after two or more damage / flank instapics, hopefully, for obvious reasons.
Next step to choose. Or you can warn the team that you are playing the healer Sky, either stir up all teammates or combine both options.
Hillier Sky is played just like all other heals., but here are a couple of tips.
Do not push forward during battle, but try to stay away from everyone, because. 2000 xp are quickly demolished.
Throw away the Smoke Veil “ahead of the curve” considering that most players do not have enough sense to stand in the veil zone. Or throw the curtain on the point, so that the allies have a little more
chances to capture it.
I advise you to practice aiming at the shooting range or with boats, so as not to smear with Poisonous arrows. If I fell, then just shoot at large characters or at standing still, such as lisa Io or tureli Barika.
Do not get carried away with LMB shooting at long-range targets, because. it may happen that a not very fat enemy will come close to you, and a pair of arrows will remain in the clip and you will be quickly unwound.
Feel free to use invisibility and run away, if it seems to you that the enemy is coming to you.

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